The Quiet Photographer

with Megan Cieloha | Available for Immediate Download

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Photography requires that the artist learn to really see the scene in front of them. Merely looking at the surface level is not sufficient, art is made when quiet observation reveals details that are commonly unnoticed. What makes the subject special? Is there a detail that can be emphasized to communicate the unique beauty of the scene? How can the setting be quietly modified to increase the impact of the story or mood? In this breakout, Megan will discuss a variety of topics, including how to work within the natural confines of a scene, shooting to create depth, establishing your camera as a natural extension of yourself, incorporating yourself into the scene and more. Through a PDF that discusses the pre-shooting and camera-in-hand choices you’ll make and videos that cover a simple, considered approach to processing as well as examining a handful of images that work and several that don’t, this breakout will lead you towards a quiet, thoughtful approach to photography.


• Methods for making the most of the space and light you have
• Concepts to consider when making lens choices
• Thoughts on setting and enhancing a scene with minimal disturbance to the subject
• Tips for creating imagery with depth
• Megan’s approach to self-portraiture
• Steps to overcoming Photographer’s Child Syndrome
• Several techniques for making your camera feel like a natural extension of yourself
• Megan’s simple and quick approach to editing images in LR5



Megan often finds peace and solace behind the camera. The act of putting camera to eye and studying the scene gives her a sense of groundedness and allows her to notice details in the world that oftentimes go overlooked in the hectic pace of life. Megan enjoys capturing her family of 3 small boys and high-school-sweetheart husband in the everyday adventures of their day to day, as well as during their travels. Currently, Megan’s family lives on the Eastern side of Sicily and has loved the opportunity to explore the beauty of the island, as well as Europe at large. A part of the Clickin Moms team since 2011, Megan has been teaching the workshop Shooting 201: Mastering Natural Light Indoors for 3 years and delights in having introduced hundreds of students to the magic that is light.

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