Mood & the Story of Light

with Samantha McBride | September 5-20

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When does a photo become art? How do you capture not just a subject but a feeling? In her new breakout, Samantha McBride shares why she believes Mood & Light have everything to do with it! As an expression of your mind and heart, emotional photography relies on tools of interpretation and these tools can take many forms. From the design in the world around us to our struggles and motivations, Samantha shares how to apply what she calls intentional artistry, resulting in more meaningful work for both herself and clients. Including practical techniques for achieving mood, a detailed outline of her favorite light as well as explanations of her entire process from concept to editing, this breakout will challenge you to let more of your inner world out and grow as an artist, no matter where you are in your photography journey.


• Samantha’s process for editing and why she loves playing with tones
• Seeing the inherent story that lies within light and how Samantha uses light for storytelling in all of her work
• What is mood, how to both see it and apply it
• The rules she likes to break and why
• How to translate your inner world to outward artistic expression
• How to pose with emotion & connection as the goal
• Her biggest mistakes along with the biggest ways she learned to grow
• Ways to distinguish “documentation” from “expression” while allowing room for both
• How to separate Fulfillment from Success and avoid ego traps and insecurity
• Understanding and applying the concept of Mood (not always Moody) and applying it to every photo


Samantha is a photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida whose work focuses on life’s meaningful connections. A former writer and advertising firm owner, Samantha’s passion for storytelling comes through in her photography, which has been featured by Click Magazine, MILK Magazine, Lemonade & Lenses, Feature Shoot, Red Tricycle, The Long Way Home and many others. In addition to being a family photographer, she is a contributor to Offset and Adobe Premium, and a photography writer and educator. When not working, Samantha can be found chasing her twin toddlers, swimming with her older boys and getting out on adventures with them all as often as possible! Visit Samantha McBride on Instagram @SamanthaMcBridePhoto and

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