Who makes up your audience?

The Clickin Moms/Click photographer is…

  • Female professional photographers, age 25-49
  • Educated: 85% graduated from college; 30% pursued postgraduate or higher
  • Affluent/Disposable Income: 37% HHI $100K+, 58% HHI $70K+, 70% HHI $50K+
  • 90% married and 85% have children

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What are the specs and deadlines?

All specs & deadlines can be viewed here >

How often do you mail?

Bi-monthly (that’s 6 times per year).

What’s your circulation?

30,000 printed copies of CLICK are mailed each issue and we are also in all U.S. Barnes and Noble stores. (PLUS we have a 70% paid subscriber base!)

Is Click available online?

Yes! In addition to the printed magazine, CLICK also has a digital edition as well as a separate app that can be purchased at iTunes. Why 3 versions? Before the launch of CLICK, we asked our audience what they wanted and time and again we heard the same thing — a gorgeous, printed magazine they can hold in our hands that honors this market and feels like they’re getting a gift when they receive each issue. And, of course, to cater to the on-the-go lifestyle; both the digital edition and app contain the same content and ads as the printed magazine.

What opportunities do you have for small businesses?

The “Fresh Finds” section in CLICK magazine features the products photographers should know about and love– and it’s affordable! Our readers come here for the latest must-have items from gear to marketing tools and more.

We also have some innovative ways for you to connect with our audience including:

– Click Facebook Comment & Win Giveaway
– Click Pro Product Review
– Online Events including the Mother’s Day Spectacular and Pre-Black Friday Promotion
– Clickin Moms Forum Pass

Why should I align my brand in a magazine?

Magazine advertising sets your company a step above, makes your brand easily recognizable and truly positions you as a leader in your product category. Being alongside editorial and educational content that readers look to, you are able to establish yourself as THE BRAND they look to when they think of certain products.Look for magazines that…

  • Deliver readers genuinely engaged with the magazine — the stronger the reader’s affiliation with the magazine as a brand, the higher the level of endorsement the ads receive from the magazine’s style and personality
  • Deliver a growing audience of fresh readers coming into the industry
  • Create an intimacy between reader and magazine — that powerful and trusting relationship truly benefits advertisers alongside the editorial they value
  • Offers strong positive brand values that can transfer onto the advertisements
How is this market changing the industry?

Photography has undergone an exciting revolution in recent years, and women have been the catalyst. Female photographers have been purchasing DSLRs and the accompanying tools, technology, and accessories in droves. And women continue to make the vast majority of buying decisions, particularly in the portrait and wedding industries.Vendors are watching closely as the female tastes, sensibilities, likes and dislikes are redefining and redesigning an industry — and everything from equipment to display products. As buyers, they are shaping the photography industry, looking for (and talking about!) the products and services that advance their artistic and business development.In the world of photography, CLICK is quickly becoming the voice for this quickly growing demographic and our readers are what is now one of the most sought-after target markets.CLICK magazine offers an affiliation with a strong brand with loyal readers. Readers love and trust CLICK…

  • 95% said CLICK is most in touch with the interests, needs and concerns of female photographers
  • 87% read CLICK before picking up other magazines like Professional Photographer (52%), Popular Photographer (28%) and Rangefinder (27%)
  • 84% would read only CLICK if they had to choose
  • And because readers trust CLICK, they trust our advertisers. Almost 20% say an ad in CLICK gives them a more favorable opinion about the advertiser, its brand and/or its product or service. And 74.6% say ads help them learn about products and companies.

A driver to online behavior. Ads in CLICK serve as leading influencers — driving readers to advertiser websites. 84% of CLICK readers have visited a CLICK advertiser’s website or Facebook.

A fresh place for your message. We challenge you to find a fresher place for education and inspiration targeted at female photographers. Your message should be front and center before an audience that is quickly growing, genuinely engaged with a brand. 2014 brings exciting audience development plans to propel our already quickly growing audience and readership of paid subscribers!

A place to capture attention. CLICK readers are the most engaged. Deeply engaged and focused magazine readers lead to less-multitasking and attention to editorial and advertising. The average magazine readers spends 43 minutes reading a single issue (source magazine.org)
The CLICK reader spends
1-2 hours – 37%
2-3 hours – 25%
More than 3 hours – 15%

What type of education does Clickin Moms provide?

Our business is creating photographers. Education is at the core of all we do. CLICK features how-to content, critiques and tutorials to help our readers develop their craft and manage their businesses. Our CMuniversity offers interactive online photography workshops, classes, seminars, breakout sessions, and mentoring. All of our educational offerings are designed to allow both beginner and advanced photographers to participate online according to their own schedules during specified periods. See our Education section.

What is a swatch?

The Swatch is a unique, high-touch way for you to reach our readers. And what impression it makes — almost like a gift arriving with each issue. This special insert allows you to put your new presentation or marketing product directly in photographers’ hands so they can feel, hold and fall in love with it. If you want to get creative and make a lasting impression, let’s talk about the Swatch!

How quickly has your audience grown?

In just 8 years, Clickin Moms has become the largest and fastest growing online community for female photographers — currently at 17,000 forum members. CLICK magazine’s circulation has skyrocketed to 30,000 – making us the fastest-growing photography magazine. And our other channels took off, too. We have over 110,000 email subscribers; 300,000+ Facebook fans; 44,000+ Pinterest followers; 93,000+ Instagram followers and 16,00 Twitter followers. With that kind of growth curve, it’s no surprise we were named to the INC. Magazine 500/5000 for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!

Is your audience purchasing products like mine?

Let us tell you! In our efforts to create a magazine we want these photographers to love, we’ve done research on their purchasing activities.
Email hello@clickandcompany.com for specific product category plans!

How engaged is your audience?

In a word, extremely.

  • 71.5% either always or frequently look at ads (37.2% always look at ads; 34.3% frequently do)
  • 60.3% have done additional research on a product or service after seeing an ad
  • 90% are the primary Decision Makers for purchasing
  • Looks for information: 77% Content, mentors, education at Clickin Moms: 47% Ads in CLICK
  • Connect with Clickin Moms Community: 25% Daily, 43% Weekly, 20% Monthly
How can I target my message and design to appeal to Click’s audience?

All of CLICK’s design elements, ranging from the style, colors, aesthetics, airy space, lines, and messaging — are targeted specifically for this market and were carefully chosen to appeal to this visual audience. Readers have taken note of CLICK’s light and lovely design created by Lisa Thé, a seasoned magazine pro whose experience includes art direction for MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS, BLUEPRINT and OUTSIDE magazine.We are committed to helping our advertising partners also benefit with targeted style and substance that is making an impression on this growing audience. With help from our own talented designers, CLICK advertisers have the benefit of enhancing their communication with use of targeted creative direction.

Who can I ask more specific questions to?
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