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Melissa is a southern girl and lives right near Atlanta. She is a SAHM to three girls and a natural light hobbyist. Melissa shoots a Nikon d700 and loves her 50 1.4 the best. Her favorite subjects are her little ones and is often found lying around on the floor shooting the world from their angle. She is a Jpeg girl editing in PSE and is a strong believer in its capabilities. Her shooting style is lighthearted and whimsical and her editing light and airy with a bit of haze. Her work can be seen here (www.melissagibsonphotography.com).

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most weekends
weekday mornings before 9 (EST)
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Email mgibson9893@yahoo.com to request online mentoring with Melissa.

Please confirm Melissa’s availability and type of session requested, then purchase your session HERE.



  • Jennifer Nobriga says:

    i had the incredible opportunity to work with melissa when i was in the very beginning stages of putting my portfolio together. i needed guidance and help and basically someone to help me make sense of it all. she really went through my work, helping me to see what my strengths were and pointed things out that she saw in my images that i just couldn’t. she gave me confidence as well as such invaluable advice. she even checked in on me way after our session was over!! melissa, thank you so very much!!!!!

  • katie says:

    After being in a creative slump for what has felt like an eternity, I knew I needed help from someone who views the world differently. After spending far too many hours stressing over it, I finally asked Melissa to mentor me. I had a good feeling that she would be as adorable and awesome as I’d imagined. She was. We talked about my overall photography issues and how I could improve each and every shot. Since our session, I’ve had one family session and I walked away from the edits prouder than I’d ever been. Not going to lie, I felt like I had Melissa pointing things out to me along the way. Melissa made me more aware of the overall composition and how to make each image stronger. Now I see things differently, maybe even better. And without a doubt, I know I’m heading in the right direction. As far as creating a personal project, she helped guide me to a great one…and it’s something I am so excited to work on. Melissa is kind, positive, incredibly talented and was the absolute perfect mentor for me. Thank you Melissa for going above and beyond and for being so exceptional at what you do.

  • Tricia E. says:

    When I was in the final stages of putting my portfolio together, I knew I wanted a CM Mentor to review it with me. Most of all, I wanted someone whose work I admired and loved (I totally stalked her on the CM Daily Project), but also someone who wasn’t as familiar with my work so that I could get a fresh, outside perspective. I’d read her other reviews, and she seemed so friendly and honest on the forum, so I went with Melissa – and I’m so glad that I did! During our portfolio review, she gave specific feedback and tips on how to take my images to that next level. She saw many things in my images I hadn’t before, and after our session, I have a few more tools under my belt in terms of how to cc my own images. She was very supportive before, during, and since our session, going above and beyond! I can’t recommend her enough!!!! Thank you, Melissa!!!!

  • I’d been watching the CM Pro Daily project feed for months, and I was stalking the blogs of more than a few CM Pros on top of that :) So when I decided I was ready for a mentoring session, I knew the talent was amazing – I just had to think long and hard about the CM Pro who produced the work that “spoke to me” the most. I realized that so many of the pros had so much to offer – but time and time again when I saw images that really struck a chord with me, they were Melissa’s :)
    I was intrigued not only by Melissa’s work, but also with getting her thoughts on how to continue to grow and flourish as a photographer who chooses NOT to go into business.
    I think you get out of a mentoring session what you put into it. So I wrote up what I’m sure seemed to be a random list of questions and topics that I wanted to cover with Melissa during our time – but she rolled with my craziness and soooooo totally delivered on my high expectations! She was very well prepared with organized thoughts and feedback on the topics I selected, and she was very professional with the delivery of the content and the information. She gave me new things to think about – from shooting and gear, to processing and my web site design.
    I am so pleased that I picked Melissa – and so thankful for her guidance and feedback!

  • Meredith says:

    I chose Melissa for a mentoring session because we didn’t know each other. Because she’s a hobbyist. Because her images have a perfect amount of quirk in them. Because she says GOOD GRAVY. Because I knew I’d like her. During our Open Book Q&A she was warm and fuzzy but also organized and ready to get down to business. The Virgo in me fell head over heels. It was a great thing and Melissa was thorough and specific on top of being as comfy and real as I imagined she’d be.

  • I definitely made the right choice in choosing Melissa for my portfolio review! She was so sweet but got right down to business during our session!! She picked up on my weaknesses and my stengths right away. She also went through A TON of photos on my portfolio and pointed to their specific strengths and also explained what she would do to make it stronger. I could tell she really took a lot of time before our meeting to be prepared and really take in my work. She was super encouraging and was so open to any questions I had! Loved my review!!

  • Kristy says:

    Melissa was one of the very first people who stood out to me when I joined CM. She was always so friendly, helpful, and pretty darn funny to top it all off. :) When I purchased PSE I knew she was the one to teach me. I’m so glad we booked a mentoring session. I learned so much. Melissa was so prepared for our time together. I learned everything I hoped to and can’t wait to start practicing all that she taught me. Thanks for everything Melissa~

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