Finding Freedom in Chaos: The Art of On-Location Storytelling

with Courtney Larson | Available for Immediate Download


From golden sunsets to window-lit homes to the bright lights of a hospital room, Courtney Larson has learned to adapt and embrace every scenario she’s faced. In this breakout, she will take you through what she has learned along the way and challenge you to let go of fear, perfection, and the rules that bind you to something other than who you really are. You will learn the importance of shadows and how they can impact an image, ways to use unflattering light, and you’ll see a behind-the-scenes video of Courtney shooting a newborn session in the hospital. Finally, Courtney will share her editing techniques, emulating film and drawing out the emotion in each image.


• The art of storytelling and how you can incorporate it into your work
• How to create a story in a single image as well as in a series
• Ways shadows can impact an image
• Shooting in challenging environments– from a client’s home to a hospital
• How to embrace and love “imperfection”
• Ways to create an emotive couple sessions
• Editing Techniques


courtney larson

Courtney Larson has always been a storyteller. As a child, she scribbled out the dreams swirling around inside her head. As a teenager, she used her stories to inspire her paintings. Through adulthood, a small jewelry business supported her while she shared God’s story in overseas missions. From the outside, you may call her an artist. She is, but deep down she’s a storyteller. Courtney is drawn to the juxtaposition of joy and pain, seemingly polar opposites. She believes that joy reaches its heights only after it has been touched by pain (something all of use have experienced). As a storyteller, artist and photographer, it is Courtney’s goal to document the truthful and wholly beautiful moments of life, love and the will to share in both.


  • Emanuelle says:

    Un breakout muy prometedor! Aun no lo he podido leer con detenimiento pero desde una simple ojeada parece muy interesante, propone una metodología de trabajo concreta para conseguir contar una historia por medio de nuestras fotografías..Los vídeos tutoriales están muy bien hechos, un ingles muy fácil de intender y con muchos tips que no conocía y seguro me vendrán genial. Lo recomiendo!

  • Mari Huffman says:

    I honestly don’t know if i can even put into words how much this break out and how much Courtney has inspired me…i am not great with words so i don’t know if i could do this break out justice….All i can say is this is actually one of the BEST break out’s i have ever bought…Courtney is so inspiring and her words have a way with inspiring you to be yourself and stretch your creative vision….I have always been the type of person where i have always worried about what others thought of my work…so i would hold back on sharing and shooting what my heart was telling me…But Courtney’s break out has showed me the light at the of my tunnel…asking myself what is perfection anyways? I have gone looking thru my old work and finding myself inspired by all the things i looked past because i was only trying to please the audience…and not myself….This break out is a perfect BO for literally EVERYONE…she goes thru steps for everything that is a photographers struggle….and solutions to get past those and break free and BE HAPPY creating your own stories…Thank you Courtney for helping me out of my rut….

  • Mae Burke says:

    Courtney’s breakout has been a real treat for me. I’ve been in business for five years and using VSCO for over a year and I have still learned a TON from Courtney. Her hard work on this Breakout is very apparent giving me, a professional, education on posing, editing, and creativity. Thank you, Courtney for this amazing material!

  • Courtney’s Breakout “Finding Freedom in Chaos” was hands down the best breakout I have encountered. It was beautifully written, creatively designed, and filled with content and gorgeous photos. I am pretty sure there is a piece of her soul on every page. I can’t recommend this enough.

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