Do you struggle to pick up your camera some days because you aren’t quite sure what to photograph?

Use this list of 7 photos you need to take this month to push your creativity, try something new and build a more varied portfolio.

1. Self portrait

I can almost hear you moaning. Here’s the deal. No one and I mean no one cares if you have make up on or are in your pajamas for this photo. You need to document that you were there too. Do you really want your kids to look back at their childhood and wonder what you looked like back then? Place your camera on a tripod or table, set up a timer or use a remote, hop by a window and take some photos. You can act like a fool, be serious, or don’t even look at the camera. The important thing is that you are in the photo. Not sure how to start, check out Because you were there too, 16 tips for family self-portraits.


2. Different skill

It’s easy to get comfortable with photography especially if you mainly photograph your kids. In fact, all your photos may start to look exactly the same but your kid is wearing a different shirt. I have been there. Try a new skill this month. Maybe it’s photographing a different subject like food, using a different type of light or trying a new composition guide. Whatever you decide, give it a try. You may realize you don’t like it at all but you may find that you enjoy this new skill and want to add more images like it to your portfolio.


3. Landscape shot

Whether it’s the dead of winter or a beautiful spring day, there is always something interesting to photograph outside. I get complacent photographing in my home with my windows that I know when the light is right. It is fun to force myself outside to be challenged.


4. Black and white

Remember not all photos are meant to be converted to black and white. Read thoughts on converting to black and white to help you better visualize the type of photo you want to take to convert to a black and white image.


5. True emotion

Forget saying cheese. Capture the true emotion of someone. That may be the tears of your toddler having a meltdown or the pure joy of a child learning to read. So many true and raw emotions happen around us each day. Have your camera ready. If you need help coming up with ways to add emotion to your images read 3 tips to bring emotion into your pictures.


6. All your kids

I find that I photograph my kids as individuals most often. I don’t have as many images of all of my kids together as I would like. You don’t need to ask them to put on coordinating clothes or do their hair. You can capture this when they are playing together, eating dinner or if they are willing ask them to pose for a photo.


7. Observing a moment

Step back and watch. Wait for a moment that you are not a participant in and photograph it. These moments add so much to a moment because you are truly capturing the moment. You aren’t directing or interfering in any way.