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We create photographers. The more photographers we reach and educate, the more customers you have. This is the place they turn to for education and for the products they need.

Clickin Moms Forum
17,000 members look to these in-depth forums full of 400K educational threads, 5.1 million posts, a library of photography tutorials, monthly member downloads, vendor sub-forum/vendor pass, and 24/7 Photography Q&A.
CLICK Magazine
30,000 photographers every other month look to this award-winning printed magazine as a source for photographic education, extensive product displays and content focused on skill and inspiration
Click Photo School
3,000+ students each month take our in-depth online educational courses akin to a four-week mentorship with the instructor
Clickin Moms Blog
200,000 visitors each month find un-matched beginner photo tips, advice, tutorials, techniques and inspiration created specifically for them.

Click Magazine

30,000 photographers look to this gorgeous printed magazine as a source for photographic education, extensive product displays and content focused on skill and inspiration. From Display ads to Advertorials, Giveaways and Product samples, place your message directly in front of this growing audience.

Email Marketing

From exclusive email blasts to messaging in our highly-targeted email newsletters, your branding and special deal can be delivered directly to the inboxes of our engaged audience.

Product Blog

This product-focused blog celebrates everything photographers need! We weave brands into content and feature Product Reviews from our Click Pros, Contests and Products we love each week.



New in-depth showcase gallery will showcase your product line. Buyers want to see the results they can achieve as well as get real guidance on what products feel like, shoot like and how much they are loved.


Full access to present your brand to a committed and engaged customer entrenched in our community. Placement includes exposure opportunities from all our sites with more than 2 million pageviews per month and 1.7 million uniques per year.

Targeted Post Sponsorship

Top visibility with prominent placement of your educational message in our forum. Perfectly target the photographer looking to learn what your product can help with.

Your Product as a Member Benefit

Provide a special discount for our 17K members that we will promote as a fresh benefit for the month – or the entire year.

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