Expectant parents are commonly told to savor every single moment with their little ones, as time goes by too fast and they will grow before you know it.

It’s hard to imagine them being anything but tiny when you are holding them for the first time in your arms but, in a blink of an eye, they are quickly growing and you are begging time to slow down.

Well, time sure won’t slow down, but you can freeze it in time… through photographs. And because your new baby will start changing quickly during the first two weeks after birth, you are going to want to capture that brand newness right away. Amongst those few roles of photographs that you take, be sure that you capture these five portraits during the first two weeks.

1. A hospital portrait

When you are packing that hospital bag that you will take with you to the hospital, be sure your camera is tucked in there along with that adorable newborn onesie that your baby will wear home. Trust me, you will thank yourself later for including your camera amongst your hospital necessities.

After you meet your tiny baby, and after a little rest, be sure to take a portrait of your baby in the hospital where they were born. This photo will show that brand newness of your newborn and, in reality, they will never be as little again as they are in that single photo. So swaddle them up, place them in their hospital bassinet, and click away!

black and white photo of newborn in hospital bed by Beth Deschamp

2. A detailed portrait

While you are taking photo after photo of their precious face, don’t forget the tiny details! From their teeny tiny fingernails to their sweet little toes, be sure to capture some photographs of all the sweet little things about your new baby. Whether it is in the hospital or when you arrive home, either lay your baby safely in a crib or on your bed for an easy way to capture those details. Taking them out of their swaddle and letting their little feet dance for you is a great tip for capturing some natural and candid photos. Laying them on a neutral blanket will also help simplify the photos, keeping the focus on the sweet little subject.

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newborn feet picture by Beth Deschamp

3. A mommy and baby portrait

While the last thing you may want to do after giving birth is get in front of the camera, it’s a must-have photograph. If waiting until you are home to get in front of the camera is a more comfortable thought, that’s okay! Just be sure to do it. Put aside your hesitations, pick up your sweet baby and capture the moment of you both together.

Whether you hand your husband the camera or you set that self-timer, be sure to get a photo of you with your baby too! As children grow up, they are fascinated by portraits of themselves that were taken when they were babies. They are even more fascinated by what their parents looked like at the time. So, if not for you, do it for your baby. They will love you for it.

mom and newborn portrait by Beth Deschamp

Be sure to also get a photo of your new baby with their daddy! He has watched you carry your baby for nine whole months, so finally being able to hold your child in his arms is a very special moment for him.

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dad holding newborn photo by Beth Deschamp

4. A nursery portrait

You’ve worked so hard on creating your baby’s nursery, while paying attention to every little detail from the crib bedding to the wall color. Be sure to take a photo of your brand new baby in their brand new room. Taking a pullback photo is a great way to get a photo of your little one, while capturing the details of the nursery. Pullback photos are also a great idea because they show your baby in a surrounding environment, which is a great way of putting into perspective just how little your baby truly is in comparison to their room.

If you are going to walk away from your newborn to take a photo, be sure to have someone else near your newborn to ensure their safety. Even though your baby may be little, they are still strong. Make sure you have a spotter near your baby during those times when you want to photograph from further away.

new baby laying on a changing table by Beth Deschamp

5. A crib portrait

Even though they probably won’t be sleeping in their room by themselves for a little while, lay them in their crib sometime within those first two weeks for a quick portrait. Just like with the nursery photo, putting your newborn in their crib is another great way of capturing a photo that shows just how small they truly are in comparison to their crib. You can photograph from the side of the crib or from above, and both are a great opportunity to get a photo of your baby from head to toe, which is a great way of capturing how long they are.

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baby laying in his crib in the nursery by Beth Deschamp

During those first two weeks of birth, your baby will change so much! Day by day, they will start growing and taking on more of a personality. As you are adjusting to life with a new little one, be sure you take the opportunity to photograph these photos during the first couple of weeks. Not only will you be capturing that brand newness of your tiny baby, but you will always be forever thankful that you did. They will never be that little again, so keep that camera battery charged. There is no such thing as too many photographs!