There’s a lot of talk about finding your style and making your work distinctive … and don’t get me wrong, that should absolutely be top priority. Your work should speak for itself and represent you as an artist. If you’re in business, you want clients to come to you for your vision, to love your work so much that they trust you implicitly as an artist behind the camera … not because you’re the least expensive or shortest drive amongst a group of photographers whose work all pretty much looks the same. And if you’re not in business … well, you have the luxury of complete creative freedom and artistic risk – hopefully you’re taking advantage of that!

What about your online presence? Are you using your site as another opportunity to set yourself apart? Does it enhance your portfolio and contribute to an overall viewing experience that speaks to your style and vision? Or does your site just kind of blend into the thousands of other sites out there?

Take a look at these ten photographers’ striking site designs and note how their sites enhance the work of the photographers, advance their branding, and even tell you a little something about who they are as artists.

1. Jasmine Star

2. Kalle Gustafsson


3. Joupin Ghamsari

4. Stephen Hamilton

5. Jerry Ghionis

6. Gabriel Ryan Photographers


7. Alberto Oviedo


8. Michelle Moore

9. Chase Jarvis


10. Holly Hoyt Photography


11. Simon Hoegsberg

12. Justine Ungaro



13. Dimitris Theocharis

14. The Rhoads


15. Simon Plestenjak


16. Chenin Boutwell

17. Caitlin Worthington

18. Meg Borders


19.  Tony D’Orio

Who doesn’t feel inspired to spruce their sites up a little after all of that?

What are some of the most memorable photography site designs you’ve seen out there? Share them with us in the comments!