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Quick Start Guide

Getting Started in Under Three Minutes

Welcome to Clickin Moms! We’ve put this guide together to share with you some helpful information to get started on the Clickin Moms forums and to make the most of your experience while you’re here, whether you are joining us as a member or as a Click Photo School student.

There are just five steps to getting started on CM. We’ll walk through them in detail in the next few sections, but in case you just want to jump right in, here they are:

1) Set up your profile – simply navigate to your username in the upper right of your screen and click on your username. Clicking on “Profile” will bring you to your profile page (where you can upload your avatar and also share a little about yourself) and clicking on “Social Info” just below that will allow you to add your social media information and website address, should you have one.

2) Upload an avatar – when on your profile page (as mentioned above), simply navigate to the avatar field in the upper left and click to upload a photo – we recommend uploading a square image at 150 x 150 pixels.

3) Introduce yourself

4) Share an image

5) Ask your first question!

Need a little more help? Our staff is always happy to provide individual assistance, so feel free to send us an email at anytime!

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How and Where to Log In

Your first step after you’ve registered, of course, is to log in! Head on over to the Forums, and log in with the username and password you chose when you signed up.

TIP: When visiting the forums from your home computer or personal device, be sure to check the “Remember Me” box so that you remain logged in and don’t have to resubmit your username and password every time you visit Clickin Moms.

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Setting up your Profile and Avatar

You’ll notice quickly that our forum is filled with real names and faces, and members are enthusiastic about helping and connecting with one another. So let’s get you set up:


1) Click on your username in the upper right of the screen:

2) From the dropdown menu, select “Profile”:

3) Next click on Edit Profile to input input your name, birthdate, location, bio, and gear. Click on “Social Info” to input your social media information and website:


4) Make sure you click SAVE to update your information at the bottom of each of the above mentioned pages.


Your avatar is the headshot that will appear with all of your posts as well as alongside your individual user profile page. Here’s how to set yours:

1) Simply click on the graphic next to your username within your profile field (by default, this will be the first letter of your username):

2) We recommend upload a square photo of you sized 100 pixels by 100 pixels – OR – you can link to a preexisting photo on the web.

3) Press SAVE to update your avatar.


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Introducing Yourself

Come say hello!

Say hello in the “Introduce Yourself” section of the “New Member Corner“.

1. Navigate to the “Introduce Yourself” forum and click on “Start New Topic”.

2. Add a title to your post and tell us a little bit about yourself in the contents section. Talk about your photography, job, kids, animals, life- anything you want to share! Perhaps share some images too. Then click “Submit Topic”.


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Share a Favorite Photo

What have you been photographing lately? Share a few favorite photos with us!

1. Navigate to the “Picture Share” forum and click on “Post New Thread”.


2. Add a title to your post and tell us a little bit about the photos, if you’d like!

3. To upload your photos, simply drag and drop them into the post, or click “choose files” (photos should be 900-1960 pixels on the long side). You can add one photo or add multiple photos at once!

4. Click “Submit Topic”.

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