Finish to Start: Working Backwards to Achieve Your Vision

with Kate Luber | July 25-August 4

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Join Kate Luber in a Breakout that will teach you how to envision the final image before you even take the shot. You’ll go behind the scenes to find out how she breaks down her vision in order to find the tools necessary for a successful shoot. From choosing a location with the final edit in mind to working quickly and efficiently to manage a child’s short attention span, Kate will show you how you can you gather all of the elements to make that vision a reality.


• How Kate breaks down her vision into smaller pieces and tackles them them one by one to bring her vision to life
• How Kate plans a shoot to execute an image quickly and efficiently to manage childrens’ short attention spans and so she can return to enjoying moments with her family away from the camera
• Learn how Kate selects locations and what she looks for in an ideal shooting location
• How Kate assesses her scene while shooting to plan her perfect edit
• Learn Kate’s tricks for drawing the viewer into an image and holding their attention
• Learn Kate’s favorite editing tricks to strengthen images
• Learn Kate’s tips for finding your processing style


Kate Luber is a lifestyle and portrait photographer in Oklahoma City, OK. As a lifelong lover of ballet and the performing arts, her passion for photography was ignited when her two daughters were born. Kate loves finding and creating magically beautiful moments in her everyday life. Throughout her life, she has harnessed her analytical mind by breaking down simple and complex tasks and goals to make them attainable.

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