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Our Reach

Click Magazine

30,000 photographers every other month look to this award-winning printed magazine as a source for photographic education, extensive product displays and content focused on skill and inspiration.

Clickin Moms Forum

17,000 members look to these in-depth forums full of 400K educational threads, 5.1 million posts, a library of photography tutorials, monthly member downloads, vendor sub-forum/vendor pass, and 24/7 Photography Q&A.

Click Photo School

3,000+ students each month take our in-depth online educational courses akin to a four-week mentorship with the instructor.

CLICK Magazine Online

Photographers’ favorite photo magazine — online! Click’s editorial team and expert contributors bring you real-world education, thoughtful inspiration, the latest product news and reviews, photography culture and lifestyle content, and of course some reader favorites from the print magazine.

Clickin Moms Blog

200,000 visitors each month find unmatched beginner photo tips, advice, tutorials, techniques and inspiration created specifically for them.

Click Pro

This organization of talented professional photographers and highly skilled artists is made up of 700 women whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, and artistic and technical excellence in all areas from child and family photographers to wedding, senior and fine art photographers.


These limited opportunities include high-impact targeted email newsletter sponsorships, Exclusive Email Blasts and special deals delivered to our engaged audience.


The photography education event of the year is happening again in February 2018 in Amelia Island, Florida where over 1,000 amazingly engaged and enthusiastic photographers gather for 3 inspiration and learning-packed days. Plus, individual Clickin Walks will bring together over 1,500 photographers in individual cities.

Social Media

Unmatched Social Media Reach! Opportunities include Facebook Comment and Win posts, Influencer-Connection Click Pro Product Reviews, and custom social media campaigns.

Online Experiences

These highest online traffic generators include Photographers to Watch and our Photographs of the Year, VOICE Competition. Both are inspirational celebrations of talent, creativity and powerful artistic voices. Online Event weeks are scheduled thought the year to celebrate specific products and themes such as Lenses, Actions, Bags, Black Friday Deals and Mother’s Day Giveaways.

Let the Kids

This lifestyle blog showcases love with real moments and beautiful photography. Featuring emerging photographers and longtime favorites, we encourage artists that have a beautiful session, project, recipe, or story to share to submit for feature.

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