Last year the CMteam collaborated to begin a united introspective project and it’s something that very quickly become close to our hearts.

Each month the team were given one word to interpret in their own way using a single image. It’s been so fun and interesting watching the different variations of each word as the months have passed and the team were able to show their distinctive and unique variations of the word.

We are excited and happy to be continuing The Word Project as we roll into 2015.

To kick the year off, the CMteam came up with the word ‘First’, something that aptly brings us all into this exciting new year, where I’m sure you’ll also be seeing images from some amazing new mentors and members of the CMteam.

What does the word ‘first’ mean to you?  Please join us and post your ‘first’ images either in the comments of this blog post or perhaps share them over on the picture share section of the Clickin Moms forum – we would love to see them.

Alice Che:

Alice Che

Celeste Pavlik:

Celeste Pavlik

Dana Lauder:

Dana Lauder

Elena Blair:

Elena Blair

Emma Wood:

Emma Wood

Heather Lazark:

Heather Lazark

Jennifer Nobriga:

Jennifer Nobriga

Jessica Nelson:

Jessica Nelson

Kristen Ryan:

Kristen Ryan

Kristin Dokoza:

Kristin Dokoza

Lisa Benemelis:

Lisa Benemelis

Lisa Tichane:

Lisa Tichane

Liz Behm:

Liz Behm

Megan Dill:

Megan Dill

Meredith Novario:

Meredith Novario

Mickie DeVries:

Mickie DeVries

Rachel Nielsen:

Rachel Nielsen

Vironica Golden:

Vironica Golden

If you’d like to see the CMteam interpret a particular word, please leave suggestions in the comments below this blog post!