Building a blog that connects with customers is all about content! A photographer with the right blog will build a strong and compelling brand, while the wrong blog simply eats away precious time in your already-packed schedule.

Is your blog connecting with your audience? If you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut of only posting session images week after week the answer is probably a resounding “NO”.

When you only post session images you are typically only connecting with the people in those images, and you’re really only reaching them when you post their pictures. In a few weeks, they’ve moved on.

Like most photographers, you probably prefer to share your story with images. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? By combining your images from multiple sessions to share a story with your audience you’ll be able to connect with more of your audience over a longer period of time without having to write long detailed blog posts.

For example, if you’re putting together a blog post about your favorite fall session location you’ll want to use images from many different sessions and tell a story about what makes the location so great. Is it the lighting, the colors, the wildlife? It’s also a great opportunity to invite your client base to schedule their fall sessions.

1.    Get Personal (but keep it professional)

The trick to a great blog is making it personal enough that your readers connect with you personally without crossing a professional line. There are many ways to effectively do this. To help you draw the lines I’ve created some simple Do’s and Don’ts for making your blog more personal.


  • Share images of yourself (self-portraits, behind the scene shots of you shooting, etc.)
  • Share images of your family, friends or pets if it tells a bigger story that your audience can connect too.


  • Post about personal issues or family circumstances unless they can tell a bigger story that relates to your business.
  • Don’t complain or share negative content that won’t reflect positively on you, your family or your client base.

Example: As an example, you might share pictures of your new puppy to talk about a variety of topics like:

  • Tips for Photographing your Family Pets
  • New Pet Photo Sessions Start Next Week
  • Framing Fido: Ideas for displaying Pet Portraits

However, don’t share a picture of your new puppy to just show how cute she is or complain about everything that’s chewed up in your studio!

creating great blog content by Christina Roth2.    Make Your Content Relevant

Make sure all of your blog posts are relevant to your readers. Make a big list of things your customers want to know about and make sure everything you blog fits into one or more of those categories.

Here are a few common areas of interest to help you get started:

  • Where you shoot (on location, studio, etc.)
  • Your style (lifestyle, portrait, etc.)
  • Educational (tips and tricks for getting your own shots)
  • Products you offer

Make up your own list with at least 10 topics and make sure that every post relates to at least one of those topics. You could even make those topics “Categories” in your blog, so readers could find all the educational posts you have written.

ideas for great blog content by Christina Roth

Remember these aren’t the topics you’re interested in … they are topics of interest for your customer base. Ask a few people at your next sessions what they’d like to learn about on your blog!

3.    Keep Your Content Real

Finally, make it real … anyone can see through you trying to be something you just aren’t. You have a unique style of photography and you have great ideas that are original and unique. Share them.  Your readers will start to connect with you on a deeper level and that is what will keep them coming back to your blog.

We’ll talk more about content in Part III of this series where I’ll share 52 Non-Session Blog Ideas for photographers. Pro and hobby photographers alike will love these great ideas to keep blog content fresh and new … for an entire year!