Newborn Stories: Documenting New Life in the Hospital, Studio, and at Home

with Brittany Blake | April 18-28

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Learn how to document new life simply and beautifully. Go behind the scenes with Brittany Blake to learn how she photographs newborns across genres while keeping a cohesive brand. When the focus is on beautiful light and genuine connection, there is a story of new life just waiting to be told. You will get a glimpse into her approach to documenting hospital sessions, a peek into her home studio where the focus is always natural posing, as well as a look into her in-home lifestyle sessions.


• A Basic Workflow for Hospital, Studio and Home Sessions
• How to Approach Various Lighting Situations
• Natural Newborn Posing
• Guiding & Directing Clients to Promote Genuine Connection & Interaction
• Editing Workflow


Brittany Blake is a Newborn & Family Photographer in Raleigh-Durham, NC. When she’s not documenting the lives of her clients, she’s out chasing the light and her own two kids. She believes in documenting life in a way that tells a story; one of simplicity, love, and authentic emotion. Brittany picked up a camera to tell the story of her own life, but quickly fell in love with the process of creating for others. Her heart lies in her motto, “This Moment. Right Now. It’s Everything.”

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