‘Tis the season for love!

Valentine’s is a celebration full of hearts, chocolate, and much more and every bit of it is worth documenting.

We asked the Click Pros what their must-have photos for documenting their Valentine season are and boy did they dish. So read below, grab your camera, and then get to photographing this happy season!

We asked the Click Pros what their must-have photos for documenting their Valentine season are and boy did they dish. So read here, grab your camera, and then get to photographing this happy season!

1. Hearts!

According to Angie Kuna, a Valentine’s Day must-have is to include a heart in a fun way! Here, she bought this stuffed heart from the Target dollar section (she also has a pink one!) and just let her kind of do whatever she wanted with it. She was into the “hiding” stage, so she was peeking out here, and Angie was lucky enough to snap it!

girl holding a red heart pillow by Angie Kuna

2. Capture kisses

Lisa Rappa says a “kiss pic” is a definite must-have. With little ones it’s usually as simple as saying “give your brother a kiss” or having the parent just ask for a kiss… Then again, sometimes you may get a more slobbery version (yet very humorous and still a keeper), and it may take a few tries. If the kids are old enough to understand to hold the kiss for a couple of seconds, that really helps to tell them to do so beforehand, otherwise you need to be sure to have your camera settings ready because toddlers tend to be very fast smoochers.

brother and sister giving each other a kiss by Lisa Rappa

3. Your four-legged friend

Hmm, your kids are at school when the light is just right — or maybe they just don’t want to cooperate! For Kristin Dokoza, she likes to set up a little styled shot of her four legged furbaby. Even if you don’t have a clean space like this, using a bed or even garage light would work, too. Have fun, be creative! These items were picked up at the dollar section from Target. Well, except Louis 😉

picture of a dog giving away kisses by Kristin Dokoza

4. Candy!!!!!

Because who doesn’t love candy, including Kate Luber? Both of these are a simple one light setup, but you could easily recreate it with a large window and empty wall in your own home.

girl in a red shirt holding a box of Russell Stover candy in the shape of a heart by Kate Luber

5. Crafting fun

Around Valentine’s Day at Andrea Moffatt‘s house, she says, “we all have heart stickers stuck to our socks and I’m forever shaking pink and red scraps from pillows and blankets. But best of all are the love notes left for me by my two little men in every conceivable place. They may not be able to write yet, but they sure know how to tug at my heartstrings! Any time I find one, I shoot it. Usually, I get high and shoot down to straighten up all my lines. I’m always sure to include some environment (whether it’s among all the chaos of the markers and scraps, in my messy makeup tray, or beside the dirty dishes). This, for sure, I will someday miss.”

heart stickers on the kitchen counter by Andrea Moffatt

6. The details

Tiffany Kelly says to not forget to capture the details, like a sweet treat, special meal, or little gift! Photos like these are special because your children can look back at them throughout the years and remember the special traditions and details of the holiday. Make sure you pay attention to the little things and document them!

Valentine breakfast picture by Tiffany Kelly

7. Valentine cards

Elizabeth Gelineau loves the idea of homemade cards and states, “I think that taking the time to grab a favorite Valentine’s Day candy and creating a photo that can be a custom Valentine card (either a printed card, or e-card) is a fun treat for loved ones. This shot came together rather quickly. I just bought two bags of conversation hearts and used a 12-inch ruler and large, heart-shaped cookie cutter to line up the little hearts. It helps if you start with the outline of the heart and then build the rows around it.”

photo of candy hearts in a pattern by Elizabeth Gelineau

8. You and your tiny sweetheart

For Allison Gipson, one where you are in the frame with your littlest sweetheart is a must. Break out your tripod and remote and get in the frame with your littles.

picture of a mom and her son by Allison Gipson

9. You and your partner

In addition to a selfie with your tiny sweetheart, Alice Che says not to forget a self portrait with your significant other that captures your love for each other! Use a tripod and compose your frame around your significant other, making sure to leave space for you to join him. Focus on him then use a self-timer or remote to trigger the frame. Setting an interval timer to take a frame every few seconds will allow you to capture more genuine emotion.

black and white photo of a man and woman by Alice Che

10. A festive silhouette

Silhouettes are so fun to create according to Amy Salessi (and us!)! She says, “I love the details you can capture. I took this one of my 3 year old daughter, Hannah, at sunset from the top of a lookout area near our house. Her little ponytail (that we nicknamed her Curtly Fry) is my favorite part! I shot this with the Canon 35L. In order to isolate her from anything distracting in the background, I laid on the ground and shot up.”

pink and purples silhouette of a girl holding a heart balloon by Amy Salessi

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!