Have you ever wondered how your favorite photographers stay inspired?

Do you wish that you could have access to their unending ideas and creativity?

Well guess what? We know the secret: COMMUNITY!

Over at Clickin Moms, we are always thinking of new contests, games, and exercises to strengthen our photographic skills while having fun and making friends. One of our favorite traditions is the monthly forum contest: we announce a theme and the Clickin Moms members share all of the ways that they were inspired to capture it.

And did we mention that there are prizes?!?!

The June theme of Fatherhood showed us once again just how much talent is in this amazing community. With imagery ranging from tender and sweet to hilarious and heart-warming, the Clickin Moms members wowed us once again with the honesty and beauty of their photography.

Today we are sharing some of our very favorites for you to enjoy here and we know that you are going to be just as inspired as we are by the amazing artists of the Clickin Moms community. We are thrilled to congratulate Kristen Ryan for her winning shot that has earned her a live Breakout session from Click Photo School!

Jillian Baudry
Brittany Osgood
Alyssa Ahern
Sarah Boccolucci
Lisa Cole
Jess Buttermore
Kristen Ryan
Renata Plaice
Meg Brock
Lee Pettigrew
Wendy Bickis
Brittany Smith
Vanessa Grausam
Laura Beth Davidson
Brianna VanValen
Emily Dowell
Anna Hurley
Jenny Rosenbring
Alina Clark
Kelly Bell
Leah Crafard
Tara Visconti
Tanya Moon
Ally Quinlan
Aimee Glucina

Do you want a chance for your work to be featured on the Clickin Moms blog and to be eligible to win a live seat to a Click Photo School Breakout Session? Then join us for this month’s forum photo contest by sharing your best photos for this month’s special Photo Hunt-themed contest! With a list of 75 summer items to get your creative wheels turning, the Photo Hunt is sure to inspire some of the most jaw-dropping imagery our community has produced yet!

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