As photographers we are always seeking inspiration. It is what fuels creativity, ignites passion, and pushes our work forward as we continue to improve ourselves as artists.

We at Clickin Moms are lucky to be surrounded by seemingly infinite inspiration. In our own community we have thousands of photographers who are creating work that awakens our imaginations and who encourage us to keep growing in our own photography journeys.

It is in that tradition that we are thrilled to present you with more inspiration for this new year. In our 2019 Photographers to Watch list, our team collaborated to find 100 artists who are pushing the boundaries of their respective genres. Their work will open your heart to feel all the things and will open your mind to the possibilities of what you can do with a camera.

And it just so happens that every single photographer on this list is a woman.

So get cozy, take notes, and start 2019 with the inspiration you need to take your photography to the next level.

Alyssa Sorenson

Alyssa Sorenson has an eye for light and the unique gift of being able to see and capture details that get to the heart of a story.

Amy Shutt

Scrolling through Amy’s imagery is absolutely mesmerizing. Her photographs bring you right up close to some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet…both big and small…and every frame feels as though it was captured with the wonder and respect these animals deserve.


Anita’s outdoor photography feels as though it belongs in a storybook. Her wildlife subjects calmly interact with the camera as if they are having a quiet conversation with her, allowing the viewer to feel as though she is seeing something truly magical unfold.

Arielle Levy

Arielle has a knack for capturing her subjects in a way that gives them a clear point of view. It’s as if she is introducing you at a party to a girl that is going to be your new BFF. To capture personality like that in a way that doesn’t feel forced isn’t easy and Arielle has mastered it.

Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Beth Yarnelle Edwards has the unique ability to find the connections between people, places, and things, and depict those connections in photographs. Her colorful work is so full of personality and her ability to tell a story in a single frame is unparalleled.

Cami Turpin

Cami’s photographs of kids, and her own kids in particular, have an ease to them that makes you feel as though she is truly allowing her subjects to be themselves in front of the camera. For all the times we can try to force a vision, her work is a lesson in letting moments unfold naturally.

Carmody Baker

Carmody’s images are like the most beautiful trip around the world without the jet lag and TSA lines. Her use of color and geometry creates order in every frame and yet there is a softness that keeps her work from feeling cold or sterile. She is our favorite kind of travel photographer.

Céline Pannetier

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a fancy camera to take beautiful images. Céline uses her phone camera to capture street scenes in a way that will make sure sure that you can hear the sounds, smell the scents, and feel the energy of the city.

Chloe Kim

Chloe’s work manages to be full of childhood magic and yet calm at the same time. There is a peaceful nature to her approach that makes her work exceptional.

Christina McLauchlin

Christina’s work combines moments and details in a way that weaves the narrative of her subjects in the most beautiful ways.

Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini’s stunning wildlife photography combines keen observation with a touch of humor that makes her images truly memorable.

Diana Hagues

Hoping to get in front of the camera more in 2019? Look no further than Diana Hagues to find your inspiration. Filled with artistic vision and masterful execution, Diana’s self portraiture will have you rushing to dust off your tripod.

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi

Diana’s work often dives into subject matter that is painful, violent, and uncomfortable. And yet she approaches it with the most gentle honesty that encourages compassion rather than judgement, conversation in place of helplessness, and urges us to find beauty in the midst of hardship.

Elena Sanchez Blair

We don’t know anyone who captures the heart of a family like Elena. Her subjects feel totally at ease in front of her camera, allowing her to photograph them in ways that are unguarded, emotional, and authentic.

Elisabeth Brentano

Want to go on an adventure? Elisabeth’s work will take you on one! A keen observer and a photographer who simultaneously captures the whole environment and all the little details, Elisabeth Brentano makes you feel as though you are standing right next to her as she pushes the shutter button.

Elizabeth Blank

Allow us to introduce you to the queen of underwater child photography. Elizabeth’s work combines the otherworldliness of being underwater with the fun of being a kid to create images that are utterly mesmerizing.

Emilia Milonoff

Wildlife photography requires patience and an instinct for “the decisive moment.” Emilia’s work is the perfect example of the beauty that can emerge when both of these traits are present.

Francesca Marchese

Francescea elevates the joy of family and childhood into art with her beautiful tones and use of light.

Gretchen Yost

Gretchen Yost is a keen observer with a unique ability to capture a scene without imposing herself upon it. The result is photographs that are equally honest and beautiful.

Guilia Woergartner

Giulia’s work feels adventurous and soothing all at the same time. With stunning landscapes and a sharp use of color theory, her photographs are sure to inspire.

Iris Bergmann

Iris Bergmann utilizes color and composition in a way that makes her work feel organized and calculated in the best way possible.

Jenn Medrano

Sweet, whimiscal, and warm, Jenn’s work makes our hearts swell. The connection and trust that she has developed with the animals in front of her camera makes it possible for her to capture photographs that are unlike anything else out there.

Amanda Teixeira

Do you need more joy in your life? Then you need to be following Amanda Teixeira’s work. Full of color, life, and the cutest furry faces you will ever see, Amanda has a knack for capturing the personalities of her subjects and the connections between dogs and owners for which words can’t do justice.

Anca Clivet

Anca Clivet’s work feels like it is from another time or perhaps another universe altogether. Painterly and rich, her images pull you in and force you to ponder them as you would a museum masterpiece.


The tones in Anj’s work are soft and tender and yet the direct gazes in her portraits a strong and unmoving. It’s this juxtaposition and the utter beauty of her photographs that makes her one to watch.

Bella Karragiannidis

There are a lot of pictures of food on Instagram, but no one comes close to capturing the beauty of ingredients and dishes like Bella. She utilizes texture, color, and composition in a way that makes food feel like more like art than something to eat…though you are definitely going to want to eat it, too.

Bianca van Steen

Macro photography gives us the opportunity to see the world in a way that our eyes do not naturally allow. Bianca’s approach is soft and lovely with beautiful tones and compositions that will have you mesmerized.

Carly Jean Navarrete

Carly combines the beauty of nature with the beauty of family in a way that feels cozy and inviting. Her warm tones and unforced posing are perfection.

Carolyn Drake

We imagine Carolyn Drake to be like the conductor of a symphony behind the camera. Her photos evoke the deepest of emotions and she uses every single element of a scene to thrust her audience straight into those feelings.

Chinelle Rojas

No one else is capturing the raw beauty of welcoming a child into the world with the tenderness and honesty of Chinelle Rojas.

Christian A. Schaffer

Christian’s work feels like you are stepping into the world’s most perfect watercolor painting. Her use of color and her contagious sense of adventure are sure to inspire.

CreativeSoul Photography

As half of the team behind CreativeSoul Photography, Kahran Bethencourt is creating some of the most visually stunning portraiture we have ever seen. Colorful, emotional, and artistic, we are perpetually inspired by what CreativeSoul is doing behind the camera.

Danielle Finney

Danielle Finney’s work is beautiful and vibrant and the perfect example of how when photographing people, there is power in staying focused on connection.

Drea Nicole

Drea’s beauty photography is polished, perfectly lit, and positively breathtaking. She makes every one of her subjects absolutely radiant.

Eliza Logan

Eliza Logan’s work is imaginative and evocative. We are inspired by how effortlessly she remains true to her artistic voice and her ability to guide her audience straight to her intended focus even in the busiest of frames.

Elle Gerais

Elle’s work is polished and dreamy and captures classic childhood scenes in the most lovely way.

Flóra Borsi

Imaginative, beautiful, and perfectly executed, Flóra Borsi’s work always surprises us in the best way possible.

Gabriella Rojas Ray

Gabriella is the perfect illustration of how photographers see the world differently. Her use of light and color elevate a simple scene into one that feels positively magical.

Guadalupe Laiz

Guadalupe Laiz’s photographs of animals feel more like a glimpse into the souls of her subjects than photographic representations. Dynamic and peaceful all at once, her images are hypnotic.

Hillary Wheat

Hillary’s photographs of her children take the simple observations of a mother and transforms them into moments that are full of emotion. Each frame feels as though we are thrust into her own collection of memories where we feel what it was like to be in that scene.

Jamie Heiden

Jamie Heiden’s work toys with the boundaries between photography and illustration and the results are absolutely gorgeous.

Jesse Salter

Jesse Salter captures the families and children in front of her camera in a way that feels polished and beautiful while still feeling authentic and full of the genuine emotion that makes family photography so important.

Joyanne Panton

Joyanne Panton’s portraits are stunning. The combination of perfect light, perfect styling, and perfect execution make for images that will stop you in your tracks.

Julia Gartland

Julia Gartland’s photography is full of such color and life and vibrance that you can’t help but look at food in a completely new way.

Julie Guertin

Film photography is alive and well thanks to artists like Julie Guertin. Her double exposures and light leaks use the unique nature of her medium to create art that stands out in a world of digital perfection.

Kaylee Greer

Kaylee Greer’s wide angle, sunburst-filled photographs capture all the joy and energy of the pups in front of her camera.

Kelly Bell

Kelly Bell’s photographs are full of layers that draw you into each frame and invite you to stay awhile to take it all in.

Laurel Golio

Laurel Golio’s photographs feel like casual conversations between her subjects and her camera and we are just here to eavesdrop. The result is imagery that is disarming in its authenticity and truly beautiful in its lack of pretentiousness.

Lenka Jones

Lenka has the ability to make any subject look his or her best. These are the kinds of portraits that you want big on your wall.

Lola Melani

Lola Melani’s photographs capture pregnancy and motherhood in a way that feels triumphant and majestic.

Malin Hanning

Adventure and nature photographer Malin Hanning’s work is breathtaking not only for the incredible subjects she captures but also for the way in which she captures them. Clean, fresh, and perfectly executed, she gives us a peek into worlds most of us can only dream of.

Marta May

Marta’s photos utilize body language, composition, and the sheer power of awesome facial expressions to draw you right into the emotion of a moment. The results will have you laughing, crying, and feeling everything in between.

Meg Bethard

Meg’s dreamy use of light and processing turn simple moments into art.

Melissa Marshall

You know that awesome butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling you get when you are newly in love? That’s what Melissa’s photographs feel like. Full of joy, laughter, and the kind of mushy romance that makes your heart pitter patter, we couldn’t love her work more.

Julia Whale

Julia Whale is the kind of photographer who captures just as much of the emotion of a moment as the physical reality of a moment. The result is imagery that makes you feel the love between her subjects.

Kate Woodman

Kate Woodman’s imagery is theatrical and bold. Her combination of light, processing, and clear vision sets the stage for clear narratives that are unforgettable.

Keetch Miller

Keetch Miller’s photography doesn’t shy away from the quieter, more pensive moments. There are smiles and joy to be had, but they aren’t forced. Rather, she honors the range of emotions that come with being a family by giving them equal time in front of her camera.

Kesha Lambert

Kesha Lambert has an eye for moments worth capturing. Whether it be confetti flying through the air or a quiet moment of connection, she finds the perfect fraction of second and photographs it in a way that immortalizes the emotion of the scene.

Kimberly Murray

Kimberly Murray’s photography is clean and simple and yet so perfectly composed and full of feeling that it is anything but simple.

Leah McLean

A consistent use of beautiful light and tones makes for imagery that is immediately recognizable and always inspiring.

Linsey Davis

Linsey Davis combines honestly, humor, and gorgeous light to create images of her life that are endearing and inspiring all at once.

Lucy Ketchum

Lucy’s macro photography doesn’t rely on the beauty of objects up close. Instead, she employs light, color, and composition to let the details really shine, creating a piece of art with every shot.

Marisa Kraft

Marisa’s use of light is dramatic and bold, making each frame dare you to linger and explore the moment.

Maya Barkai

Masterfully employing geometry and color, Maya’s photography creates order in scenes that might otherwise feel disjointed and chaotic.

Melese Miller

Try as you might, there is just no recreating the unique beauty of film. Melise’s work showcases just how gorgeous the softness and colors of film can be.

Meredith McKee

Fun, joyful, and light, Meredith’s photographs feel like a breath of fresh air.

Michaela Maureen

Michaela Maureen’s photographs are romantic in the most fun way possible. Full of warmth and happiness, this is what love feels like.

Michele Vilijoen

Michelle’s environmental portraiture melts together the setting and subject in a way that they almost become part of each other. And the results are breathtaking.

Natalie Gildersleeve

Rich tones and beautiful light let Natalie Gildersleeve capture the world around her in a way that makes you want to linger.

Nina Welch-Kling

If you are ever wondering why someone would choose to photograph in black and white instead of color, look no further than Nina Welch-King. Her monochromatic imagery showcases light and shape in a way that color couldn’t do justice and the results are masterful. And when she does use color? It will stop you in your tracks.

Pim Yanaprasart

Pim’s airy pastel color palettes and whimsical subjects make for photographs that make you feel light and happy as you look at them.

Reem Alshaikh

More like memories than photographs, Reem’s images transport you to a place that feels mysterious and yet very much at home.

Rimi Sen

Rimi’s bold colors and ability to capture the best facial expressions make her images feel just as celebratory as the occasions she captures.

Samantha Bradley

If you love golden backlight and rich warm tones like we do, then you will love Samantha’s work. She embraces movement and light in a way that infuses each frame with magic.

Shannon Wild

Wildlife photography can often feel distant and disconnected. But not so with the work of Shannon Wild! Her images are joyful and toss you right into the world of her subjects, creating a viewer experience that is immersive and fun.

Sherida Rae Taylor

Sherida Rae Taylor’s approach allows her subjects to bare their souls. There is a sense of trust between her and her subjects that can be felt by the audience, allowing for an authentic exchange between us all.

Sophia Barrett

Sophia Barrett proves that studio work does not need to be stiff or stuffy. In the right hands, it can be full of personality and inspiration.

Tanya Montpetit

With beautiful light and an eye for authentic expressions, Tanya is one to watch.

Tenley Clark

Tenley’s work is bold, bright, expressive and FUN. We could look at her photos

Thana Faroq

Thana’s work feels like glimpses into worlds that hesitate to let us in. Each frame is gentle and yet bold, respectful yet demanding, honest yet hesitant.

Vanessa Quigley

Vanessa’s macro imagery captures the details while simultaneously allowing them to melt into the frame. The results are seamless and beautiful.

Vicki Winston

Vicki’s images capture depth in light and shadows and texture in a way that makes her images an almost tactile experience.


Zoë Mackenzie

The muted tones and otherworldly settings of Zoë’s photographs are perfection.

Merja Varkemaa

Merja’s images capture the experience of Paris. Her use of light and motion make it as though you can feel the city buzzing around you.

Michelle Pellichini

Even when Michelle’s photographs show a clear subject, there is something about them that feels abstract and mysterious. Her use of color, creative processing, and somber execution makes for work that is thought-provoking and beautiful.

Monica Carlson

Monica Carlson shows that if you have beautiful light, even the simplest moments can feel magical.

Mylène Cybele Sopacua

Mylène’s soft processing, colorful streetscapes, and emotive portraits show that no matter the subject, she has a strong creative voice.

Natela Grigalashvili

Natela’s work captures the everyday of the people in front of her lens in a way that feels equal parts curious and reverant.

Noelle Mirabella

Noelle Mirabella’s use of posing and styling creates images that capture the sweetness and innocence of childhood.

Paulina Duczman

Paulina’s portraiture is so polished and beautiful that it almost feels as though each of her subjects has been painted before they were photographed.

Renee Hahnel

Renee’s photos are so crisp and clean that you feel as though you can walk right through them and into the amazing locations that she photographs.

Sandra Åberg

Sandra Åberg’s bright and airy images create the perfect atmosphere for her to capture youthful romance and beauty.

Shana Novak

Think that photographing still life is boring? Shana’s imagery here to prove you wrong. Her work is playful and vibrant and anything but ho hum.

Shelby Zavala

Shelby’s work captures the magic of childhood with beautiful light and rich colors.

Sim Chiyin

Sim’s camera manages to tap into the emotion of whatever finds itself in front of it. People, places, and things all seem to reveal themselves to her and she captures them in such a way that we get a glimpse, too.

Suzanne Stein

Suzanne allows her subjects to be unapologetically themselves. The result is images that feel very much like a collaboration between subject and photographer where the audience is the beneficiary.

Taryn Andre

Ever find yourself shying away from harsh midday sun? Taryn’s work will inspire you to seek it out! Vibrant and gorgeous, she uses hard light in a way that flatters her subjects and creates unforgettable imagery.

Tessie Wallace

Tessie Wallace is the kind of photographer who isn’t afraid to try something new. Whether it be diving into the water or playing with composites, her fearless approach to photography is inspiring.


Tina Eisen

Need some literal eye candy? Tina’s your girl! An inventive beauty photographer, Tina Eisen is creating work that uses faces as canvases and the results are gorgeous.

Wendy Laurel

Wendy’s film work is fresh and colorful and the layers keep you exploring her work over and over again.


A special thanks to our team for helping to curate this year’s list of inspiring female photographers!

Kendra Okolita, Founder

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