We can hardly believe that 2013 has come and gone!  2013 was a great year and we’re beyond excited for the surprises we have in store for 2014.  Once again, the CMblog has had a year full of amazing content and just in case you missed it, below are the 13 most popular tutorials from the past year!

top 13 from 2013

13. The Unconventional Self Portrait by Sarah Wilkerson

unconventional self portraits photography tutorial by Sarah Wilkerson

12. Easy Backlighting Tips by Michael Kormos

easy backlighting tips by Michael Kormos

11. Organizing Your Client Workflow by Winnie Bruce

managing your photography client workflow by Winnie Bruce

10. Get The Most Out Of A Newborn Pose by Beth Orey

how to get the most out of a newborn pose by Beth Orey

9. Creating Beautiful Bokeh by Sarah Wilkerson

how to create beautiful bokeh in your photographs by Sarah Wilkerson

8. 14 Beach Photography Tips by Jennifer Dell

beach photography tutorial by Jennifer Dell

7. How To Pose Babies by Jennifer Dell

how to pose babies by Jennifer Dell

6. Your Aperture and Photographing Groups by Melissa Koehler

what aperture to use in group photos by Melissa Koehler

5. Working Around the Clutter by Narelle Bailey

work around the clutter to get clean photos by Narelle Bailey

4. Simple Before and After Editing Tutorial by Rachel Nielsen

before and after editing tutorial by Rachel Nielsen

3. Rock Your Toddler Session by Lisa Tichané

rock your toddler photography session by Lisa Tichane

2. Easy Tips For Creating Better Maternity Photos by Leah Cook

maternity photography advice by Leah Cook

1. How To Photograph Your Christmas by Melissa Stottmann

how to photograph your Christmas by Melissa Stottmann

While these were the most popular articles statistically, we had an insane amount of incredible tutorials, interviews, features and much more!  What was one of your favorite articles from last year?