I love finding a good deal on my kids’ clothes. The mom you see perusing the clearance rack? She could very well be me!

The big discount brands, while great for the rough and tumble play of a kid, often favor graphics and logos over classic styles. And especially when photographing children, I want clothes that are timeless and not distracting.

In an effort to minimize the clutter and overstuffed drawers typical of a family with kids, I have made an effort to buy our family less clothing. As such, I want every item of clothing to be durable and classic. I know we won’t mind having less if it is going to last longer and decrease the clutter in our home (plus the big bonus of less laundry!).

And I want every item of clothing to photograph beautifully!

With this new approach to dressing my family, I have spent the last several months searching for clothing brands that fit the bill. I have found myself drawn to lines created by women around the world that offer comfortable, classic clothing that will last. 

I love to support other female business owners and these options are perfect for portrait sessions and daily life.

This simple dress from Canvas House Designs is perfect to let the beauty of the tulip field shine.

Meg, a mother of 5 learned how to sew as a youngster and began making clothing for her own children when they were babies. Like me, she desired clothes that would withstand the test of time and style and through that Canvas House Designs was born.

You are going to love the natural fabrics, the gentle colors, and the timeless silhouettes. Every item transitions beautifully from special occasions to play time to photo sessions seamlessly.

I am particularly smitten with the linen dresses and the adorable little bloomers!

baby on lap in rust colored jumper by leah mcclean the-salted-image-emmi-faye-romper-portrait
This little romper from EmmiFaye shows off those sweet baby rolls.

I was immediately drawn to the soft fabrics and adorable designs of EmmiFaye. The sweet little bonnets, carefully curated prints, and classic designs make every item in this shop photo-worthy!

Even better, this is a business run by a mom who, like so many of us photographers, has taken her love of an art form and used it to support her family.

Her gauze baby bonnets are my absolute favorite and I could photograph little ones in those all day long!

This JillyAtlanta design feels like it could be from any time period, making it so that this photo is timeless.

Are you handy with a sewing machine? Then you are going to love this brand!

Jill, the owner of JillyAtlanta, is a seamstress and a pattern maker. This gives you the option to buy remade clothing or purchase patterns to make your own clothing in the fabrics and colors of your choice!

I love all the luxurious details that JillyAtlanta includes in her designs. Darts, pleats, gathers, tucks, and linings are not always found in children’s clothing. And yet, these little details make all the difference in fit and quality, making these clothing items beautiful and long-lasting.

I have purchased several patterns from this brand and find them easy to understand.

jo + brett

toddler on chair in front of dark background by leah mcclean The-Salted-Image-jobrett-childrens-clothing
I just love how easy and simple this piece from jo + brett is!

If you love linen clothes in natural colors with classic silhouettes, you are going to fall head over heels for jo + brett! This collection of dresses, tops, and rompers is enough to make any photographer rush to a field of wildflowers for an impromptu photo session!

Even better? This line of clothing is committed to being eco friendly and is ethically made in California. Every item uses only 100% natural materials which means that they are perfect for sensitive skin and for the earth.

I adore the supple softness and gorgeous details in her designs and think they are perfect for play or portraits.

girl wearing orang dress and rainbow necklace by lean mcclean the-salted-image-laineys-room-portrait
My girls absolutely adore their Lainey's Room necklace and I love how sweet and age-appropriate it looks in photos.

No outfit is complete without accessories! And Lainey’s Room makes some of the cutest accessories around.

Lori, a mom of two, has a background in pottery and sculpture. She brings this fine art touch to her collection of necklaces, hair accessories, and bracelets.

The simple designs and natural tones of the recycled materials make these a perfect “something special” to add to any photo session wardrobe. My daughters love their necklace and I know we will be adding more to our collection soon!

girl in yellow floral dress by leah mcclean the-salted-image-little-cotton-clothes-yellow-portrait
The simple shapes of Little Cotton Clothes allow kids to move easily so that no pose feels uncomfortable.

Little Cotton Clothes, based in England, features a variety of clothing made from natural fabrics. The items range in sizing from babies to women, making it the perfect choice for when you want to coordinate the whole family.

The clothing that founders Imogen and Leonie design are inspired by their fun-filled days growing up in the English countryside. Each piece is simple, high quality, and designed to ‘let children be children.’ This means that you can run, jump, spin, climb and do all of the things kids are supposed to do in Little Cotton Clothes!

I love the modern colors paired with the classic look of their simple clothing. This keeps photos looking current without looking trendy, which is exactly what you want.

toddler in dress by chair by leah mcclean the-salted-image-noisy-forest-dress-portrait
This little dress by Noisy Forest is so sweet and pretty and looks as though it could be from any era.

Inspired by the forests and the sounds of singing birds in the nature around her home, Noisy Forest was created by owner Vaide. Committed to creating clothes that are affordable and beautiful, this brand is perfect for photos and for play.

You are going to adore the details that only a designer who is also a mom would know to include. The soft fabrics feel good against a kid’s skin and the shapes of the designs allow for lots of movement.

I love that each piece in her store pairs so beautifully with the next. This means that I can mix and match items for single outfits and know that when I have multiple kids in the frame, they are going to look great together.

I love how the rich tones of the Tiny Stories clothing line all coordinate so beautifully together.

Tiny Stories is full of coordinating items in fantastic colors and natural fabrics. This means that I can have them all in a drawer and my kids can pick a top and a bottom and be ready to go. And my kids reach for these items often!

Comfort is often an afterthought in choosing clothing for photo sessions. But in my experience, if the clothes feel itchy/restrictive/pinched, the kids aren’t going to be happy. And they certainly aren’t going to want their photos taken! Tiny Stories solves this problem by creating simple pieces that feel as great as they look.

I love classic style and heirloom clothing. I appreciate the craftsmanship that each of these company’s pours into every piece of their clothing. I’m inspired by it.

This means that not only do my kids have clothes that they can play in and look great in, but their wardrobes also encourage me to pick-up my camera. The creative work of these clothing entrepreneurs fuels my own creativity. And I think that is pretty wonderful.

In my effort to simplify my home and life, I have found that being more intentional in purchasing our clothing has had a ripple effect. Not only are our drawers less cluttered, but my photos are cleaner without the distractions of crazy graphics. I am more inspired to take more photos. And I am proud to support other women who are working to support their families with their creativity.

Have an independent clothing brand you love? Tell me about it in the comments below!