9 questions with photographer Kate T Parker

  • girls standing at an ice cream truck by Kate T Parker

9 questions with photographer Kate T Parker

Today’s interview is with Kate T Parker!

Hello Kate! We are so excited to hear from you at Click Away in San Antonio this year. Can you tell us a bit about your photography journey and your background?

I’ve been shooting professionally for 5 years. My background is in advertising and video editing/production. When I had my girls, I stayed home with them and, like so many others, started shooting them daily. My desire to get better and shoot what I saw in my head drove me. I wanted a business that I could determine the hours and the creative direction and my own photography business was tailor made for just that. It has grown since I started from shooting everything – personal, families, weddings to now just shooting commercially. Back to my advertising roots. Funny how that works!

black and white photo of kids standing in windows by Kate T Parker

2014 was an amazing year for your business. Your Strong Is The New Pretty work that follows the athletic adventures of your girls went viral. What was that experience like for you?

Thanks so much! I’ve been completely humbled and entirely grateful for all the attention surrounding this work and how it has been embraced. It’s been a bit awe inspiring and overwhelming.

You also had the opportunity to photograph a campaign for Girls on the Run / Athleta. What did the creative process for that assignment look like?

That was amazing! Again, my advertising roots came into play. I used to write and contribute ideas when I worked for the ad agency and was so thankful to get to do that again. GOTR/Athleta gave me so much freedom on this campaign. I was allowed to write/cast/location scout/even art direct the final campaign (all with great help/contributions from their amazing team, as well).

kids playing in the rain photo by Kate T Parker

girl playing music by Kate T Parker

What kind of role does social media play in your business? Do you have a preferred platform?

It is HUGE for me! I’ve gotten commercial jobs solely from Instagram posts. Do not neglect your social media. My favorite platform is Instagram. I love how it is solely visual. Works for me as a photographer! My one piece of advice is to create native content for each platform (i.e. create IG posts and separate FB ones and twitter). Do not automate your feeds. They look automated and you will lose fans.

kid wearing big sunglasses by Kate T Parker

girl blowing a blue bubble by Kate T Parker

Your style is both bold and distinct. Did it come naturally to you or did it take you a while to find yourself in your work?

Thank you! I think any style or way of working takes time and yes, it has taken me years to find my style of shooting and editing and it is fluid and always changing.

Your work appears to be a mix of personal, family clients and corporate projects. Other than your children, what is your favorite subject or type of work?

Things like GOTR and commercial work that focuses on my style of shooting real and authentically.

girls looking into the sky by Kate T Parker

How do you recharge when you are feeling burnt out by work? Is there anything in particular that you do to relax or find new inspiration?

I try to shoot personally or take a break for a day or two and immerse myself in playing with my kids and family or binge watching a Netflix show.  ☺

photo of a girls braids by Kate T Parker

Do you have any personal projects that you are currently working on that you could tell us about?

I am shooting more and expanding the “Strong is the New Pretty” for a book! I am working with Workman Publishing and will be traveling to shoot more girls for a book coming out fall 2016.

Looking back on your first years in business, what advice would you give those photographers who are just starting their journey about running a photography business?

Follow your gut. Trust it.

kids by a ribs sign by Kate T Parker

portrait of a girl by Kate T Parker

Thank you Kate for the fantastic interview! Make sure you head over to Kate’s website, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram to view more of her amazing work and keep up with her happenings!


About the Author:

Elicia, a long time art lover, began her journey through photography shortly before she became a mother. Drawn to black and white photography in particular, she has a very intimate, peaceful, and earnest style to her work. Her gear includes a Nikon D800 and three prime lenses, a 28mm, 35mm, and 85mm. Elicia lives in California with her husband and two daughters and enjoys running, reading, hiking, the beach, ice cream, the farmers market, and Anthropologie. Visit Elicia Graves online.


  1. Elicia Aug 20 2015 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, Kate! You are so positive and inspiring.

  2. Amanda Aug 21 2015 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    Love this! Kate is one of my all-time favorite photographers!. I’m also in Atlanta, and I fear the day when I run into her and then gush all over her making a fool of myself ! Looking forward to another run of Turning Lifestyle into Art- I missed the last one. I did take her breakout and loved that she embraces her roots as a momtog . I feel like that’s been tough for me to do, and that other pro’s look down upon that, but she gave me the courage to be proud of being a MWAC

  3. Liz Aug 21 2015 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    <3 this Kate! Here's to even more great things to come- your work is so incredibly inspiring! Can't wait to hear you at CA!

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