A Day In The Life with Mandy Haber

I was kind of afraid to do a ‘day in the life’ feature for Clickin Moms because honestly, our lives are pretty uneventful! I could just never find the right day to document. And then Hurricane Isaac came along. I thought it would be interesting to show we prepared for a tropical system. For a little while, we thought Isaac was going to come straight at us. So we took all necessary precautions – even put up our hurricane shutters. You can never be too safe when dealing with a hurricane. We made sure we had enough supplies to last us just in case the power died!

Our house is about 2 blocks from the bay, but my in laws live right on the water. So we spent the day helping them get ready as well. My husband and father in law pulled boards form the pier and got the boats out of the water. We made sure to secure anything that was under the house so it wouldn’t cause damage by being blown around in the wind. We even let the kids swim one last time before the storm hit which I think was their favorite part. It is kind of eery to see the marinas and piers, normally full, be pretty much deserted. I am glad that people in town heeded the warnings and prepared. Fortunately for my town, we didn’t experience as much rainfall as they expected. The storm surge was pretty intense and it sure was windy! We lost power for a very short time in the middle of the night. All in all, the damage is very minimal, thank God! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone along the Gulf Coast as they recover from any damage suffered because of the storm. And please remember, hurricanes are serious business. If you live along the coast, please be prepared!

Thanks for following us along for the day!