It’s almost time for school to start!

Who is rejoicing with me?!

My daughter adores pre-school and I miss our little school-day routine. I’m so excited for her to get back to school with her friends and I can’t wait to see what she learns this year.

Let’s chat about five easy and fun ways to document this joyous back-to-school time!

1. Say it with chalk!

I love using signs in milestone photos for things like the first day of school! You can either write on a chalkboard (chalk markers are so fun!) or be lazy like me and just write on the blank sign using the text tool in Photoshop. I think this will be so awesome to look back on this series of photos after a few years. If your little one decides to be silly with the sign like mine did, just roll with it and then have some fun in Photoshop later!

first day of pre-k picture with chalkboard by Tiffany Kelly 2

2. Capture new school details

New shoes, new backpack, new lunchbox, new supplies? Capture it all! Just think of how these things will change over the years as your children grow and their tastes and favorite characters change. My daughter is in part-time pre-k so she doesn’t need a “real” backpack, but when she starts kindergarten I love the idea of taking a photo of her wearing her new backpack. I am sure she will look so tiny in comparison! Make sure you get in close and really capture the details of new shoes and fresh school supplies. And if your kiddo is like mine and loves her new lunchbox so much that she keeps hugging it, make sure you capture that too 🙂

new shoes and lunchbox picture by Tiffany Kelly

girl holding her new school lunchbox by Tiffany Kelly

a girl and her Sophia the First school lunchbox by Tiffany Kelly

3. Document their handwriting

This is another  thing what will change drastically in these early years. I love the idea of having your child write their name at the beginning of each school year. Even how they hold their crayon or pencil is a little detail that will certainly change from year to year.

girl writing with an orange crayon by Tiffany Kelly

box of crayons by Tiffany Kelly

girl drawing on paper by Tiffany Kelly

4. Capture back to school traditions

Do you have any fun back to school traditions?  Maybe you have a special breakfast that morning or go out for milkshakes after school? These special traditions are certainly worth documenting! I haven’t yet decided what to do this year but you can bet I will take photos of it. If you have ideas for a fun back-to-school tradition please let me know in the comments!!

5. Create a classic headshot

I love the idea of taking a close-up, classic headshot every year as they start a new school year. Just think of how much they will change from year to year, and how incredible it will be to compare these portraits over the years. My daughter actually missed BOTH picture days at school last year, so this is my version of the DIY school portrait 🙂 Try to find a blank neutral backdrop for this photo – I simply used my wall in my dining room. I tend to like flat, non-dramatic light for these types of traditional photos, so I opened all the shades and let in the bright afternoon sun.

simple headshot of child by Tiffany Kelly

I think these images would make for an amazing album, along with photos of school celebrations and her artwork from the school year!