My photography gear with Brittany Chandler

office space of photographer Brittany Chandler

Welcome to my office/my husband’s office/our guest room/our exercise room. Our home is a 4 bedroom with NO basement, so our spare room wears many hats 😉 This is my corner of the room. My antique desk was a $50 yard sale find that my hubby grabbed for me when I saw it listed on Craigslist. I had a makeover plan for it (picture white desk and GOLD knobs), but once I saw it in person, the water rings and musky smell made my heart sing. I have an eclectic style, so seeing a modern desktop computer on a vintage desk really fits me. My desk is made up of my 27″ iMac, my retro cameras, and my millions of notebooks and supplies. I carry around tiny Moleskin notebooks, and have a ton of Target Dollar Section sticky notes and tabs, as well as washi tape.

Canon 5d mark III and Canon lenses

I have recently acquired a few more cameras, but my “big girl” camera is my Canon 5D Mark III. I was a Nikon gal before this camera, and I must say, it’s SOOCs are to die for. I love this camera, and it’s incredible high ISO capabilities are crucial for my lifestyle photos. My two lenses are my Canon 24mm 1.4L, which is on my camera 95% of the time, and my used Canon 50mm 1.8, which I bought for $75 used. I am a wide angle lover, but I wanted something a little longer for product photos (like the ones in this post!).

Olympus and Fuji cameras

My other cameras are both film, surprisingly. My lomo instant is a fun instant film camera, but it has a few different controls so you can play with the settings, like turning off the flash. It’s so nice to have a photo printed instantly. My second film camera is an Olympus camera that I bought at a yard sale for $5 to be used as a decoration. Just last month, I actually bought film for it after a friend showed me how to open it (and didn’t laugh when I asked where the batteries go). I am still on my first roll, so I have no idea how those photos will turn out. There is no light meter, so I am really shooting blind.

desk supplies of photographer Brittany Chandler

My big picture planner keeps me organized with all of my various projects and commitments. It also has the blogger add on printed out. I printed it on half sheets of paper to fit into my mini binder from Target.

5 things you may not know about me:

  1. I am a lefty.
  2. I’m only 24.
  3. I hate most veggies.
  4. I have a weird obsession with diamond rings and real estate.
  5. I love cheeseburgers.