I don’t know about you, but I just love fall.

Apple crisp, brisk morning walks, warm clothing, football, pumpkin picking… what’s not to love?

I want to capture every autumn sight, scent, and taste with my camera. Here are 5 secrets to capturing amazing fall photographs.

Secret 1: Capture movement

Fall is the perfect time to capture movement. Movement in your photographs draws your viewer’s eye to the image and creates a more dynamic photograph. I love to capture my daughter’s hair blowing in the wind. You can easily create your own with a battery-powered fan. I love to photograph my littlest clients as they run, skip, hop, jump into leaf piles, and give piggy-back rides.

kids twirling photo by Krista Campbell

Secret 2: Incorporate fall props

There are an abundant number of fall props that you can incorporate into your photos. Pumpkins, Halloween costumes, steaming mugs of apple cider, apples, and of course, vibrant fall leaves are fun ways to add to your fall images.

girl sitting with a pumpkin picture by Krista Campbell

Secret 3: Add drama with the environment around you

I love to add drama to my fall images by capturing my subjects against the beautiful fall foliage. I love to frame my photograph so that my subject is smaller in the picture, so that the viewer has a sense of the majestic trees and time of year. I also add drama to my images by looking for natural frames in my environment. Using trees of fall foliage to frame your subject will make for a more dramatic and interesting image.

girl and dog dressed up for Halloween by Krista Campbell

Secret 4: Use leaf overlays

Leaf overlays add a touch of fall whimsy to your images. Here is a before and after of my daughter and our cat Charlie.

before and after adding leaf overlays by Krista Campbell

These leaf overlays are from Jessica Drossin and are super simple to use. You can find a variety of leaf overlays online to add a whimsical touch to your fall photos or you can easily create your own leaf overlays. To create your own leaf overlays follow these steps:

  1.  Photograph different leaves in a variety of positions on a white background.
  2.  Pull the leaf image into Photoshop and use a selection tool to select the leaf.
  3.  Copy and paste the selection.
  4.  Create a new file 12 inches by 12 inches large with a transparent background.
  5.  Using the selection tool, drag the leaf that you copies onto the new file. Be sure not to flatten, but right click on the leaf layer and choose ‘merge down’.
  6.  Save the leaf overlay as a PSD file.

Secret 5: Enhance fall colors in post-processing

I love to saturate my fall images with color and I will sometimes add vibrance to my photos in Photoshop. I also enhance fall colors by creating an adjustment layer and changing the hue of the colors I want to enhance. I will also add vibrance by creating a vibrance adjustment layer and pulling the slider to the right. You can also use a selective color adjustment layer to change the color of the leaves. When using an adjustment layer, I always use the layer mask and a soft black brush to remove the effect from my subject or other areas of my image where I do not want to change the color.

bride and groom under a fall tree by Krista Campbell

Fall is my favorite season and the perfect opportunity for capturing some amazing photographs.  I can’t wait to see what fall magic you capture!  Feel free to share your fall images in the comment section of this blog post.