The Big Picture: Creating Images That Go Beyond The Ordinary

with Jennifer Nobriga | Available for Immediate Download

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In this breakout, Jennifer shares the tips and tricks she uses to create her images and takes you through her process– from her original vision to her finished work. You will learn ways to use available lighting, locations, and creative compositions to your advantage. You will see how using unique perspectives and framing can make your subjects shine, and you will gain insight into Jennifer’s creative process! Finally, Jennifer will show you how she utilizes the last crucial step of editing to completely bring her vision to life, helping you create your own images that go beyond the ordinary!


• planning an image from start to finish
• which lens to choose for a shot and why
• making any location work for you
• using available lighting to your advantage
• composing an image for maximum impact
• using unique perspectives and framing to enhance your image
• editing an image to bring your vision to life


Jennifer is a natural-light, hobbyist photographer who lives in the suburbs of Virginia with her husband, two kids and a dog named Roscoe. She loves to capture the fun, the love, the tears, and the quirky bits of life in her work. She also loves…laughter, iced lattes, cupcakes, pizza, running, converse sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, and classic rock. Not necessarily in that order! When she’s not running around after her family with her camera, you can find her playing air guitar with the music cranked to eleven. She may or may not also sing…very off-key.

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