Turn our influencers into advocates for your brand!

From gorgeous stylized photos for Instagram or Pinterest to product reviews, our team of specialists is here to help create engagement opportunities to get your brand noticed.

Content Created for You: Advertorials

Our specialists create content about the reason photographers need your product—using compelling real-life experiences from our top influencers. We conceive and create a custom-written and designed piece with gorgeous photography designed to compliment the clean and fresh design our community of photographers loves.

Images By Lens Gallery

Images by Lens Gallery Launched in 2016. These are new In-depth/Products-in-use galleries for our members. This is the place brands can be showcased in a gorgeous gallery of photography from our community using the gear. Buyers want to see the results they can achieve as well as get real guidance on what products feel like, shoot like and how much they are loved.

Product Reviews

We put products in the hands of Click Pros ready to test, evaluate and share their experience! They’ll get creative with their reviews and showcase images, in-depth reviews and possibly video.



Our unique connection programs connect you with photographers eager to post about their experiences with your product on social media platforms.

Crush of the Week

This personal recommendation program will spread some product love! The result is a blog post on the 3 reasons she loves it + some gorgeous photos she took of it. It will all be done in a very natural-personal style that speaks to this audience.


Custom Campaigns

Our custom programs work harder than most! We’re committed to being the communications partner that offers you the expertise, brand recognition, and a highly-targeted database. From Product Engagement quizzes to Influencer Created Tutorials to private product launches to Pinterest Contests our team can custom design a campaign that works.

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