If you are anything like us, you love a good accessory. Bring on all of the shoes and earrings and those leggings that magically make everything look better!

But our favorite accessories to talk about? CAMERA BAGS! Because when you are a Clickin Mom, your camera bag goes with you everywhere. 

If you have ever shopped for a camera bag, you know that there are A LOT of options. There are backpacks and messenger bags, leather and nylon, zippers and snaps, and the list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming trying to pick something that looks great and keeps your gear safe!

That’s why we asked some of our favorite photographers from the Clickin Moms team to share their favorite camera bags and why they love them so much. With this list, you will have all the information you need to pick something that is perfect for you.

CM blog manfrotto_mb_pl_mtp_120_multipro_120_pro_light_backpack

Wildlife photographer Jessica Nelson says, “I love this backpack because it is so very sturdy and the straps are nice and thick and cushioned. But the best part of it is that it allows me to carry my camera and long telephoto assembled. I can quickly pull it out from the top when I see something I want shoot. It is also big enough to travel with as it holds both my cameras, my telephoto and any other smaller lenses I want to take with me including a space for my laptop.”

CM Blog kamrette-Lyra_Tan01_1400x-backpack

“I am not a light packer and drag a ton of gear everywhere,” explains Clickin Moms Mentor Jamie Eilts. “I LOVE my Kamrette Lyra Leather Backpack. It can fit my full frame camera, four lenses, interval timer, drone, accessories, etc.  Made from beautiful tan leather, it is extremely durable.  It is comfortable for every occasion from hiking to travel!”

Heidi Haden Hipster

heidi haden hipster

Do you find your back hurting after hauling around your gear all day? Then the Heidi Haden Hipster might be exactly what you need! Worn around the hips, it relieves the pressure on your back and shoulders. Even better, it is super cute AND functional with pockets for everything you need on your next shoot!

CM Blog manfrotto manhattan mover 50 camera backpack

When Clickin Moms Mentor Kate Luber knows that she is going to be hauling a lot of gear for a long while, she reaches for her Manfrotto backpack. This one fits her 15.6” laptop as well as her camera and lenses and keeps it all evenly distributed so that she can stay comfortable all day long.

cm blog kelly moore libby camera bag

We love a camera bag that doesn’t scream, “I am carrying a bunch of photo gear in here!” and the Kelly Moore Libby bag is just that. It looks more like a purse than a traditional camera bag. The vegan leather makes it extra durable and the pockets make it ideal for a mom who might be using this as a multipurpose bag. Clickin Moms Mentor Mickie DeVries uses this as her go-to bag when she is navigating airports.

CM Blog mindshift gear backlight outdoor adventure camera backpack

Jennifer Carr needs a bag that can work when she is out shooting her gorgeous landscapes. “This bag is a beast in a compact package. It can hold tons of gear and carries all of my lenses plus my laptop, iPad, snacks, and essentials. It has two side pockets large enough to hold my water bottles, which is a must for me! Thanks to the substantial waist belt that helps off load the weight, I never feel like I’m carrying everything I own.”

The Kelly Moore Pilot backpack is just as stylish as it is functional. Clickin Moms Mentor Jen Bilodeau explains, “This is my go-to when I need to carry my camera and my laptop.  It’s great for a weekend trip or an on-location mentoring session!”

We love the combination of leather and canvas that makes this bag stand out in the best way.

CM Blog lowepro flipside 500 AWII Camera bag

Clickin Moms Mentor D’Ann Boal used to carry a fancy purse camera bag, but found her shoulder hurting from the weight of her gear. That’s when she bought this backpack. “I love love LOVE the Lowepro Flipside. It’s comfortable enough to make all your dreams come true. It fits your DSLR plus your 70-200mm and more. It has pockets for everrrrrrything. And did I mention it’s comfortable?!”

CM blog ona bowery camera bag

If you are looking for a bag that has a classic look and only gets better the more you use it, Karlee Hooper has the bag for you! “I’ve had it for years and it just gets prettier with wear. It fits my D750 and 24-70 perfectly!” We love the gender neutral styling and the natural scuffs on the high quality leather with which ONA makes their bags.

CM blog kelly moore tourist backpack camera bag

Clickin Moms Blog Editor Kellie Bieser and Clickin Moms Mentor Dana Leigh agree: the Kelly Moore Tourist Backpack is a dream camera bag. Kellie says, “Beyond the aesthetics (that leather is crazy gorgeous and only gets more beautiful as it is carried around and gets all the little marks and scratches that give good leather character), this bag functions like a champ. I travel a lot and to have a single bag that is personal item-sized that can hold two camera bodies, three lenses, a speed light, 15-inch laptop, batteries, chargers, my phone, wallet, keys, and passport? It’s magic!”

There is a camera bag for every kind of photographer and every personality. Part of the fun is finding the one that suits you best!

Do you have a favorite camera bag that isn’t listed here? Tell us all about it in the comments below!