Whether she's photographing clients or her own family, Aimee captures the essence of her subjects. Look through her feed and you will see some stunning self-portraits, too!


Clean, crisp, and focused defines Alex's photography regardless of subject. She photographs interiors, products and people with a clear sense of purpose and invitation to come in or to meet a new colleague.


Amy has a gift for making those rarely seen glimpses of nature come alive to her viewers. Her talent at photographing wildlife in their natural environment makes you feel like you are out on the trail yourself.


Angela has a real talent for capturing fleeting moments on the street. We love her compositions!


Tenderness and femininity is what you will feel will you scroll through Anna’s work. Her portrait work brings about the feeling of warmth and love and her still life work is equally as beautiful with its textures and shades of muted color.


Cheerful, happy and bright. Ashley creates images that bring back the childhood in you. Her use of creative edits really allows you to sink into a feeling of joy and. If color could be a feeling, it would be found in one of Ashley’s images.


Ashley’s work is insanely unique and long before its time. Her images will take you back in time but also propel you forward into this space that you didn’t know existed. Her use of color, patterns, texture and of the box shots makes each image feels like a glimpse into a secret world.


Betsy brings that true LA vibe to the scene with her work. Color, glam, and that Cali fun are loud and proud in every single image she produces.


With images that are both whimsical and make you laugh out loud, Candice does a keen job at capturing the personalities of the pets she photographs and it’s making us want to adopt a pooch just so she can take their photo.


Cheyanne's images leave you truly feeling the warmth and joy of the love that she captures for her couples. The intense romance and ease of her subjects within the frame will bring a smile to your heart.


Cindy’s has the ability to capture the ordinary details of life in a beautiful and whimsical way. Her attention to details others would miss is what sets her apart in this industry.


Finding the joy and connection between couples, Crystal creates timeless and genuine moments that will become their family heirlooms in the years to come. It is evident that she is able to put her clients at ease and capture their authenticity.


Our minds are blown away by Dasha's creativity! We love her concepts and how she executes her vision. Truly inspiring!


Daytona's boudoir imagery captures a raw and truthful sense of womanhood without a false sense of being. As a viewer you feel a real connection to the female form you are observing, and know that it must have been captured in an authentic way.


If you don’t follow Eileen Lamb’s work, start now. Eileen’s talent is undeniable – in her photography, storytelling and advocating abilities. You’ll not only see beautiful images with deep earthy tones and magical use of light, you’ll read about Eileen’s raw experiences with the ups and downs of raising a severely autistic child. The way Eileen uses her camera to show people how she sees the world is simply inspiring.


Emma's work evokes emotion unlike any other. A cornerstone to the photography industry, Emma's work has set the standard for excellence in portraiture for years. You can find her work on the inaugural cover of Click magazine. Emma is brilliant!


It’s easy to see why birth photographer Ester Edith is one to watch. The way Ester perfectly documents all of the tender and timeless details of one of the most monumental moments for any parent – the moment they welcome their child into the world – is like no other. Her bold, real and raw art screams connection, emotion, gentleness, strength and love.


Eunice brilliantly captures connections and love between her subjects giving you a glimpse into their beautiful relationships. You can immediately see that Eunice values the connections and memories that she is preserving through her beautiful imagery.


Gulnara is a master street photographer. She is an incredible storyteller and documentarian.


Ida uses light and storytelling in such a compelling way. Her images are works of art, capturing her subjects in the most interesting way, whether they are things or people.


Inge has the incredible gift of capturing the beauty of birth. Her images are filled with emotion, story, and the details that parents never want to forget.


Jamie's groundbreaking work brings the beauty of love right upfront both boldly and beautifully! It is a breath of fresh air.


Jess' work is funky, unique, and filled with the type of images that have a way of becoming iconic and trendsetting.


Jessica's personal work is just so inviting! Her freelensing is so dreamy and you could keep looking at each image for as long as you can!


Johanne's documentary approach to capturing her subjects allows for many authentic moments to be documented for her clients. Her work reminds us that the simplicity in our lives is worthy of being documented.


Josey's way of telling stories through her diptyches is so moving, unique and beautiful!


Dark, moody and delicious!! Aimee’s use of light and storytelling to elevate her beautiful food photography.


Aly is the queen of getting in the frame. Her self portraits are creative and fun, and an inspiration for all of us to be more on the other side of the lens.


There is a strong utilization of color theory, lines, shadows, and layering in Ana’s documentary imagery of the everyday world around her. She has captured seemingly ordinary scenes and objects in a unique way which leaves you wanting to see more.


Aniya captures those little moments during big times that you don’t want to forget with her keen observations. In her wedding work specifically, she produces images that will make a person feel the moment, not just see it. You can tell she allows things to happen naturally and is there to document it all.


There are two things that shine for me while scrolling Asha’s IG feed. Her use of gorgeous and consistent tones and the genuine connection she documents between her subjects. In Asha’s work you will find images that speak to the true nature of relationships and intimacy.


Ashley’s beautiful work evokes childhood nostalgia with it’s gorgeous tones and lovely storytelling. Her images draw you in and make you want to stay a while.


Bethany melds her passion for social issues and the arts into this big beautiful masterpiece with her work. Focusing on telling the stories of others and uplifting them through photography and film, she shows the raw in people that will make you want to know more about them.


Capturing lovers in love is something that Brook is a genius at. The moments she shares bring us into the world of adventure and living your best life. Her tones are also something of a dream; warm and inviting.


Minimalistic and clean, Casia delivers images that embody the simple things in life. Using lines, shapes and other simple elements, the viewer is draw to appreciate the moment is its entirety instead of getting lost in the weeds.


Christina blew us away with her use of shapes and color, taking the ordinary things we all likely see daily and converting them into a work of art.


Corey’s clean and airy fine art photographs lend a sense of calm to the chaos of motherhood while incorporating a soft pastel color pallet perfect for the coming of spring.


The self portraits created by Damola translate a strong sense of being to the viewer, and her unique project incorporating portraiture with the safe spaces of her subjects leads the audience to want to learn more about each subjects individual story.


You sure can feel the love, and the wind, from Dawn’s breathtaking wedding and elopement images. She beautifully combines Pacific Northwest vistas with intimate joy and love filled portraits for her clients.


Dina is an outside-the-box photographer and brings her still life images to life! We love her bold use of color.


Clean, crisp and captivating – those are just a few of the words that come to mind after looking through Elizabeth Podlesnik ‘s perfectly curated Instagram feed. Her edgy editorial and commercial work with perfect tones, compelling compositions and attention to detail will leave you mesmerized.


Erin's work immediately evokes connection, color and happiness. Known for capturing authentic joy, you simply can't look at her work without smiling and being inspired!


One look at the stunning work of Eunice Beck will leave you wanting more. Her incredible use of the environment, bold expressions and connection are just a few of the reasons why she is one to watch.


The bright colors and moments of love and happiness on Georgia’s Instagram feed will immediately put a smile on your face. Whether you’re viewing her weddings, families or travels, you’ll see a consistent use of color, composition and connection. It’s clear that her work is filled with love, and that’s just one of the reasons why we love her and her work.


The unique and consistent style of Ombre by Harsheen Jammu makes them stand out from anyone else. Their uncommon imagery is infused with culture, color and detail, making their art and brand instantly identifiable. One look and you’ll know, “that’s Ombre” and you’ll certainly be left wanting to see more.


Holy cow! Indigo is a photography prodigy at the tender age of 12! We can all be inspired by her skill and sharp eye for details and storytelling in her incredible travel portfolio.


Jacquelyn’s work as an AP photojournalist has the ability to bring her audience into what feels like the secret world and behind the scenes moments that make up our capital in such an unbiased and unique perspective.


Jen’s has a beautiful way of bringing out the connections between her subjects, whether through a glance or a touch. Every image invites the viewer to witness the love her subjects share.


Jessica’s portrait and wedding work are filled with images that not only feel timeless but also have a unique edge and beauty that really stand out.


Dark, moody and delicious!! Aimee’s use of light and storytelling to elevate her beautiful food photography.


Julia has such a gift for capturing the world around her through unique and creative perspectives. Her images are filled with everyday moments captured through an artist's eye.


Karthika's work is very inviting and her travel work is incredible. She captures the authenticity of the places and the people she meets just beautifully!


Katie Mathis captures intimacy and connection in a way that is organic and raw. She photographs her clients with emotion front and center whether it be couples or stunning portraits. She truly aims to convey the story of each and every person in front of her.


If you’re looking for a photographer who documents love between all couples, then Kelly Balch is definitely the one for you. She is boldly setting the standard of inclusive photography with exceptional editorial and wedding images that highlight humanity and love in a positive and stunning way.


Kendi Austinson is a Senior and Couples photographer who is not afraid to push the boundaries while also capturing the classic shots you will want to hang on your wall for years. Her portraits exude youthfulness with the perfect amount of edge to keep things fun!


Such a fun and colorful feed full of everyday extraordinary people. If you need a pick-me-up, Kim’s your gal!


Strong, colorful and connected, Laylah's documentary style portraiture takes you on a beautiful journey of people, places and cultures.


Leslie has the uncanny ability to take a photograph and transform it into high-end fine art. Her images draw viewers in and leaves them anxiously awaiting her next.


Masterfully created portraiture. Beautiful tones, edits and creative effects. It is Lilly’s gift to be able to create a unique portrait, every single time.


If you need a little more joy in your life (don’t we all?), then look no further than Lisa’s work. She infuses fun and happiness with every shutter click, and her love of her craft is evident throughout her images.


Mabel has such a unique and beautiful way of seeing the world. Her use of light and shadows lends a depth to all of her images that draws the viewer in. She takes everyday objects and scenes and turns them into something extraordinary with every frame!


Soulful documentary photos, paired with striking fine art portraiture. Marianas gallery boasts beautiful texture, mood and stunning black and white imagery.


Mecca’s brilliant mission is to create images for women of color that help them showcase their personalities and build a strong brand for their business. With her clean and colorful style, she makes images that bring out the personalities of her clients and their entrepreneurial spirit.


As a staff photographer/ photojournalist for the Washington Post, Melina is making images of visual and historical importance. As a photographer most recently following Elizabeth Warren and others on the 2020 campaign trail, Melina’s portfolio is one that you will not want to miss as it is filled with some of the most important historical images being created this year.


Michelle has a light and airy feel to her wedding photography. She captures the elegant details and glamorous couples in a pastel palette of gorgeous tones.


Morvern's work is deep, emotional, and often found in a beautiful place between light and shadow. Her photos of her children are colorful and emotional with an attention to detail that turns her images into works of art.


Nicole’s clean and beautiful photography is a breathe of fresh air. Her tablescape lay-flats will leave you wanting to pull up a chair beside her simply so you can enjoy the beauty of the world she sees in front of her camera.


Phylicia photographs her couples and portrait subjects in such a fun style. She uses funky colorful locations and her subject’s personalities shine in her captures.


Rachel creates timeless elegant fine art portraits showcasing flawless skin tones in a traditional studio setting.


Safeena truly and artistically captures the love couples share. She portrays love and romance in a beautiful and magical way with real emotions and connection that draw you in.


Sanne has a gift for capturing life and creating art. Her work is filled with stories you can connect with and compositions that invite the viewer to linger a little longer within the frame.


Shiv utilizes light in such a exceptional way that we couldn't help but notice her! Follow her to see the world in a new way and the potential of off-camera lighting!


Tatjana's work as an art director is evident in her still life compositions. Great use of color, lines and textures.


Theodor’s self portraits have a feeling of a quiet strength that pulls you right in. Her use of rich bold colors make her photos feel painterly and hard to forget. If you need sel fportrait inspiration then look no further than Theodora.


Trina beautifully challenges the norm by capturing and creating the true moments and details of womanhood. Trina photographs everything from birth details to still life with purity, honesty, and a unique vision that we absolutely adore.


To put it simply, Tiril’s photos are breathtaking. Serene, beautiful, and full of life, Tiril’s work is unforgettable.


Kaley's work captures love and connection so beautifully. Her work feels timeless but so unique to her body of work.


At 15 years old, Katie has such a refreshing and truly gifted way of capturing the world around her no matter where her adventurous spirit takes her.


Kelley is fearless and vulnerable with her photography and business. She provides us with a real sense of authenticity. As an adventurer, coach, and lover of life, Kelley is constantly inspiring us!


If you’re a fan of honest parenthood, Kelly Marleau has got you covered! She beautifully documents her own family as well as other families while maintaining the authenticity and humor that come along with the family dynamic. Make sure to browse through her captions too, they are full of tips, tricks and laughs!


Kim's still life and food photographs make you feel like you have climbed into the pages of a glossy magazine. Her attention to detail and skilled styling showcases the beauty of her subjects and her use of color and light bring life to her imagery.


If you spend your free time dreaming of amazing places to travel, Kristen's images are the eye candy for you. Her stunning depth and rich colors transport you to epic locations, and instill a sense of calm and tranquility. It's like the best trip without the travel!


Leah is devoted to humanizing homelessness by telling the story of people experiencing homelessness through beautiful words and photographs. Her portraits are compelling and emotional and her mission is admirable. Leah's choice of capturing her subjects in black and white pulls the viewer into the depth of their souls to demonstrate the joy, pain, beauty, and wonder that connects us all.


Storytelling artistry at its finest. Lisa has a knack for capturing the real life moments in the most heartfelt of ways. Superb details and priceless moments.


Lisa has the innate ability to capture emotion with a clean and classic style. She captures birth like no other - demonstrating the unique story of each family with purity and depth. Her images and videos are guaranteed to captivate you with their beauty!


Soulful documentary photos, paired with striking fine art portraiture. Marianas gallery boasts beautiful texture, mood and stunning black and white imagery.


Mary’s gorgeous work evokes beautiful, whimsical FUN! Her color palette is brilliant and vivid and brings out the playful nature of the subjects she photographs whether that be couples on their wedding day, florals or food!


As a former architect, Megan’s creative genius shines through when it comes to photographing architectural details and design elements. Clean, bright and compositionally brilliant, Megan’s work is in a class of its own.


Fashion meets Fine Art portraiture. We love this collection of sculptural images and the use of lines, color and minimalism.


Monica captures her children’s everyday musings in a way that appears almost as a classic portrait painting. Her tones are stunning.


IG Ambassador Natalia Seth makes bold and colorful images and takes creativity to another level. Adventurous, fun, energetic, and carefree are just a few words to describe the imagery she creates.


Nicole's delicate approach to floral photography gives dimension to her beautiful subjects. Her gorgeous use of color, light, and depth of field bring's Mother Nature's art to life.


Rachel’s self description as a visual anthropologist is spot on. Her imaginary creates a feel as if you are observing the subjects. She manages to capture what makes them who they are, their unique love, and story in her work.


Riley, the founder of Woke Beauty, has a way of capturing women that shows strength, beauty and comfort in their own skin. Looking at her images shows Riley is able to bring out her subject’s confidence, which allows her to be able to create powerful portraits.


When I look at Sarah's work, I think of color, light, and fun. Though she doesn't shy away from difficult subject matter, she manages to find the bright side in all of her images, bringing a little bit more cheer into all her viewers' lives.


Live vicariously through Stephanie's lens as she documents her world travels. You will love her bold use of color and how she captures the humanity of the places she visits.


I am in awe of Taylor-Ferne's work. She captures the beauty and the awesomeness of the human form. Dance is such a beautiful art form in its own right and here we get to appreciate and study the strength and grace of the dancers she photographs.


Teagan's photographs make me want to pack my backpack for my next adventure. Her love for the outdoors is apparent throughout her landscape imagery. Her skilled use of atmosphere and storytelling make the viewer feel right at home in the frame.


Terralynn is a portrait artist that creates vibrant and emotive portraits. The way she combines light, style, and mood is truly stunning.


Valeria blends food, still life and travel photography into a gorgeous feed that will take your senses on a dream trip to Italy. Take me away!


Our 2020 Photographers to Watch was curated from over 300 photographers nominated by our Click Pro members.

Sarah Wilkerson, CEO

Courtney Larson, Director of Click Pro

Monica Wilkenson, Director of Click & Co Store

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