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  1. Alien bees and 6d - how to use together?
  2. Help/suggestions needed for lighting a large group.
  3. Team Photos
  4. First Studio Shot- Requesting lighting cc
  5. Alien Bee 400 modeling light
  6. My Cart for new Studio Lighting...
  7. Help! What is wrong with my Studio lighting?
  8. How can I improve my current studio lighting?
  9. AlienBee 800 vs 1600
  10. Alien Bees & a changing shutter speed?
  11. AlienBee w/Westcott Apollo 50x50
  12. Plugging in a flash sync on Canon 6D
  13. Help with my AB400!
  14. Tripod for AB800
  15. Pocket Wizards or Paul C Buff?
  16. Do I buy 2 transceivers?
  17. cowboy studio strobe - anyone?
  18. Plm or soft box?
  19. Continuous or strobe??
  20. Studio Lighting Recommendations?
  21. alien bee model lamp only for portraits??
  22. CC
  23. Sync speed
  24. Alien Bees AB800 light
  25. White Balance with Studio Lights
  26. Light stand for the Wescott 50x50 softbox?
  27. Help PLEASE! New studio lighting and picture is half dark!! Why?
  28. Maternity Studio Lighting Question
  29. PLM💕
  30. Will white faux leather show glare with studio lights?
  31. Softbox for Alien Bees
  32. Studio light with one light
  33. why cant I tilt my light down?
  34. Strobes
  35. Do I need an adapter?
  36. Question about Alien Bee
  37. DIY Ice Light
  38. Seamless Paper Support System
  39. White walls for studios?
  40. 2 light set up (one is a speed light) for family of 3-4
  41. Need help! Flash meter
  42. Rapunzel
  43. How to lighten/darken seamless paper?
  44. Lighting present? What to get??
  45. Studio lighting tutorial?
  46. can't get 2 lights working together- client here right away
  47. These have me dreaming of a studio setup
  48. Switching to Studio light does this list look right?
  49. Yard Sale Find! Help please!
  50. Diffusing fabric..
  51. Triggers/Receivers
  52. Very basic beginners lighting set up??
  53. is this what i want?
  54. What kind of light for soft box?
  55. Shooting from above light position for newborns?
  56. Professional Headshot - lighting advice
  57. Newborn eyes
  58. Battery pack?!? Which one?
  59. Please talk me out of buying this cheap studio lighting kit!!!
  60. Mini modifier & Pinlights Question
  61. Does this look right? (kicker question)
  62. Please advise me on wireless triggers
  63. Impact brand 54 x 72 softbox?
  64. What do you store your Wescott 50" in?
  65. For those who doing studio session.. Zooms or primes?
  66. Anyone with westcott apollo 50 please come in.. urgent question please?
  67. Questions regarding use of snoot
  68. Continuous lighting + balancing fluorescent
  69. Studio lighting for newborn photography
  70. yongnuo triggers with Alien bee light?
  71. Is this a good light meter?
  72. LIghts on rails system?
  73. Best lightstand for Ab400 and 86" plm?
  74. Softbox recommendation
  75. Second Attempt with AB600
  76. Help needed with buying Mono Light Kit
  77. Just purchased an AB800
  78. Husband wife debate.
  79. Little ambient light in studio
  80. Why is my 2nd shot brighter than the 1st? same settings
  81. Can someone tell me if I have this right?
  82. Inconsistent lighting or am I doing something wrong?
  83. Studio Lighting Workshop
  84. REALLY happy with my PLM!
  85. Can I do this for under $200?
  86. Newbie question
  87. What am I doing wrong?
  88. How do I position light to get this look?
  89. Does anybody have the Westcott Ice Light?
  90. Studio Lighting course this winter?
  91. Reaching out for studio help
  92. Zack arias One Light DVD.
  93. Einstein flash unit minus reflector?
  94. How do you trigger speedlight as 2nd light when using studio lights?
  95. Best light stand - 50x50 Westcott Apollo softbox
  96. Mixing Studio Light and Natural Light
  97. Studio Shots after taking SL 101 (cute twins alert!)
  98. Not sure how to position stripboxes or evenly light background. it just isn't workin
  99. 6D and studio lighting
  100. Question about this lighting
  101. I have a really stupid newbie question
  102. Trouble with Strobes Not Synching
  103. Does anyone use Photogenics?
  104. Is this an alternative to an AB400?
  105. Anyone use the Cyber Commander from Paul C Buff?
  106. Is one Alien Bee 400 enough for newborn studio?
  107. Color gels
  108. Continuous vs. Strobes?
  109. Studio Light After Renovation - Feedback Please
  110. PW3 Automatically Trigger AB 400, Then Stops Working
  111. Daughter and I
  112. Ab400 Modeling Lamp Not Working
  113. Why are my images to red in studio?
  114. Testing 1 Light Headshot set up
  115. DIY Ring Light
  116. Texas-Style Catch Lights
  117. Westcott 50x50
  118. newborn twins
  119. newborn and studio lighting
  120. Uh-Oh.... How do I setup my D700 to work as commander with AB?
  121. AlienBee as a carry-on?
  122. Sekonic L-358 and Alien Bees B400
  123. Studio images after taking Studio LIghting 101
  124. Studio Lighting for Beginners
  125. Custom white balance with strobes?
  126. Blending Studio light with ambient light...
  127. Help with cheap lighting!
  128. Octobox Size for Newborn Shoot
  129. Softbox or Octabox? Please help!
  130. Win a home studio lighting kit and learn about lighting ratios
  131. Kicker light with toddler???
  132. Did you always use a light meter with a studio setup?
  133. Octabox Question
  134. Strobe is not firing each time I press shutter.
  135. Sync cord from AB to D700??
  136. Strobe setup
  137. First Newborn Session AND Shout Out To Studio Lighting 101 (large share)
  138. First shoot with large softbox
  139. What type of light is this? And would it be useful to me? (pic)
  140. Catchlights with this 2 light setup
  141. HELP with size of studio softbox
  142. where to purchase?
  143. Need Strobe Shopping/Set Up Help!
  144. Apollo 50" softbox
  145. Need super QUICK help!
  146. Set up for a Baby Show
  147. Help..... is it me or my camera? Metering Issues
  148. AB800's master won't fire slave
  149. Most basic light setup
  150. What do I do with this piece of equipment?
  151. Paul C. Bluff - 47" Octobox vs. Giant Softbox
  152. pocket wizards, radio poppers, and cyber syncs oh my!!
  153. Studio lighting recommendations
  154. What I did right & what I did wrong?
  155. Studio Lighting Practice
  156. Hi-Key Set Up with 3 Strobes
  157. Troubleshooting my sync adapter for my camera (Canon Rebel T1i)
  158. 5 month old
  159. A question for Westcott
  160. Seamless paper sizes
  161. 10 pound newborn
  162. Is it possible to accurately shoot w/o a meter?
  163. First try at High Key Lighting
  164. Studio strobe monolight with an umbrella question
  165. lighting a chalkboard backdrop...
  166. Bowen Lumiair Octobank and AB 400
  167. Second try at high-key with a gorgeous mama! I hope I did her justice.
  168. Studio Lighting 101 dropout.....
  169. newborn beginner lighting setup?
  170. Alien Bees beginner kit
  171. Christmas card
  172. reflector/scrim help
  173. Would this kit be a waste of money?
  174. HELP!!! lighting a large group of 6 in studio
  175. B400 + large softbox not compatible?
  176. AB800 question
  177. Help! Trigger cord not working!
  178. Help what am I doing wrong??
  179. Old studio lights with a new dslr?
  180. What did I do wrong?? Or right for that matter??
  181. Need lightstand that will let my softbox go down lower
  182. Issue with Black line on photos when using transmitter...??
  183. Alien Bee Problems...or maybe its my radio Poppers???
  184. Light meter recommendation please
  185. Advice
  186. No sun? No problem!
  187. More light spread with umbrellas bounced or shoot through?
  188. Question about light stand and boom
  189. Flashpoint ll question
  190. Best softbox for lighting newborns and babies/toddlers?
  191. First ever studio lighting shot
  192. I want to shoot wide open and I only have a B800.
  193. Vu Point Studio Pkg with 3000watt kit
  194. Help! How do I fix my studio lighting set up?
  195. New mark ii hates my strobes :(
  196. Playing with studio lights for the first time
  197. Recent SL practice- advice?
  198. My in-home studio
  199. Studio Lighting 101 Workshop Question
  200. Anyone using Pocket Wizards with their Alien Bees?
  201. Beginner Studio Lighting - All out or start small and save?
  202. What would you purchase for newborns (regularly) and studio portraits annually?
  203. strobe setup around the subject...please help
  204. Softbox to fit my strobe?
  205. Newborn studio lighting
  206. Nikon D5000/ Alien Bees 800 issues
  207. Sooc newborn anyone?
  208. What to look for and ask when purchasing used equipment
  209. Studio Props for Family shots
  210. Corporate Headshots?
  211. Help with newborn set up please :)
  212. Studio set up with white seamless
  213. I feel like this is such a stupid question ....
  214. Duh .... How do you focus in the studio....
  215. AB 400 and SB 600
  216. Continious Lighting?
  217. Help feathering with a newborn
  218. Help!!! Online studio workshop
  219. high key lighting practice
  220. Would studio light help add to natural light set up..
  221. taking a light meter reading
  222. Lighting on a white background with minimal shadows...
  223. Help needed! Studiomax III 320b
  224. Lighting for new studio advice...
  225. What do you use to carry your lights in?
  226. studio lights mixed with fluorescent light ?
  227. I want studio lights, but...
  228. Have any of you ever been to Paul C Buff's headquarters?
  229. Studio Lighting vs. Natural Lighting in Studio's
  230. can I use a speedring from another softbox I have?
  231. Can anyone verify that this grid set works with the Alien Bee reflector?
  232. What am I doing wrong?
  233. My Outdoor AB400 Experiment
  234. DIY fabric softbox grid (with no sewing required)
  235. How useful is a 50-degree grid on a 60" octagonal soft box?
  236. Grid/Snoot vs Vignette
  237. Please HELP a studio lighting newbie! Would this basic set up work!?
  238. Jes G.....come in lighting queen...
  239. Softbox vs Strobes and Newborns
  240. Triggering AB800 wirelessly - need help!
  241. What size (length) backdrop?
  242. Studio lighting for 3 babies
  243. STUDIO LIGHTS:Anyone have experience with using Ceiling Light Movers for your Lights?
  244. Elinchrom quadra lighting system
  245. chroma green backdrops
  246. Westcott 50" Apollo softbox
  247. Using studio light outdoors...a few shots, plus advice needed!
  248. getting started with studio lighting
  249. General reflectivity and studio lighting
  250. Fantastic free class