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Quick Start Guide

Getting Started in Under Three Minutes

Welcome to Clickin Moms! We’ve put this guide together to share with you some helpful information to get started on the Clickin Moms forums and to make the most of your experience while you’re here, whether you are joining us as a member or as a Click Photo School student.

There are just five steps to getting started on CM. We’ll walk through them in detail in the next few sections, but in case you just want to jump right in, here they are:

1) Set up your profile – simply navigate to your username in the upper right of your screen and click on your username. Clicking on “Profile” will bring you to your profile page (where you can upload your avatar and also share a little about yourself) and clicking on “Social Info” just below that will allow you to add your social media information and website address, should you have one.

2) Upload an avatar – when on your profile page (as mentioned above), simply navigate to the avatar field in the upper left and click to upload a photo – we recommend uploading a square image at 150 x 150 pixels.

3) Introduce yourself

4) Share an image

5) Ask your first question!

Need a little more help? Our staff is always happy to provide individual assistance, so feel free to send us an email at anytime!

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How and Where to Log In

Your first step after you’ve registered, of course, is to log in! Head on over to the Forums, and log in with the username and password you chose when you signed up.

TIP: When visiting the forums from your home computer or personal device, be sure to check the “Remember Me” box so that you remain logged in and don’t have to resubmit your username and password every time you visit Clickin Moms.

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Setting up your Profile and Avatar

You’ll notice quickly that our forum is filled with real names and faces, and members are enthusiastic about helping and connecting with one another. So let’s get you set up:


1) Click on your username in the upper right of the screen:

2) From the dropdown menu, select “Profile”:

3) Next click on Edit Profile to input input your name, birthdate, location, bio, and gear. Click on “Social Info” to input your social media information and website:


4) Make sure you click SAVE to update your information at the bottom of each of the above mentioned pages.


Your avatar is the headshot that will appear with all of your posts as well as alongside your individual user profile page. Here’s how to set yours:

1) Simply click on the graphic next to your username within your profile field (by default, this will be the first letter of your username):

2) We recommend upload a square photo of you sized 100 pixels by 100 pixels – OR – you can link to a preexisting photo on the web.

3) Press SAVE to update your avatar.


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Introducing Yourself

Come say hello!

Say hello in the “Introduce Yourself” section of the “New Member Corner“.

1. Navigate to the “Introduce Yourself” forum and click on “Start New Topic”.

2. Add a title to your post and tell us a little bit about yourself in the contents section. Talk about your photography, job, kids, animals, life- anything you want to share! Perhaps share some images too. Then click “Submit Topic”.


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Share a Favorite Photo

What have you been photographing lately? Share a few favorite photos with us!

1. Navigate to the “Picture Share” forum and click on “Post New Thread”.


2. Add a title to your post and tell us a little bit about the photos, if you’d like!

3. To upload your photos, simply drag and drop them into the post, or click “choose files” (photos should be 900-1960 pixels on the long side). You can add one photo or add multiple photos at once!

4. Click “Submit Topic”.

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Ask Your First Question

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed in Photoshop? Need some help picking out the best camera for beginners? Can’t figure out why your pictures are turning out so dark? Whatever it is, we’re here to help!

1. Navigate to the forum you want to post in. If you aren’t sure where to start, the Beginner Q&A forum in the New Member Corner is a wonderful place to begin.

2. Once in the Beginner Q&A forum (or forum of your choice), click “Start New Topic”.

3. Add a Title, your content, and if you’d like, some images, to your post.

4. Lastly, click “Submit Topic”.

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Navigating the Forums

You’ll find everything you need to navigate through the forums in the main navigation bar:


Single clicking on “Clickin Moms Forum” reveals a dropdown with click links to several of the main areas of Clickin Moms.

Double clicking on “Clickin Moms Forum” will bring you to the main forum menu and will display all subforums; click any one of them to reveal an additional group of subforums. Here’s an overview:

Clickin Moms Lobby: Announcements, Help Desk, Suggestion Box, and more!

New Member Corner: This is a great place to start if you are a new photographer or just new to forum life!

Learning Library (Tutorials & Articles) Photography Tutorials, Articles, and other resources created by Staff, Mentors, and Click Pros.

Photography Chat: One of the most popular areas of the board, Photography Chat includes subforums for general photography discussion and personal artistic development, as well as a busy forum for Photography by Type.

Members Connect: Coordinate meetups, share your journey, and get favorite photographers a little better, or just shoot the breeze! This is the place for personal connections and more.

Show Us What You’ve Got (Photo Share & Critique) Share your photos here for critique, to request advice, to inspire others, or just for the fun of it!

Products and Services: This forum features exclusive vendor offers, group buys, product reviews, and a buy/sell area.

Business Matters: Come network and discuss everything from portfolio-building to pricing to sticky client situations.

Contests and Events: Here we host subforums for in-person photography events (Clickin Walk and Click Away Conference) and online activities, such as our monthly photo contests and community games!

Click Photo School Classrooms: Students who have signed up for a Workshop or Breakout session will see their class forum appear here following registration.

The forum’s home is our “What’s Happening” page, which features continuously updated highlights from the forum, including new member introductions, the freshest tutorials, announcements, and Hot Threads. It’s also a great place to keep up with ongoing member activities, such as our monthly contests, creativity exercises, artist studies, and the Weekly Glimpse list (our community Instagram project).


Students who have signed up for a Workshop or Breakout session will see their class forum appear here following registration.


Double clicking on “Today on the Forum” will take you to a snapshot page of the latest posts and highlights across the forum – this includes new tutorials and image shares, “hot threads”, newest posts, as well as our latest contents and events, and other things we thing you should know about!

Single clicking on “Today on the Forum” will reveal content streams allowing you to filter content by:

  1. Content you are following – this included topics that you are following and topics you have commented in.
  2. Content you have started – this will show you a list of the topics you have stared.
  3. New Posts – a great way to see current community conversations, New Post lists all topics that have had new activity since you last logged in.



This is where you’ll find your member gifts each month: a trio of downloads including a white paper, digital product, and vendor exclusive – pick and choose which ones you want, or download all three gifts! These gifts are only available for the current month, so be sure to download yours before it’s gone!


Log into “My Account” to see a record your membership subscription as well as any Click Photo School Workshops or Breakouts you have signed up for. You can upgrade you Clickin Moms membership within this area and you may also easily cancel your membership within this area.


Have a question, concern, or need some individual assistance with your account? The Help Desk is a private forum visible only by our staff, and we’re here to help!


Hop on over to the Clickin Moms blog and catch up on more great content over there!

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Accessing Workshops and Breakout Sessions

If you have registered for a Click Photo School workshop or breakout session*, you can find your course materials and private virtual classroom within the Click Photo School subforum. Here’s how to access your virtual classroom:

1) Log in to Clickin Moms (if you’re reading this, you’re already logged in!), and click “Click Photo School Forum” in the top menu bar:

2) This will bring up the Click Photo School forum. If you have purchased a seat in a workshop or breakout session, you will see it listed here.

3) Click on your class forum.

a) If the forum is empty, that is because class has not yet begun (so check back in a couple days before class begins in case there are any welcome/intro materials — and again, of course, on your class start date!).

b) If the class has begun, you’ll see instructor/presenter threads stickied to the top. These threads will hold your class materials and/or Q&A threads.

c) If you are a workshop study along student, you’ll be able to read and download (but not post in) the main workshop forums. However, if you scroll down a little further, you will see special Study Along forums where you can discuss the workshop and form study groups with fellow students.

Enjoy your classes!!
* Click Photo School workshops and breakout sessions are products separate from the standard Clickin Moms membership. Click Photo School registration is open to both members and non-members. Learn more about our online photography classes at Click Photo School.

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Forum Basics

Replying to Posts


It’s quick and easy to join in discussions on Clickin Moms! Simply scroll to the bottom of a thread to which you want to reply, type your reply in the Reply box, and press Submit Reply.

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Quoting Posts

Because there are often numerous members involved in a thread, it is helpful when responding to a particular person to quote her directly in your reply. Quoting a post is easy: simply click the “Quote” button just beneath the post, and the quoted content will be placed in the Reply box for you.

Quoting Multiple Posts: The Multiquote
Sometimes you want to reply to a number of posts all at once, such as when you are thanking several people or when you want to individually reply to numerous people within a single post. In these situations, you’ll find the Multiquote tool very helpful. To use the tool, select the Multiquote icon for each post you wish to quote in your reply:

When you’ve selected all of the posts you want to quote, scroll down to the bottom right side of your page and click the pink “Quote posts” button. This will place all of your quoted content into the Quick Reply box for you.

TIP: Either type of quote will produce a notification to the quoted member letting her know she’s been quoted.

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Tagging Members

Want to tag a member in a certain thread? You can tag a member by adding an @ symbol in front of their username.


Depending on the account settings of the person you tagged, she may receive notifications in one or two places:

1. Via email
2. Via the notifications panel which is found in the upper right corner of your screen

TIP: The member’s username is the name above their avatar. As you start to type it, you should see it begin to auto-populate.

TIP: If you respond to a post written by someone other than the original poster of the thread, it’s always a good idea to tag that person, so they are sure to not miss your post!

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Uploading Photos

Show us your work! It’s so easy to add photos to a post.

Photos need to be resized to 900-1960 pixels on the long side. Image file size is limited to 400KB.

Simply drag and drop your photos right into your post, or click the “choose files” option:


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Starting a Thread

Starting a new thread is a great way to get to know other members, share stories and receive valuable feedback.

1. Navigate to the forum you want to post in.

2. Then Click on “Start New Topic”.


3. Add a Title, your contents, and if you’d like, some images, to your post.

4. Lastly, click “Submit Topic”.

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Looking for something in particular? Try out the search option!

You can start by using the quick search option in the main menu bar on the forum.


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Thanks/Like Button

Like a post or want to show your appreciation? Hovering over the heart button in the lower right of each post will allow you to select one of five reactions to leave on the post.


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Engaging in the Community

Bumping a Thread

The forum tends to move fast and some threads can be missed. If you notice that your thread isn’t getting very many responses; you can bump the thread.

Scroll to the bottom of the thread to which you want to bump, type bump in the Reply box, and click “Submit Reply”.

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Requesting Critique

There are two places you can post for critique:

1. In the “Photo Feedback” section of the “New Members Corner” forum.
This critique forum is for beginner feedback on the basics and not quite as intensive as a Serious Critique.

2. In the “Serious Critique” section of the “Show Us What You’ve Got” forum.
This is for intense, straight forward, critique. There are rules that we ask you to follow in order to give and receive critiques. That can be found, here.

TIP: Post your setting for better critique. (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO)

TIP: Keep the amount of images to a minimum. This will ensure in thorough feedback.

TIP: Be intentional in what you ask for critique on.

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Tutorial Requests

Can’t find a tutorial on the topic you are looking for? Request one!

1. Navigate to the Forum “Learning Library: Tutorials and Articles“.

2. Click on the sub-forum that applies to your topic. You will then see a sticky thread where you can post a request for a new tutorial.

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Introducing Yourself

Come say hello!

Say hello in the “Introduce Yourself” section of the “New Member Corner“.

1. Navigate to the “Introduce Yourself” forum and click on “Start New Topic”.

2. Add a title to your post and tell us a little bit about yourself in the contents section. Talk about your photography, job, kids, animals, life- anything you want to share! Perhaps share some images too. Then click “Submit Topic”.


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Adding Videos

Want to add a video to your post? You can add fun or instructional videos that you have previously uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo by simply typing the url address into the body of your post! It will automatically insert into your post and you will see your video appear.

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Creating a Poll

Interested in taking a member survey of opinions, habits, or personal info? Add a poll to your thread!

1. Start a new thread as you usually would. If you are asking viewers to vote on images, upload and number your images here.

2. To add the poll portion of your post, change the tab view from “Content” (which is the default tab) to “Poll”.

3. Add a question and add answer choices. Checking the “Multiple choice question?” checkbox will allow respondents to choose more than one answer.

4. Select “Submit Topic”. Your poll will appear at the top of your post.

TIP: Once you are on the poll option page, you can use the Poll Timeout option to have the poll automatically close after a period of time. You also have the option of selecting the option to make the votes public, which means that each voter’s username will be identified with his/her vote.

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Buying and Selling

Clickin Moms requires a minimum post count to participate in the Buy/Sell forum.

1. To post on the Buy/Sell forum, navigate to the Products and Services board and click on “Buy/Sell Used Photo Equipment & Props“.

2. Click “Start New Topic”.

3. Fill in the title and add a thorough description. Include when you purchased the item and what condition it is in.

TIP: Adding pictures will help your item sell faster.

3. Once your item has sold, you should change the prefix to SOLD or add a post reply mentioning that it is sold.

In regards to disputes:

Clickin Moms assumes no responsibility for transactions facilitated by the Buy/Sell forum. You engage in such transactions at your own risk. However, we encourage you to report any transactions-gone-bad to an admin so that we can track the problem and member(s) involved.

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Advertising or using the board for the purpose of self-enrichment or promotion without a Vendor Badge is strictly prohibited.

You must be a Clickin Moms authorized vendor displaying an approved Vendor Badge in order to advertise on our forums. All vendors are always welcome to participate in the general discussions in our forums. However, unless an advertising response is clearly relevant to a thread (e.g., when a member asks a question about a product/service), Vendors should confine advertising posts to the specific Vendor forums.

Those without an approved Vendor Badge are classified as non-vendors. If you are interested in becoming an authorized Clickin Moms vendor, please contact a Moderator for more details.

Subject to the exceptions below, members may not engage in promotions on their own behalf or the behalf of a third party. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

1) Advertising products, services, or overall businesses *
2) Announcing contests or giveaways *
3) Linking to websites in order to build traffic *
4) Requesting commercial product testers *
5) Conducting market research, including polling or other solicitation of feedback *
6) Posting group buys *
7) Soliciting donations
8) Posting links to gain affiliate or referral credit
9) Recruiting members for participation in other groups, organizations, forums, or the like

* Unless an authorized vendor promoting your own business/products/services

Text, images, attachments, and links in posts, signatures, profiles, or elsewhere on the Clickin Moms website are all subject to these restrictions. Additionally, you may not use the Private Message system to engage in prohibited conduct.

Soliciting donations or otherwise collecting money is strictly prohibited. Clickin Moms participates in one or more charitable activities annually. Please let us know if there is a charitable cause you would like us to consider over the course of the year.

Vendor Conduct

Our authorized vendors have exclusive rights to promote their businesses to our members on the Clickin Moms forums.

Authorized vendors under our current vendor plan are entitled to the following:

1) Vendor badge letting our members know that you are an authorized Clickin Moms vendor
2) Access to our extremely active general forums, where (if it suits you) you can discuss photography, Photoshop, business and marketing, and other subjects
3) Unlimited access to post in the Vendor Row and Group Buys/Discounts forums

TIP: To learn more about Advertising Rules, please see our Terms of Service, here.

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Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion? Visit the Suggestion Box located in the Clickin Moms Lobby. Only Clickin Moms Staff can see your what you post in here.

TIP: Make a suggestion about a new product, service, workshop/breakout, games/contests, feature or policy. Anything that comes to mind!

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Reporting Posts and Misconduct

Clickin Moms has extremely active forums with hundreds – sometimes thousands — of posts daily. Because moderators cannot reasonably be expected to read all of these posts, they rely heavily on members to report inappropriate threads, posts, and conduct.

If you have experienced or observed any inappropriate posts or other inappropriate behavior by a Clickin Moms member, please click “Report Post” (found in the upper right of every post) . The identities of those who report posts or conduct are never made public.


TIP: If you are uncertain about whether to report a post, report it anyway. Moderators will decide whether action needs to be taken.

TIP: You will not receive a reply to a Post Report, but Moderators review every report. If you require a reply, please submit your report via the Help Desk.

TIP: To report a thread generally, just report any post within the thread.

TIP: Clickin Moms Terms of Service (TOS) is located here.

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Customizing Your Experience

Following Content

Click on “Today on the Forum” in the Main Navigation bar:

You will have the option to view the following feeds which are sorted as follows:

  • Content I Follow
  • Content I Started
  • New Posts

You can also customize how these feeds are displayed:

Following a Forum:

You have the ability to subscribe to an entire forum, so that you receive notifications anytime a new thread has been started within a particular forum. In order to do this, click “Follow” in the upper right of the forum you are interested in following. You will then see an options box appear which will allow you to customize how you receive those notifications. Note, you can choose to uncheck the “let others see that I follow this” box, in which case your name will not be displayed in the follow list for that forum.

Following a Thread:

You can also subscribe to threads throughout the forum. You will find the “Follow” option in the upper right of every thread, and can follow the same steps outlined above to follow a thread and receive notifications for thread updates.




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There are several ways in which you can be notified if someone has tagged you, quoted you, or responded to a thread to which you are subscribed; via the notifications box at the top of the forum and via email. You can also enable desktop notifications.

To set up notifications, navigate to and click on your notification icon (little bell) in the upper right of your screen. Select “Notification Settings”.

Once in your notifications settings, you can customize how you would like to receive notifications for a variety of notices.

You can also further customize to receive notifications for a varierty of scenarios. Scroll down through the list and select how you would like to be notified for each option.
Toggle on those under the “notification list” for notices you would like to receive within your account panel (those notifications will appear up in the notification icon (little bell), Toggle on those under the “email” option for which you would like notifications emailed to you. You can change these settings at any time. 


A note on receiving email notifications:
By default, the email address that you used when creating your Clickin Moms account is the email address to which email notifications will be sent each time someone tags or quotes you on the forum, or sends you a private message on the forum.

In order to change or update this email address, click on “My Account” in the main navigation bar:


You will be prompted to log into your account again (this is the same username and password that you use to log into the Clickin Moms forum):

Click on the “Profile” tab and you will see then see the option to change your email address. Be sure to click “Save Profile” when you are done.



TIP: Do not respond directly to the email notifications- responses go to the Clickin Moms administor, and not to whoever tagged, quoted, or private messaged you.

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Keyword Tags

Adding Keywords to threads:

Adding keywords to your new thread is easy! Under the title, simply fill in a few key words that are relevant to your post.

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FAQ and More

Click Pro

What is Click Pro?

Click Pro is a women’s organization of professional photographers and highly skilled artists whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, and artistic and technical excellence. From child and family photographers to wedding photographers, senior photographers, fine art photographers, and beyond, Click Pro is a community rich in talent and diversity. Our membership benefits are designed to cater to the artistic, social, and business needs of the professional photographers and artists within our community.

To be considered for membership, applicants must submit a 150 image portfolio for review.

Learn more about the Click Pro program here.

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Common acronyms and abbreviations

As in text messaging and on social media, shorthand is common on the Clickin Moms forums, and occasionally it can be hard to decipher if the terms are new to you. Here are some of the favorite and most frequently used acronyms and abbreviations used in forum discussions…

Common around here are acronyms for Click & Company programs:
CM = Clickin Moms
CPS = Click Photo School (formerly CMU, Clickin Moms University)
DP = Daily Project
CA = Click Away

Here are some more general terms:
AFAIK = As far as I know
BBL= Be back later
BRB = Be right back
BTW = By the way
DD/DH/DS = Dear daughter/husband/son
FWIW = For what it’s worth
HTH = Hope this helps
IDK = I don’t know
IIRC = If I recall correctly
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO = In my opinion
IMS = If memory serves
IRL = In real life
JM2C = Just my two cents
JMK = Just my kids
KWIM = Know what I mean
LMK = Let me know
NMS = Not my style
NP = No problem
OP = Original poster
OTOH = On the other hand
PM = Personal Message
TBH = To be honest
TIA = Thanks in advance
TTYL/TTYS = Talk to you later / soon
TY = Thank you
WDYT = What do you think
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
YW = You’re welcome

Photography Related
ACR = Adobe Camera Raw
AF = Auto Focus
Ap = Aperture (not an acronym; just an abbreviation!)
AWB = Auto White Balance
BBF = Back Button Focus
BG = Background
BW/B&W = Black and White (Monochrome)
CA = Chromatic Aberration
C&C = Composition & Creativity (a CM workshop)
CC = Constructive Criticism
CCL = Communicating with Color & Light (a CM workshop)
CWB = Custom White Balance
DOF = Depth of Field
EC = Exposure Compensation
EOD = Elements of Design (a CM workshop)
ETTR = Expose to the Right
FAVE = Fine Art & Visual Expression (a CM workshop)
FEC = Flash Exposure Compensation
FOC = Foundations of Composition (a CM workshop)
FOV = Field of View
GS/GT = Golden Spiral / Golden Triangle
HHCC =Hard Hat Constructive Criticism
INL = Intro to Natural Light (a CM workshop)
IS – Image stabilization (Canon lenses)
JSO = Just starting out
LB = Lensbaby
LR = Lightroom
MF = Manual Focus
MME = Mastering Manual Exposure (a CM workshop)
MNLI = Master Natural Light Indoors (a CM workshop)
NL = Natural Light
NR = Noise Reduction
OCF = Off Camera Flash
OOF = Out of Focus
PBing = Portfolio Building
POV = Point of View
PP = Post Processing
P&S = Point and Shoot (camera)
PS = Photoshop
PSE = Photoshop Elements
ROT = Rule of Thirds
SOOC = straight out of the camera
SS = Shutter Speed
TS = Tilt-Shift
USM = Unsharp Mask
VR = Vibration reduction (Nikon lenses)
WB = White Balance

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The Click & Company Team

Our team is made up of both Staff and Mentors:

Owner and Founder

Kendra Okolita – @Kendra

Sarah Wilkerson – @SarahWilkerson

Director of Clickin Moms
Julia Tulley – @julia_tulley

Click & Company Staff

Jan Tyler – @jantyler
Customer Experience Manager

Cameron Bishopp – @CameronBishopp
Director of Publications, Click Magazine

Courtney Larson – @inloveness
Director of Click Pro

Deven Travelstead
Director of Marketing & Events

Michelle Turner – @michelle_turner
Director of Click Photo School

Monica Wilkinson – @monica
Director of Retail Sales

Amy Lockheart – @AmyLucy
Senior Products Editor, Click Magazine

Nina O’Connell – @NinaO
Administrative Manager, Events & Education

Kelly Rodriguez – @kelly_r
Creative Services Coordinator

Lisa Thé – @lisathe
Art Director, Click Magazine

Alison Winterroth
Education Coordinator


Clickin Moms Mentors

Megan Arndt……… @MeganArndt
Susan Bahen……….. @suebahen
Laura Barr………….. @laurabarrphoto
Kellie Bieser…………. @kelliebieser
D’Ann Boal……….. @DAnnBoal
Jen Bilodeau………. @JenBilodeau
Jyotsna Bhamidipati.. @makingbeautifulmemories
Jennifer Carr……… @jennifercarr
Leslie Crane………. @LeslieCrane
Linsey Davis……… @linsey05
Lynette Clark Davis.. @LynetteD
Mickie DeVries…….. @mickiedev
Kristin Dokoza………. @kdokoza
Jamie Eilts…………. @jamieeilts
Chanel French……….@Chanel
Marissa Gifford……… @marissa_gifford
Heather Lazark……… @HeatherLazark
Megan Loeks…………@MegLoeks
Natalie Greenroyd….@nbgreen
Sarah Gupta………….@SarahGupta
Karlee Hooper……… @karleehooper
Eunice Kim………….. @eunicekimphotography
Kelley Krohnert……. @kelleyk
Dana Leigh………… @DanaLeigh
Ebony Logins……….. @ebony
Kate Luber…………… @KateLuber
Jessica Nelson………. @JessicaN
Aly Nickerson………. @alygraphs
Rachel Nielsen………. @RachelN
Ardelle Neubert……. @ardelleneubert
Lori Pickens………….. @loripickens
Jenny Rosenbring…… @jennyrosenbring
Amy Smith…………….. @alsmith

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Member Postbit and Reputation Points

What the “levels” mean:

On your profile, directly under your username, you will see a “level” listed which is tied to the number of posts you have made on the forum. The first level, which is reached after making your first post is “Snap Happy.”

Keep on posting to reach new “levels”! Each level corresponds to the following number of posts made:

Snap Happy – 1
Shutterbug – 100
Clickin’ Along – 250
Flashionista – 500
Mamarazzi – 1,000
Hot Shot – 2,000
Big Chimpin’ – 3,000
Clickin’ it Big Time – 5,000
Prime-a Donna – 7,500
Queen of the Click – 10,000
CM Celebrity – 15,000+

Reputation Points:

The green number above your post count number are your number of reputation points:

When someone leaves a reaction on once of your posts (a like, thank, etc), you are awarded reputation points. Each reaction will increase your total number of reputation points. This allows the community to see who is contributing valuable content to the community, as determined BY the community.

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Upgrading Your Membership or Canceling Your Account

To Upgrade Your Membership

Planning on sticking around? We’re so glad to hear it! To upgrade your account, here are the steps:

1) Upgrade your membership HERE. (If you are not already logged into your account, you will be prompted to do so.)

3) If you already have a recurring monthly or annual membership, be sure to cancel that subscription using the steps below. You can also contact our Help Desk and we will be happy to cancel your membership for you!

To Cancel an Existing Membership

Need to cancel your subscription? Here are the steps:

1) Sign in to your account

2) Click “Cancel Subscription” next to the subscription you’d like to discontinue.

3) If you purchased your account using Paypal, you will be prompted to log in to Paypal and complete the subscription cancellation within Paypal. If you any help cancelling your membership, please post in our Help Desk and we will be happy to take care of that for you!

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