Unleashing Your Inner Artist

with Lisa Furey | Available for Immediate Download

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In this breakout you will learn how to shoot with vision and train your eye to see the ordinary in a new artistic way. Join Lisa as she shares her journey and approach to artistic lifestyle photography. She will help you find inspiration without replication through a creativity project that will take your photography to the next level while staying true to your personal style. You will also come away with the in-depth thought process behind Lisa’s stylized shoots, enhancing the stories that her images tell. From her initial thought process to the shoot and all the way through post processing, Lisa will help you unleash your inner artist.


• Shooting with purpose and creativity
• Tips on stylizing
• How to maximize light on hand and find great light any time of the day
• Lisa’s favorite perspectives and composition techniques
• How to create amazing artistic images
• Personal creativity project
• Inspiration without replication
• How to complete and enhance your vision with various post processing techniques including the use of textures, overlays, and gradients


Lisa is an artistic natural light photographer in Northeast PA. Her work is greatly inspired by her 3 children and her former life as a ballerina. She is a lover of beautiful backlight, movement, open fields, soft colors and textures. She strives to turn ordinary images into dreamy works of art. She is a devoted wife, mom, and executive who tries to spend every spare moment behind the camera. If she is not working or shooting, you will find her in the kitchen cooking up a storm or burning off some steam with barre3 classes.


  • Amanda Jehle says:

    I really enjoyed this BO. I decided to participate in it because I was feeling in a creative slump. I had trouble picking-up my camera. I really needed a creativity infusion; a new way to look at my photos. The forum was wonderful & the FB group we’re all participating in after sharing tips/tricks/photos from the 8 week exercise she included is great! The dreamy look isn’t my usual style, but I’ve felt so refreshed being able to go back & re-look at some of my photos. Try something new with them & just enjoy the creative exercise of working outside of my usual comfort zone.

  • Monika Czopinska says:

    When I first saw Lisa’s work I was super impressed with her “artistic approach”. I knew back then that I would purchase this breakout. Pdf file is great, amazing pictures, amazing story but…editing videos…well. If you want to buy an expensive set of photoshop actions and learn how to use it and tweak it then this breakout is for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m assuming all of us used actions at some point, but I did not purchased a breakout thinking that 90% of editing will be done using photoshop actions (is Florabella sponsoring this breakout?). Also, I did not see any heads up in description that actions will be used instead of hand editing, probably a good tip for the future to include that. So, Lisa I love your work, but that was the last breakout that I purchased from you.

  • Lisa’s breakout was amazing and her editing videos were so helpful. The pdf includes wonderful inspiration and instruction on how to achieve a beautiful soft look, but also tailor your editing to your subjects. The editing videos are very easy to follow and demonstrate use of actions as well as how to do a few things by hand. Actions usually get a bad rap, but Lisa shows how to use them correctly and ways to help you save time with editing. I was feeling bored with my images and this is just what I needed to get out of my funk and try something different. Highly recommend!

  • Lisa did an amazing job with the work put into this session. It’s definitely a way to push your creativity and artistry in a direction you may not go. The only downfall is that Lisa edits almost entirely with actions and while I like to use actions, too, it would have been nice to learn how to do all of the steps without the purchase of expensive actions.

  • Kim C. says:

    This is a great breakout! I am not quite a ‘beginner’ anymore so I am always looking for a breakout that speaks to all skill levels and this one is definitely worthwhile. Beautiful PDF, awesome bonus materials and great editing videos. This will definitely spark your inner artist :)

  • Heidi Reitz says:

    I have taken several online photography classes in the past. Unleashing Your Inner Artist has got to be the best value out there for anyone with a passion for photography looking to expand their creativity. Lisa Furey has a way of teaching that makes it easy to apply the knowledge she so freely shares to whoever and wherever you we are in your photography experience. First rate class. Thank you CM University for this wonderful experience.

  • Amanda says:

    Lisa is such an inspirational photographer who brings a great mix of art from both a photography perspective and her life as a ballerina. You can really see in her work how she loves to tell a story with body movements and in how she edits each of her photographs.

    This breakout is one of my first but I feel I have learned so much from her. She breaks out her thought process and editing in easy to understand steps both with her video tutorial and pdf. She pushes your thought process about who you are as an artist and who you want to become, something I think we all can take a moment to ponder. She plants the seeds and helps you grow. Great breakout, an amazing opportunity with such a skilled photographer, don’t miss out!

  • Susan Alexander says:

    Wow! What an amazing breakout session! Lisa does such a great job at explaining things at a level that everyone can understand! There was SO much information here that was useful and can immediately be applied with every photo shoot! I loved it!

  • Sandy Creech says:

    Unleashing Your Inner Artist is jam packed with information. You get much more than your moneys worth! Lisa is an amazing photographer, instructor, mentor and shares all she knows willingly. Love this breakout!!

  • Stella Spera says:

    Taking the Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Lisa Furey has been a great eye opening on what I like and who I am in my photography journey. Lisa’s videos are so well made and easy to follow. Very happy I signed up for her breakout session!!!!! Hope for more to come!!!!!!

  • Maria Rueger says:

    What a great breakout session! Lisa helped me to look deep within myself (or inner artist) and really explore my photography to make it better. She provides amazing information and videos too!

  • Monica Allen says:

    Unleashing Your Inner Artist is an inspirational breakout! Lisa Furey really pushes you to dig deep and helps you understand and discover your style as a photographer. Her videos take you step by step through her thought process from creating a vision for a shoot all the way though post processing. And I absolutely loved Lisa’s bonus PDF on mobile phone photography! Definitely looking forward to her next breakout session!

  • What a fabulous inspirational, photo instructor. Time spent on her breakout is totally wonderful! So much to stop and think about, and very worthwhile! Now to get to work on all that I’ve learned!

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