At Clickin Moms, one of our favorite long-running traditions is the bimonthly forum contest. We announce a new theme at the beginning of the month and Clickin Moms members share what they were inspired to capture.

Earlier this year, the Clickin Moms community worked to create images for the theme “Light.” and we were so blown away by the images you made and shared with us.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here. We are thrilled to congratulate Crystal Gonsalves for her winning shot (above) that has earned her a live Breakout session from Click Photo School!

Alonya Lowe
Amy Wright
Lucy Ketchum
Melinda McIntyre
Bina Sareen
Chelsey Hill
Crystal Gonsalves, WINNER
Ying Lin
Danielle Wahl
Dhagash Shah
Dallas Denoo
Ellen Frazer
Kylie Buccellato
Lauren Storey
Jess Worrall
Katherine Spooner
Sorrel Davies
Sofia Sitnikiene
Sarah Clayton
Sarah Blevins
Regina Boston
Sarah Mikesell
Christine Dannhausen-Brun
Tricia Pompilio
Pam Dose
Libby Grohmann
Kimberly Kendall
Rachel Sine
Renata Chizhikova
Vanessa Grausam
Mindy Tingson
Christina Freeman
Tracy Koch
Kelly Mohun
Jen Sebring
Kelly Sampson
Kristin Opfar
Kirsten Malone
Maureen Petru
Geli Andere
Orsolya Szabo
Carrie Petrin
Phillip Slaughter
Kelly Marleau
Tara Visconti
Heather Nowak
Jasmine Santiago

Do you want a chance for your work to be featured on the Clickin Moms blog and to be eligible to win a live seat to a Click Photo School Breakout Session?

The Clickin Moms May/June forum photo contest is open and the theme is SMILE. We want to see your favorite interpretation of this theme!

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