As many women, I originally turned to photography to be able to capture the lives of my kids.

As many photographers, I quickly grew frustrated with their unwillingness to cooperate while I was trying to hone my skills.

After a year of serious shooting, I realized that while I now could create great photos of my kids, photography to me was so much more. It taught me to see things I have never seen before: light wrapping around the objects, shadows encroaching on the light, and the beauty of details.

Photography taught me to live in the moment, and appreciate the art of the everyday. Seeing harmonious compositions, leading lines, light, shadows, and reflections comes with practice and definitely takes a conscious effort.

The beauty of shooting objects is that they are 100% cooperative. A dried leaf will not throw a temper tantrum. A fork will not roll its eyes. You can shoot an apple for as long as you would like and from any angle you wish without any objections. Even better is the fact that once you upload your shots and you hate them all, you get to delete them without feeling guilty because someone’s face was too cute even though the light was terrible.

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Finding the beauty in the ordinary is a skill in itself. I am hopeful that by the time you finish viewing this blog post, you will be inspired to find the beauty in the mundane and ordinary, and appreciate the fine art aspects of the chaos around you.

I love soft side light, and will frequently use it to highlight the form of objects, and the light wraps around them.

green apple photo by Nina Mingioni

photo of a coffee mug by Nina Mingioni

Ann Tyer captured the graceful movement of pages in this image.

pages of a book flipping by Ann Tyer

Still life is fun to set up at home! Try different combinations and angles.

still life photo of lightbulb and book by Nina Mingioni

table of food by Nina Mingioni

One of my favorite activities is “seeing” the little details of the objects I use every day. The kitchen is by far my favorite place to do so. Below are my garlic press and an egg beater.

egg beater by Nina Mingioni

macro garlic press photo by Nina Mingioni

Messy kitchen? Check! I love this kitchen image Nadeen Flynn captured as she made pizza at home (gorgeous counters help!).

pizza making ingredients by Nadeen Flynn

Texture is another favorite to seek out. These freshly picked sage leaves were a must to photograph.

black and white photo of sage by Nina Mingioni

As I saw this old window, I was surprised at the juxtaposition of the soft spider web with the straight lines of the pane.

window with cobwebs by Nina Mingioni

Vironica Golden beautifully captured her morning coffee. Including a long shadow created by the morning sun surprisingly adds a feeling of time of day to this image.

coffee cup by Vironica Golden

How about prosaic parts of life…parking garages, anyone? I loved the lines and textures I saw in my work’s parking garage one afternoon.

garage photo by Nina Mingioni

On a different day, I saw beautiful light spilling into the tunnel of an underground lot.

photo of a garage by Nina Mingioni

Coming home late one rainy night, I was happy to have my camera with me to capture the mist hanging in the air. This one took some creative white balance play, but turned out to be one of my favorite images.

bare tree and rain by Nina Mingioni

Another rainy and very cold night, I paused to observe the rain drops, backlit by the headlights of my car. Luckily, I was able to shoot this one from my garage as my car stood in the driveway.

rain drops by Nina Mingioni

Late afternoon sun can be magical, adding glow to an ordinary sidewalk.

light and shadows on the sidewalk by Nina Mingioni

Other sidewalk details can also be so interesting to capture. Nadeen Flynn captured this al fresco scene – I love the clean feeling of this image!

Al fresco by Nadeen Flynn

When I saw the light sparkling on this curves of this wrought iron bench, I knew it was destined to be an out-of-focus image, with just hints of the original form.

obscure bench photo by Nina Mingioni

Reflections are my other favorite thing to seek out, especially as they occur “naturally.” I almost walked by this puddle, but was glad to return. The color palette was the perfect match for how I felt that afternoon.

puddle with city building reflected by Nina Mingioni

Lisa Benemelis beautifully photographed these tulip petals. The reflection here, too, really adds to the image.

tulips by Lisa Benemelis

Finally, photographing just shadows is always a treat. It is a very unusual way to capture a common object.

shadow of a leaf by Nina Mingioni

Inspired yet? So give your kids a break, open your eyes and live in the moment, soaking it all in. Who knows what amazing things you will find?