Instagram has been a hot topic in my newsfeed lately.

Everyone wants to know how to get more followers and more traffic to their social media accounts. It doesn’t happen overnight, there is a process.

1. Connect with your followers

This is so important when building an Instagram following. Don’t get wrapped up in those people who spam you and tag you in a post saying they will get you 1,000 followers. You don’t want just any followers. You want to attract your target market, people who value your work. Post daily, be active, like others posts, and comment when you feel inspired. Growing your followers organically should be your goal. You may not have 1,000 followers over night but it will grow slow and steady.

2. Beautify your feed

Okay, so just like our blogs and websites, we want our IG account to look neat and clean, easy on the eyes. I have noticed some IG accounts have photos that are different sizes and it makes the feed look choppy. You want all your photos to fill the square or frame so they are all the same and look neat and professional. You can achieve this look by adding your images directly through the IG app on your photo. There is an icon that looks like  a camera. It will make a world of difference! In return, you may see a few new followers.

Instagram feed of Erica Williams at woodsywondersphoto

Notice how all the images fit the frame and are all the same size.

Instagram feed of Andrea at popnbeau

Notice how @popnbeau adds white space to the top and bottom of each photo for a consistent look.

3. Tag, you’re it!

What should you be tagging? Well, your goal should always be geared towards attracting your target market. Start by tagging your location or venue and where it is located. Then tag some surrounding areas, towns that are in your service area or even your state (i.e. #dallastexasphotographer). Tag any businesses or boutiques that are associated with the image. Maybe even clothing your model may be wearing. Also, any other words relating to your image that your target market would be likely to search for such as parenting or family. Think like your target market, be your target market.

how to tag your Instagram photos

4. Consistency is key

You want to attract people to your feed, that is the whole purpose. Would you be more attracted to a feed with random images and no theme or connection to it or a feed that is neat with consistent editing and a great flow, maybe something that adds value? First you have to know your target market and what interests them. Make your feed informational, something that adds value to keep them coming back. For example, pick a day to post about styling tips on how to dress for your sessions then include great photos on the topic. Make sure your images are consistent with your brand. Is your style colorful, light and airy, or dark and dramatic? You want someone to look at your feed and know it’s your work before they even read the title.

5. Stand out

Things are always changing and progressing. Instagram has a new feature called Instagram Stories. You can use this new feature to your advantage to your page stand out from others. The feature lives at the top of your newsfeed. Instead of posting one image, you can create a series of images to form a story. You can now take your clients through a day in the life of a photographer. Share what it’s like through a session from your view, behind the scenes look. Maybe of you getting ready for a session and what that process looks like.

pic of kid being pushed in a green wheelbarrow by Erica Williams of Woodsy Wonders

Ask yourself, what would your clients want to see? Like posts in your feed, make your stories educational. This can be such a great tool for your business. If your feed is public, then anyone can see it. I recommend having your personal and business IG accounts separate for this very reason.

Instagram has been a hot topic in my newsfeed lately. Everyone wants to know how to get more followers and more traffic to their social media accounts.