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Available Coaching Types

Edit My Images: Provide a folder of images to the coach prior to the session and she’ll apply her processing style to those images and walk you through them, step by step. You’ll be able to ask questions along the way.

Freestyle Experience: The freestyle experience is a custom coaching session, mentorship, shooting event, or personalized program custom developed by a coach. Details are available on the individual coach pages.

Portfolio Review: Provide the coach with your portfolio images and she’ll walk you through the images with you with an eye to the cohesiveness of the portfolio, the strength of your composition, the technical merit and the processing.

Problem Solving: Do you have a specific areas that are giving you difficulty? Your coach will address your questions and will give you specific strategies that will help you move beyond your problem spots.

Workflow Walkthrough: Watch while your coach takes you through her workflow, from how she handles the images straight out of camera to the delivery of the final file.

Coaching Rate: $150/hour. Rate is based on session length and includes a customized intake form and continuing development plan.

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Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop

Have you ever heard photographers talk about frequency separation, cloning, changing a shirt color, replacing skies, etc., and wondered how in the world they do that?? If so this is the class for you! Learn more

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Q & A

favorite teaching topics

Environmental Portraits, Everyday documentation, Editing

biggest lesson or piece of advice you want to share:

Learn the technicals of shooting before you dive into the world of creative editing. I wasted a lot of time playing with editing before I had mastered how to use my camera to produce the images I wanted. My images improved by leaps and bounds when I finally learned how to shoot properly, and my editing time was greatly reduced and more successful.

a location you couldn’t do without:

I love the beach with gorgeous clouds at sunset, pure bliss!

artist statement:

To be a child is a magical thing, it’s a world of exploration and wonder.  A world of mistakes and learning, happy and sad, feelings of accomplishment, failure, and perseverance.  It’s a sprinkler in the summer followed by a popsicle, it’s a dive in a leaf pile in the fall, hot cocoa in winter, and digging for worms in the spring.  It’s also learning to ride a bike, falling off and getting back on.  Its elation dashed with frustration which spurs determination.  It’s also a longing to be older, not held back by other’s guidelines.  It’s all of these things and more!

This is what drives my artistic intent in photography.  This is what I cling to, and want to preserve and document.  A wisp of hair, a knowing look, the happy, sad, funny, and messy, all of this is what my work encompasses.

My work is childhood through a mother’s lens.   My driving force is to capture these fleeting moments as time speeds by, and my children grow up and experience new things.  My hope is that my work resonates with parents universally, and speaks to their hearts of the wonders of childhood.

photographers and artists that inspire you:

Summer Murdock, Angie Monson, Cole Thompson

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Mickie DeVries is a hobbyist photographer living in West Michigan. She is the mother of two, and a wife. Mickie concentrates on capturing her everyday, along with environmental portraits of her two children. The main focus of her artistic intent is centered around capturing children being children.


Everyday documentation
Environmental portraits
Child photography



Nikon D810


Favorite Lens

Sigma 35 1.4


Editing Tools

lightroom and photoshop


Business Status



Preferred Light



General Availability

Mornings or Early Afternoon M-F
Evenings after 8pm EST M-F


Rate Per Hour

Hourly rate: $150*

* All sessions include custom intake form and continuing personal development plan in addition to hourly coaching.




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