• As Meg Bitton puts it, photography is “an extension of my life. I think the way I shoot is simply the way I see the world.”

maternity photo on a busy street by Meg Bitton

Oh how we can relate to that – the need to capture life and our surroundings is deep within us. For Meg, she prefers to focus her creative energies on children. She is drawn to their honesty and inspired by their courage and curiosity, noting that children “have little fear. They are often so much smarter than I am.”

two girls holding hands by Meg Bitton

toddler girl holding a giant red balloon by Meg Bitton

Meg Bitton’s distinctive style has immeasurably influenced the industry, and her artistic voice inspires tens of thousands. When you think of Meg’s work, you instantly envision the magical post processing that accompanies each beautifully captured moment to bring forth her vision. That editing is the result of many years of self-teaching, creative explorations, and personal challenges that continue to this day as her work continues to evolve. Following her own piece of advice, she strives to “learn something new everyday.”

teen girl wearing white dress in the middle of a street by Meg Bitton

Today, there are numerous online outlets to learn photography, but that wasn’t the case when Meg began her journey. “That of course has its pros and cons,” She says. “I did not hear so much of the ‘noise’ that emerging photographers do now, but at the same time, never found a mentor, so it was me alone.” Alone no more, Meg will be joining us for the second year in a row at Click Away this fall! Of her experience at last year’s Click Away, Meg says, “I loved meeting new people. I loved being a part of something amazing.” Well Meg, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you back and bring your amazing with you!

girl standing in window looking at Las Vegas by Meg Bitton

Do you wish could watch Meg Bitton shoot? Or even shoot alongside her? Enter below for a chance to be one of 10 randomly-drawn lucky winners who will join Meg and a child model for a pre-shoot in beautiful San Antonio the day before Click Away opens! Then watch more magic unfold as she processes the pre-shoot photos during her ‘Behind the Curtain’ Photography Talk.

girl walking down sidewalk by Meg Bitton

Where: San Antonio, TX
When: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Time: 5-7pm
Shooting Location: Outdoor shooting location within 1 mile (walking distance) of the Marriott Rivercenter hotel (Click Away HQ) (meeting location TBD)
Number of Attendees: No more than 10

girl popping bubbles by Meg Bitton

  1. Enter below to be one of 10 randomly-drawn lucky winners who will join Meg on this amazing shoot!
  2. You must be a Click Away attendee in order to attend this exclusive pre-shoot with Meg Bitton. If you’re not yet, get your Click Away ticket here.
  3. Winners will be drawn the week of July 20, 2015. More info and details will be sent to the 10 lucky winners!

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child wearing Batman mask by Meg Bitton