A diptych by description is a pair of pictures or carvings on two panels, usually hinged together.

Why use a diptych? A diptych is a wonderful way to pair two strong, technically sound images together. It lets the viewer delve into the details and beauty of what you saw; making parallel connections between the two.

1.  Appealing to the senses.

When we take photos, we want to feel a connection to them. Appealing to the senses is a great way to make that connection. Whether it is the smell or texture of a flower, a belly laugh, the taste of something delicious or seeing something through the eyes of someone else.

vase of flowers diptych by Nina OConnell

2. Different perspective of the same surroundings.

Shooting the same surroundings with a diptych in mind will help strengthen your photography. It encourages you to look at your surroundings in more than one way. Finding details you might have missed the first time around, while showing your viewer a different perspective of your subject.

young woman diptych photos by Nina OConnell

3. Pairs.

Some things are just meant to be paired together. One did not exist without the other at one time. The missing link you could say.

child who lost a tooth diptych pictures by Nina OConnell

odyssey game diptych pictures by Nina OConnell

4. To show emotion.

Perhaps one of the strongest diptychs you can put together. To some, emotion is the breath of life in an image. It can be shown in an expression, a moment, or even in tone.

diptych of boy showing personality photos by Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic
*image by Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic

diptych of boy in black and white pics by Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic
*image by Sarah Lalone of Punch Photographic

5. Movement and Stillness.

Catching your subject in motion and then catching them perfectly still, is a great way to show contrast and pair two images together.

bridal photos in a diptych by Nina OConnell

Bonus! Want a FREE diptych template?  We have two for you!

  1. Download a FREE Photoshop diptych template here.
  2. Download a FREE Lightroom diptych template here.

To install the Lightroom template follow these instructions:

  1. Unzip the template once it’s downloaded.
  2. In Lightroom, open the print module.
  3. Right click on ‘user templates’.
  4. Select ‘import’ and then find where the template was downloaded and choose it.