Need help deciding what to blog about? Here are 52 non-session blog ideas! That’s one a week for an entire year.

I’ve included everything from sales and specials to products and educational tips.

Use these ideas to craft interesting and thoughtful blog posts that your customers can connect to and watch your traffic increase! Mix these in with your session posts and clients will be back week after to week to learn more about the great products and services you offer.

Just remember to keep incorporating the 3 Secrets to a Successful Photography Blog into each post.

  1. Keep it Personal
  2. Keep it Relevant
  3. Keep it Real

Now blog away … there’s enough ideas here to keep you blogging for a year!

General blog ideas

1.  About you and your business: Include a self-portrait and if there’s room consider some tips on taking a self-portrait.
2.  Giving Back: find a cause that’s dear to your heart and give money, time or talent. Share your experience on your blog. Ideally you’ll have a lot of great images to share.

Holidays through the year

3.  New Year’s Resolution: Resolve to preserve family memories through a combination of portraits and snapshots this year. Share ideas for clients to keep their memories safe. This could be multiple posts on backing up files, printing books and ordering UV protected products. Get creative.
4.  Valentines: show your love with info about mini sessions for kids. Offer “sweet” deals or new products like classroom valentines.
5.  Mother’s Day: Showcase some of your favorite pictures of moms over the years. It might even be your mom. Write a little tribute to moms in general, your mom or another special lady dear to your heart. Again, you might also include a Mother’s Day special or mini session info.
6.  Father’s Day: See Mother’s Day and repeat for all the dads out there!
7.  4th of July: Share tips for getting great summer pictures, you could break this into multiple posts again and show readers how to capture great pictures of people at summer picnics in one and tips for getting fireworks shots in another.
8.  Back to School: Let’s face it; there are special memories we all want to capture on our own. Share some of your favorite back to school pictures and share some tips on either taking some of these shots or preserving them in collages or photo books for the future.
9.  Halloween: Share ideas for shooting in low light or night situations. Everyone wants to get great pics of the ghosts and goblins that live in their homes.
10.  Thanksgiving: share images of some of things you are most thankful for. This is also a great time to let your customers know how thankful you are to have them as clients. Consider promoting your referral program or recognizing some clients who have given you some amazing testimonials. Return the favor with a little thank you!


11.  Holiday Card Designs: Showcase your line of custom holiday card designs and let clients know they can order them using existing images from their session earlier this year or they can set up a Christmas session.
12.  Gift ideas: Share your favorite photo-products that make great gifts this holiday season.
13.  Preserving Holiday Memories: Offer up some tips for keep holiday memories safe. Backing up digital files and printing Christmas Day snapshots.
14.  CD/DVD Back up: Consider offering a service to your customers by backing up all their snapshots on a CD printed with a custom label and put in a custom case with the date – for safe keeping.
15.  Holiday Sessions: Tell your customers about your holiday sessions or collections. Let them know as dates are filling up and deadlines for order products like cards and gifts.

Home Decor

16.  Decorate with Family Images: Help your clients beat the winter blues with ideas for spicing up their homes with portrait décor. These could be framed prints or canvases. Consider sharing wall displays or offering in-home consultations.
17.  Wall Displays: For the do-it-yourselfer, share wall displays in unique arrangements as options for decorating homes with session images.
18.  Nursery Décor: Show examples of using photo products to decorate special rooms like a nursery, child’s room or other special places.


For each of these, tell your clients about your favorite places to shoot. What do you love about each place, the light, the colors, etc? Share images from different session in each post.
19.  Favorite winter locations
20.  Favorite spring location
21.  Favorite summer location
22.  Favorite fall location
23.  Favorite nature location
24.  Favorite urban location
25.  Favorite studio shots (backdrops, props, etc.)


How much do your customers know about the products you offer? Take some time to tell them about the products you offer and what makes them great. Make sure your photographing printed pieces to share in your blog posts.
26.  Photo books (sizes, papers and styles you offer)
27.  Accordion Mini Books
28.  Gallery Blocks
29.  Gallery Wraps
30.  Cards (save the date, wedding invites, birth announcements, party, event and holiday cards, senior announcements, etc.)
31.  Keepsake boxes for seniors, baby, holidays and weddings
32.  CD/DVD Labels and Cases to store your memories each year

Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves learning something new. Teach your customers to take better pictures for those times when you can’t be there. They’ll love you for it.
33.  Lighting tips for family pictures
34.  Using creative angles for family pictures
35.  Tips for getting natural smiles out of kids (and dads!)
36.  Tips for photographing special occasions (like birthdays and parties)
37.  Tips for photographing pets
38.  Tips for low light situations
39.  Tips for photographing large groups (like family reunions or Christmas parties)
40.  Tips for taking pictures at water parks or swimming pools.


41.  Newborn sessions: your 5 (or 10) favorite things about newborn sessions.
42.  Tips for moms: what to bring to a newborn session, when to schedule, what to ask your photographer, etc. Using keepsake boxes to keep baby memories
43.  Products for baby sessions: Using customized CD/DVD labels and cases to preserve baby memories, customized birth announcements, etc.


44.  Engagement sessions: your favorite part of engagement sessions, plus feature save the date cards, share couples from multiple sessions and locations if possible.
45.  Choosing a Wedding Photographer: 10 interview questions to ask a wedding photographer (and my answers?)
46.  Preserving and showcasing wedding memories: ideas for using wedding images for home décor, in albums, on disks, etc.
47.  Wedding albums: Show clients options they have for wedding albums, large books, small books, gift books. Let clients know what you like about each option.  Consider including testimonials from customers too.
48.  Wedding invitations: If you offer wedding invitations let you customer how you can provide more than just engagement and wedding sessions. You can help them with completely customized wedding invitations, thank you cards and more!


49.  Start a Senior Model Program: Communicate information about your senior model program on your blog. Include all the details and the application form right on the site.
50.  Share cool senior products: Show clients your favorite senior products and how those fit into your sessions/collections.
51.  Favorite senior locations: share some of the coolest locations for senior sessions.
52.  Time to order announcements: Use your blog to remind seniors that now’s the time to order graduation invitations and announcements. You might also pick a few last minutes sessions for those who seriously procrastinated!