A Day In The Life with Courtney Keim

Every morning I wake up before 5 to head out to Crossfit.  So often I want to roll over and go back to sleep but it’s literally the only part of the day that I get to be out and do something I love ALONE.  I have to be out of the house by 5:20 to make sure I make it to my 5:30 am class.  Any later, I won’t make it.

a day in the life with photography mentor and online workshop instructor Courtney Keim

crossfit in New Jersey

I get home when most people are just waking up.  The sunrises lately have been amazing and I love a pink fall sky!

New Jersey sunrise

Half the time, Lilliana is still in bed like today.  Our corgi, Laniakea, sleeps with her on the floor and so often is waiting by the door for the great escape.

lifestyle pet corgi photography

sleeping child photography

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the twins’ school is not open so they stay at home with my mom everyday until hopefully next month when it reopens.  It’s amazing what almost 4 feet of water can do to a town and what it has done to our lives.  While I shower, Ken gets them breakfast while my mom helps Lilliana with her schoolwork.

breakfast with twins lifestyle photography

eating breakfast lifestyle photograph

before school homework photograph

Lunch is seriously the same every single day – nutella and peanut butter.

nutella and peanut butter sandwiches

Liliana heads off to school and the twins say goodbye faithfully every day at the window.

heading to school in New Jersey

twins saying goobye at the front door

I’m out the door and at Starbucks before 7:30 am and ordering a triple venti skinny soy 3-pump something. Most days I let them choose what to give me, it just has to not be sweet.

starbucks triple venti skinny soy

I literally drive a block up the road to the high school in which I work and the kids arrive at 7:50.

New Jersey High School

working at a New Jersey high school

It’s an amazing school and I love teaching there, I think it’s the science geek in me – Physics and Chemistry.

High School Chemistry classroom

Chemistry class in High School

High School student studying chemistry photograph

studying Chemistry photograph

Chemistry homework photograph

After work, sometimes I pick up Lilliana and her friend from school.

picking the kids up from school

We make the half hour trek home.

New Jersey highway

Play for just a little bit.

lifestyle pet photography

playtime lifestyle photography

lifestyle playtime photography

And head out for dinner with Lilliana’s buddy and her mom.

dinner out with family and friends

friends eating dinner together

eating out with friends

We head on home to begin the bed time routine (minus the bath since we were out so late due to dinner – baths will be tomorrow AM).

brushing teeth lifestyle photography

bedtime routine with twins

boy bedtime routine

bedtime routine with boys

bedtime routine with twin boys

Once the boys are tucked in, it’s then Lilliana time with nightly BOB book readings.

reading BOB books

Check on the boys a little later for an installment of #wherewillbobogo.

where will bobo go

Then finally at about 8 pm, I get to sit down with a glass of pinot to tackle the photography side of my life.

photography editing

online wordpress workshop for prophoto

And since I am so addicted to Crossfit, I log in at the end of the day to see the whiteboard and where I stand.


And as for tomorrow, the clock is set for an 8am Crossfit wake-up call.  After all, it is the weekend.