Sarah Wilkerson

Available Coaching Types

Business: Sarah’s business coaching expertise includes client or competitor identification and analysis, branding, productivity, and more.

Edit My Images: Provide a folder of images to Sarah prior to the session, and she’ll apply her processing style to those images and walk you through them, step by step. You’ll be able to ask questions along the way.

Portfolio Review: Provide Sarah with your portfolio image,s and she’ll walk you through the images with you with an eye to the cohesiveness of the portfolio, the strength of your composition, the technical merit and the processing.

Problem Solving: Do you have a specific areas that are giving you difficulty? Sarah will address your questions and will give you specific strategies that will help you move beyond your problem spots. She specializes in style/voice, composition, and skin color correction techniques.

Website Review: Sarah will critically examine your website, paying particular attention to user experience, cohesiveness of the structure and design, search engine optimization, branding/marketing, cohesion of imagery, and written voice.

Workflow Walkthrough: Watch while Sarah takes you through her workflow, from how she handles the images straight out of camera to the delivery of the final file.

Coaching Rate: $300/hour. Rate is based on session length and includes a customized intake form and continuing development plan.

My CMU Workshops


Composition and Creativity

This course covers a variety of preliminary compositional considerations relevant to photographers as they conceptualize an image, frame a photograph, and develop a personal artistry. This course focuses on improving image composition and refining your photographic vision. Learn more >


Elements of Design

This course covers the major components of artistic composition and discusses how photographers can use these elements to maximize an image’s aesthetic appeal and influence its psychological significance. Learn more >

My Portfolio

Things That Inspire Me


Q & A

favorite teaching topics

Storytelling, Creative Processing, Conscientious Critique, Art and Psychology, Organization & Productivity

biggest lesson or piece of advice you want to share:

As essential as it is to develop a critical eye and a listening ear, it is equally important to learn to trust your intuition. Rules and the opinions of others are relevant only to the extent that they help you to reinforce or refine your own artistic intent.

a location you couldn’t do without:

As a military spouse, I work with new locations every couple of years, but I have a love of old houses, wood floors, and small windows.

photographers and artists that inspire you:

Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Albert Allard, Anna Kuperberg, Amy Toensing, Jessica Todd Harper

My Pins

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Clickin Moms CEO Sarah Wilkerson has been a photographer since 2006 and an instructor since she held CM’s first forum-based workshop in 2010. Inspired by cinematography, storytelling, and art history, Sarah gravitates towards contextual work that emphasizes light and atmosphere. A graduate of Duke University and the University of Texas School of Law, Sarah resides in the DC area with her Army JAG husband, three sons, one daughter, and three dogs.

My specialties

Identifying technical and artistic strengths and challenges

Developing a critical eye and understanding psychological impact

Skin color correction and creative processing

Organization and Productivity

Site Customization and User Experience



Nikon D810


Favorite Lens

Nikkor 24mm f/1.4; Nikkor 24mm PC-E (Tilt-Shift)


Editing Tools

Lightroom and Photoshop CC


Business Status

Not in business


Preferred Light

natural and ambient


General Availability

7pm EST or later


Hourly rate: $500*

* All sessions include custom intake form and continuing personal development plan in addition to hourly coaching.




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