It is no secret that I love selfies.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I have a selfie or two in my gallery.  I think the reason why I love them so much is because they help to tell a story about a person and you can get a little glimpse into someone’s world, just through their selfie.  Selfies can help you tell others about you.  Who you are.  What you like to do.  Who you want to be.  There are so many stories that can be told, without words, just through a simple selfie.

5 ways to take a good selfie by Beth Deschamp

But first, you need to know how to take a perfect one.

I just happen to have 5 tips to help you perfect your selfie skills.  So go and grab your notepad and your cell phone.  I am going to share 5 little iPhoneography tips for you to keep in mind next time you get ready to point your camera towards you and your lovely smile.

keep your selfies simple by Beth Deschamp

1. Be Simple

When you are taking a selfie, the subject should be you!  Do your best to remove any distractions around you before taking your selfie.  Even little things like picture frames or shadows on the wall behind you can draw the eye away from you and be a messy distraction.  Find yourself a blank canvas, so you can be the sole subject.  I love the simplicity of a blank wall and, most of the time, this means taking down a picture frame or two off of my favorite wall for a few minutes to snap a selfie.

express yourself in your selfies by Beth Deschamp

2. Expressing You

While you are taking a selfie, be mindful of your facial expression.  I am known for taking a certain type of selfie and I usually only show my lips and shoulder area.  But even though I never show my eyes, there are still so many different emotions I can portray.  Even a slight smile, or lack thereof, can set the tone of a selfie.  Don’t be afraid to show those dimples!

Also, sometimes you can express yourself through objects.  In the photo above, I snuck my camera into my selfie because my camera expresses a lot about me.  It shows that I love photography.  It shows that my camera is something that defines me.  You will also see that I often use coffee cups in my selfies to express my love for that certain coffee shop with the green straws {wink wink}.  So sneak a favorite possession into your selfie, whether it is a favorite shirt or a favorite piece of jewelry.  It’s all about you and expressing yourself through a photo!

tilt your body when taking a selfie photo by Beth Deschamp

3. Body Tilts

Don’t underestimate the power of slightly tilting your body and the message or tone that it can create in your photo.  A body tilt can resemble a feeling of being carefree and relaxed.  Sometimes it can even create a happier tone for your photo.  In the photo above, I tilted my body to the left and let my hair fall over my shoulder, creating a more relaxed impression.  Because the colors and feeling of the photo are light and fun, I wanted my body to match the rest of the tone of the photograph.  It is just another way of simply adding expression to the story of your photo.

having a focus in your selfie picture by Beth Deschamp

4. Have A Focus

What are you trying to say through your photo?  What is your focus?  Maybe you want to share how you are enjoying your morning cup of joe.  Maybe you want to share how excited you are for spring.  Or maybe you want to share a new accessory, like a scarf or new watch.  Whatever it may be, pinpoint your focus.  Once you know your focus, remove all other distractions and make your object the focus since you want it to pop!  Don’t try and tell too many stories in one photo because it takes the power away from your true focus.  For example:  in the photo above, I am sharing the focus of my new necklace.  the color itself makes the photo pop and brings the viewers attention to my new accessory.  Even though I am also holding a coffee cup, I purposefully chose a cup that was a neutral color so it wouldn’t distract from the necklace.

choose a good angle in selfies by Beth Deschamp

5.  The Angle

I am going to keep this tip short and sweet.  Be very mindful of the angle in which you snap your selfie.  Either shoot straight on by holding your phone straight out in front of your body with a straight arm, or from above by holding your phone slightly above you.  But never ever ever from below.  It’s just not flattering.  I personally prefer taking a photo from straight on, with my arm extended out right in front of me because I like all of the details in my photo to be to scale.

And there you have it!  5 easy little tips to keep in mind when you get ready to snap a lovely picture of you!

Did you write all of the tips down?  If you have an iPhone, remember to use the front facing camera so you can see and monitor your composition as you are taking your photo.  As you see your photo, make those subtle changes that I mentioned above and watch how it changes the feeling of your selfie.  And tap like crazy!  Remember that tapping on the screen helps the phone camera achieve and maintain focus.

But most importantly, it is all about having fun and being you!  It’s all about expressing your personality through a photo and telling someone a story without words.