Up Close and Personal: Artistically Capturing the Details and Emotion of Everyday

with Tiffany Kelly | Available for Immediate Download


You don’t have to settle for images of your children that are uninspired or forced. This breakout will teach you how to use different types of natural light, thoughtful composition, and interaction with children to create emotive and timeless images. Discover how to be flexible and follow a child’s lead while also capturing the photos you crave. Tiffany will share all her tips and tricks for getting children to interact with you in a natural way that allows you to capture their true spirit. This breakout will cover every step of turning your artistic vision into a reality, even while taking photographs of your own small children. Tiffany will also teach her workflow and Lightroom editing that allows her to quickly process photos of her kids and spend more time living life with them. Bonus materials will teach you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about macro photography and capturing details.


• how to take photos of your children that go beyond snapshots and match your artistic vision
• how to best utilize all different types of natural light
• how to use composition to make your subject stand out
• how to evoke and capture emotion
• how to interact with children to get the images you desire
• how to capture the little details of childhood
• how to enhance your images in Lightroom and what makes an image a good candidate for black and white conversion
• how Tiffany approaches macro photography in a bonus PDF – from how she sets up her image to how she decides her settings, composition, and processing


Tiffany is a portrait and fine art macro photographer who lives near Atlanta GA with her amazing husband, two adorable daughters, and one loyal rescue mutt. Tiffany enjoys celebrating everyday moments with her young daughters, loves finding beauty in the mundane, and adores capturing little details. She can often be found with a Starbucks latte in hand or having a dance party with her little ones.


  • Amy D says:

    Wow! I purchased this last night and have only gone through the bonus macro pdf and already I am SO glad I made the decision to buy it. It is worth the money just for the macro guide!!! I cannot wait to go through the rest of the material. Some of the breakouts I’ve taken have been heavy on beautiful pictures (as is this) but here the information and tips are the real star of the show. Tiffany gives tangible advice that I can really use to start building a new skill. Thank you!!

  • Erica says:

    Fantastic! This breakout went above and beyond. I saw a marked improvement my images. This was a game changer for me.

  • Eileen says:

    This Breakout is full of beautiful imagery, inspiration and information. Tiffany is so generous with her knowledge. The editing videos are very helpful (I picked up a few tricks!) and the PDF is gorgeous. The bonus Macro PDF makes this breakout worth the price alone! Her macro work is stunning and I learned a lot about a genre I am very interested in but don’t know much about. Tiffany is talented as a teacher and photographer.

  • Rachel says:

    This is one Breakout you’ll want to own! In my opinion, Tiffany has gone beyond breakout material; it’s like having a workshop condensed! She is a gifted photographer who has shared her whole heart and talent. You will learn her tips on getting those details that we all adore. I love, love the Lightroom editing videos and her PDF on “Macro” photography. If you are looking at these comments and are thinking about purchasing, just do it. You will not regret it!

  • Crystal says:

    I am so loving this breakout! I can’t believe how many tips I learned just in the videos alone, and I’ve been using lightroom for a couple years! The PDF is of course beautiful, and I’m learning so much. I had a great mini-session with my little boys today and it was so fun applying what I’ve learned to my photos. Grab this breakout! It’s worth so much more than the price!

  • I cannot say enough great things about this breakout. I’ve barely cracked the surface and am loving it. Tiffany is so sweet and inspiring; I love seeing the natural emotions in her work being captured and recorded. It’s the little things we’ll forget and want to remember someday. This breakout is rich in beauty and ideas; a wonderful combination at a great price!

  • In love with this Breakout! It is so evident Tiffany poured her heart and soul into it! It’s packed full of invaluable information and some amazing tips and tricks!

  • Tiffany’s images are so full of natural moments and great details. Her black and white images are some of my favorite. I love how she turns a simple moments in life into a timeless memory.

  • Debbie says:

    Tiffany is an amazing photographer and even more importantly a great teacher, so combining the two is just a very natural thing for her to do and she excels at both.

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