The Moment Before

with Twyla Jones, Kirsty Larmour, Lacey Monroe, Elise Meader and Yan Palmer | April 25-May 10

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Are beautiful moments created, anticipated, or is it a combination of the two? Go behind the scenes to see how five photographers capture extraordinary moments. Through pullbacks, video commentary, and an in-depth look at the imperfect moments that came before that perfect shot, you’ll see how each photographer creates magical images every day.


• how to anticipate or create the perfect shot

• how to create the perfect shot from the imperfect moments and images that came before

• how Twyla Jones, Kirsty Larmour, Lacey Monroe, Elise Meader and Yan Palmer create magical images


Kirsty Larmour is a British lifestyle photographer based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. She is a nomad at heart and can be found documenting both her clients’ lives, and her own family when they are at home in the Middle East and further afield while globe trotting through places from Uzbekistan to Cambodia, and many lands in between. Kirsty’s approach to photography is to be present in real life moments and capture them with a little sparkle on top fueled by her obsession with pretty light.

Elise Meader is a lifestyle newborn, maternity, family and wedding photographer based out of Central Massachusetts. She is the wife to a former Navy SEAL (U-S-A!), mother to two boys and one little boy on the way (shout out to the boy moms!) a reptile and dog mom, sister, daughter, & friend. She finds the beauty in the ordinary moments, seeks emotion and connection in every session she shoots, and believes in the power of capturing the art YOU want to create.

Twyla Jones moved to Florida with her fiancé and their two sons after growing up running around the woods and fields of Kansas. She has a degree in Human Biology but shifted her focus to photographing human connection instead. She is obsessed with beautiful light and looking for magic everywhere, focusing heavily on creating environments that foster meaningful connections between her subjects.

Yan Palmer believes in kindness over coolness, laughter as therapy, doing whatever it is you do with heart, and taking the time to see the people and the world around you. As a single mom of three radtastic children, the last 7 years as a mother and full time professional photographer have had a lot of ups and downs— she bets your years have too. She believes in celebrating the ups, and learning the story of the downs.

Lacey Monroe is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on families. She is a co-founder of Sham of the Perfect, an international collective and online community of documentary family photographers. Lacey’s work is primarily project based, but she also takes on a limited number of client commissions throughout the year. She lives in Portland, Oregon alongside her partner, their two children, a giant Saint Bernard, a small black mutt, and an overly dramatic black cat.

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