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Megan Cieloha is a hobbyist photographer based in Northern California (Pacific Time.) She is currently focused on documenting her family’s daily life, while also experimenting with macro, and mainly works with natural light.  Megan shoots with a D700 and several prime lenses.  Her style is soft and clean and she uses LR to accomplish the majority of her processing, moving to PS CS5 when the image calls for more involved retouching. To view Megan’s work please visit  www.megancieloha.com.

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Portfolio Review
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Very Limited Availability

Please inquire with Megan to determine her availability.

Email megan@megancieloha.com to request online mentoring with Megan.

Please confirm Megan’s availability and type of session requested, then purchase your session HERE.



  • Megan is so talented, not only in her personal work but as a teacher. I chose to do a portfolio review. She asked to see the images ahead of time and I could tell that she spent a lot of time looking over my work and preparing a thorough critique for when we met. Her cc’s were very constructive and helpful and I walked away from the mentorship feeling like I knew exactly what I needed to work on. I was excited and reenergized with more confidence to continue making my work my own. if you are looking to do a mentorship, I highly recommend Megan. She’s amazing!! :) Thank you, Megan.

  • parikha says:

    Megan is amazing! She gave me a great portfolio review–not too fluffy, not too harsh. She clearly put thought and effort into reviewing each of my images, and she did a wonderful job of distilling my strengths & weaknesses into constructive yet encouraging words. If you’re on the fence about mentorship, I strongly encourage you to sign up! Having Megan’s undivided attention for that time was priceless. Thanks again, Megan!

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