Moments In Motherhood: Telling Mothers’ Stories Through Portraits

with Mae Burke | Available for Immediate Download

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Mae Burke’s passion for motherhood is evident in every image that she takes personally and professionally. In this breakout, Mae shares how she creates images for herself and her clients that tell authentic stories about mothers, for mothers, through Motherhood Portraiture. You will learn the art of capturing motherhood in a way that gives you galleries full of reflections of a mother’s heart. You will learn how she approaches maternity, birth, newborn, breastfeeding, baby, child, and family photography to bring the spotlight on mama, and not just her babies. You will learn how to plan for any session involving a mother, how to build a portfolio that attracts clients looking to memorialize deep connection over props and outfits, and how to tell the story of motherhood that encourages, empowers and brings together your audience.


• The Art of Motherhood Portraiture
• Natural Posing for Maternity, Newborn, Breastfeeding, and Family photography putting focus on the mother (or through the mother’s lens)
• How to use your camera and natural light to capture emotion — even at a birth
• Three exercises that will build your storytelling skills
• How to connect with your audience by sharing client stories and your own stories


I am a passionate wife, mother, and artist. Using natural light in intimate environments, I capture the joy, peace, and fulfillment of motherhood that is often lost in the chaotic exhaustion of daily life through simple and emotive portraits. Sharing the beauty of Motherhood and the story my Father is writing for me allow me to fulfill my greatest purpose, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Jackie says:

    This breakout is not just amazing…it’s life inspiring. I see things differently than I did before…it goes SO FAR beyond educating and instructing on the “how to’s;” Mae literally bares her deepest heart to reveal how to achieve meaning and depth into our images. After all, if there is no emotion, then what is the point of the image? I will forever be grateful for the influence this breakout has been on my journey. It has been instrumental in finding, fostering, and creating my vision through the lens.

  • Heather Meyer says:

    I was gifted Mae’s breakout session by a sweet friend and it has been an absolute joy to participate. Not only have I always wanted to be a mom, but I have a huge place in my heart for other moms and for their relationships with their children, especially their daughters. I lost my mom when I was 21, and I now have two girls of my own. Since I started doing photography I have always been drawn to that connection between a mom and her daughter. I have tried different ways to communicate the relationship and different projects have run through my mind. I finally feel focused, I feel like my passion is real, and not just a fluff idea. Mae, thank you for refocusing me and giving me the courage to help moms tell their REAL story.

  • Taryn Boyd says:

    Gahhhhh… Where do I begin?? When Mae asked me to contribute to this breakout it was a no-brainer for me. Her work spoke for itself and I love the message she was already telling. I couldn’t wait to dive in and watch her shooting videos and read the PDF to get her perspective on things. It did NOT disappoint. She didn’t hold anything back and she spoke from the heart….I walked away knowing her. I can’t wait to start having my own breastfeeding mini sessions! Thank you Mae for your heart and inspiration!

  • I love how transparent Mae is with her breakout, from how she approaches her clients and sessions, to her editing process, she walks us through the whole thing! She is super knowledgeable about photographing breastfeeding mothers, but it goes SO FAR BEYOND that to encompass all situations that would be considered a “moment in motherhood”. I also love the first exercise she gives us in the PDF and can’t wait to tackle it with my kiddos this weekend!

  • This breakout is simply amazing. Mae’s distinctive and humorous written voice is fun to read, and she’s a doll to watch on camera in her shooting videos too. Mae leads you through what works for HER when shooting mothers in all different categories, as well as tips + tricks to use when applying these skills to your own work. I’m excited and inspired to continue to shoot mothers of all walks of life, with a little more insight and intention. Mae knocked it out of the park with this one. Now’s the perfect time to buy!! Thank you, Mae!

  • Kristin Oliver says:

    Absolutely beautiful. There is so much heart and soul infused into this breakout, I’m moved on a personal level as well as inspired on a professional level. The words and images in this collection create an honest and powerful connection that I will carry with me to my next shoot and beyond. Thank you Mae for putting this together and sharing with all of us! I have a maternity session tomorrow and this came at the perfect time for me. Much love!

  • Nikki says:

    Mae Mae Mae. Where should I start? I’ve been at crossroads of where I really want to take my business and my photography. Your breakout was like a beam of light, loud and clear. Motherhood. Exactly the reason I started my photography journey. Every mother you talk to, says enjoy it. It goes way to fast. They are all so right. How many of us can look back and remember those little details of motherhood, that seem to zoom by in a blur. I really wish I would have had those different stages of motherhood documented. To be able to capture those for woman, this is what brings happiness to my soul. What drives me. Thank you for putting that burning passion back into me, and inspiring me. -Nikki at Nikki Jean Photography

  • What a beautiful and beautifully done breakout. Mae’s unique and authentic voice comes through in all aspects of this breakout. The mix of inspiration and hard facts and tips is so hard to do, but Mae finds the perfect mix. I’d highly recommend this breakout for anyone looking to grow and learn more as a photographer.

  • Erin Bremer says:

    I wish Mae had come into my life months ago (years ago even).. This is exactly what I needed. Motherhood is so beautiful and I love how Mae brings honesty and authenticity into her images. I don’t think another breakout or class I’ve taken with CM has made me so eager to pick up the camera as this one has.

    I did take 2 of Mae’s classes at click away but in this breakout she goes even deeper into her soul. The PDF is beautifully written giving you so much information on how she approaches each session to capture the Mothers Story. The editing video is amazing going through a whole gallery from start to finish, culling to exporting.. She explains in detail why or why not should we keep an image, whether it adds to the Mothers story or not?

    I can’t say enough about this breakout!

  • Kyla Ewert says:

    If you follow Mae’s work at all you know she lays it all out there. This breakout is no different, it’s her beautiful heart and soul on paper. It’s so obvious that her intentions are to provide a beautiful experience for the mom’s and people you shoot, and she helps you find that beauty step by step in this gift on paper.

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