I always get a little nervous when I have to pose male clients.

As a wedding photographer I realized I had to get over that quickly as half of my clients are male! Over time I discovered a few go-to poses that worked every time.

When posing male subjects you want to remember a couple things.

  1. They usually feel really awkward and have no clue how to pose, so you must direct them!
  2. Shooting from straight on or from a slightly lower angle looking up will give them more of a masculine strong look.
  3. HAVE FUN! Guys will relax if you are relaxed. Joke around with them and make them feel like they are not posing. This will loosen them up and create more relaxed and natural looking images.

These poses work well with Grooms, Senior Guys, headshots and even Dads!

1. Fun

I always like to do a couple fun poses with the groomsmen. We usually do these first as it gives them a chance to loosen up and realize that I am there to capture their personalities, not just formal poses. It also gives us a chance to get to know one another as often this is the first time meeting most of them!

fun groomsmen photos by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

2. Hands

One question I almost always get is what do I do with my hands? I always make sure my male subject’s hands are doing something. A classic pose for men is in pockets, or clasped in front. If shooting a group of men, like the Groomsmen, make sure they all have the same hand in front to create a cohesive look.

what to do with a mans hands during a photo by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

Left photo by Lauren Blair.

When I shoot the Groom alone I will often have him do something such as tie his tie, adjust his watch, or button his jacket. This also gives me a chance to capture the wedding details as well.  This also works really well for posing Senior guys.

groom getting dressed by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

man fixing his tie by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

3. Position

In order to ensure my male subjects look relaxed in portraits I will often have them lean against something. They can lean with one arm against a fence or wall, or lean back against something with their whole body. This tends to relax him a tad and make the photo look less tense than if he were standing straight.

groom pictures by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

senior guy photos from Hope Toliver and Jamie Rubeis

Top photo by Hope Toliver. Bottom photo by Jamie Rubeis.

I also really like a casual sitting pose with men.  Have him lean forward and rest his arms on his legs. I love this pose when you get the guy laughing or talking about something he loves.

senior pictures by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

I will often have him look out a window or stare into his future. This usually makes him relax and laugh and gives a great casual, yet posed portrait.  Not to mention the awesome moody lighting!

groom looking away from camera by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

4. Shooting angle

Shooting men is opposite than shooting women because you are not focused on curves and delicate angles but more-so on emphasizing his strength and manliness. A man’s body is more about angles and shooting from below will accentuate his height, strength and make him look more powerful.  We don’t always want to shoot this way with men, but most guys love the result when I shoot from down low rather than straight on.

shooting up at an angle by Bobbi-Jo Stuart of Love Bee Photography

This is by no means an exhaustive list of posing tips but hopefully a few to get you started! Now let me know, what is your favourite pose for guys?