Have you ever wondered how your favorite photographers stay inspired?

Do you wish that you could have access to their unending ideas and creativity?

Well guess what? We know the secret: COMMUNITY!

Over at Clickin Moms, we are always thinking of new contests, games, and exercises to strengthen our photographic skills while having fun and making friends. One of our favorite traditions is the monthly forum contest. We announce a theme and the Clickin Moms members share all of the ways that they were inspired to capture it.

There could be no more perfect theme for the Clickin Moms community than “Friendship.” Clickin Moms is a place where we create bonds over our shared passion for capturing moments beautifully. As always, our members rose to the challenge and created images that warmed our hearts and inspired us.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here and we know that you are going to be just as inspired as we are by the amazing artists of the Clickin Moms community. We are thrilled to congratulate Sarah Boccolucci for her winning shot (above) that has earned her a live Breakout session from Click Photo School!

Jamie Eilts
Cary Ann Krogsgaard
Tania Dely
Melissa Richard
Leslie Crane
Lindsay Herkert
Stephanie Rufener
Sharissa Paranada
Lauren Dougherty
Jill Carson
Kristen Anderson
Teresa Clancy Jackson
Vanessa Barrow
Thao Lai
Taylor Moore
Shannon Kachuba
Miranda Gordon
Karyn Novakowski
Carmody Baker
Carrie Mancinelli
Jenny Rosenbring
Julie Scheuler
Anna Hurley
Kory Callihan
Jennifer Hazard
Amanda Bradt
Karen Schanely
Megan Kunz
Beth Cagnoni
Laura Kuisle
Sarah Hartley
Sara Elliott
Shannon Kiser
Jessica Meyers

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