Creating Captivating Images: Dynamic Portraiture for the Artistic Soul

with Stephanie Lemmon | Available for Immediate Download

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In this breakout, Stephanie Lemmon of Lemmonmade Photography unlocks the secrets to claiming your artistic potential and developing a voice that’s uniquely yours.

You will discover ways to use light, location, and styling to create dynamic and emotive portraiture as Stephanie discusses how to reach your full potential as an artist. Through the use of creative exercises that focus on photographic concept building, you will learn how to put together a diverse portfolio of images that charm and enchant your viewer. Stephanie shares her story of personal and business related growth as she teaches you how find inspiration in the world around you, how to create photos that captivate, and how to bring your photographic visions to life. Finally, she takes you through her entire business process to demonstrate how to meet and exceed client expectations while staying true to your artistic self.


• How to create unique imagery though the use of dynamic lighting and an assortment of equipment
• How to capture enchanting moments through subject interaction and posing
• How to scout locations to optimize image diversity
• How to find inspiration in your everyday to assist in concept building and stylized shoots
• How to run a profitable boutique business within your chosen genre



Stephanie Lemmon is a photographer based out of the Metro Detroit area. She specializes in children’s stylized portraiture, and often jokes that she photographs little girls in “floofy” gowns that she wishes she could wear. She is married to the love of her life- her “prop builder”- and has three amazing daughters who are the inspiration for much of her work.

In her other life, she is a professor in the field of Homeland Security. She uses her experiences and her passion for teaching to assist other artists in their photographic journey.


  • Michelle Ladlow says:

    Stephanie creates beautiful work. The PDF is amazing and packed full of snippets of information. The description of the break out is not really relevant to the content I feel. There was more focus on IPS and building session ideas using Pinterest boards. I feel that editing and an actual session should have been included in the videos as well, especially based on the title of the break out.

  • Erin Moore says:

    Great pdf – so packed with information, I can’t wait to read it again because it’s that good you have to read it twice! Brilliant and inspirational photography! For someone like me who is not creative in terms of props or styled shoots it was so neat to see the whole creative process from Pinterest inspiration boards to IPS! I’m wondering if I missed a video that shows Stephanie actually shooting a session, or if that isn’t part of this class? It would’ve been great to see the final photos from the Pinterest board pinning – or to following one session through from conception to IPS – but I’m not complaining – the information in that PDF was super comprehensive!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so much for the great review Erin! The behind the scenes video was actually sent out last night, and shows the session that I planned for you all in my previous video! Hope you love it!

  • Tina Fisher says:

    I absolutely loved this breakout from Lemmonmade Photography! I’ve wanted to move in the direction of stylized photo shoots but just didn’t know how to get from point A to point B. I now feel like I have the tools to map out my first session! I feel like I have all the tools to market myself in this genre. Thank you Stephanie for all you provided in this jam packed breakout!

  • Jan Tyler says:

    Wow. I am completely blown away by this Breakout. I have always been drawn to LemmonMade images and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to learn directly from Stephanie in a small-group Breakout setting. Her PDF is full of the most amazingly beautiful imagery you can imagine, and it contains both inspiration and practical information that really teaches concepts at different levels. I was especially impressed with the behind-the-scenes look in to her Fairy Tale sessions, and the time and care she takes in making each session special and unique to the individual…each of these sessions is sure to be a child’s dream…and a parent’s treasure. She is extremely generous in sharing specific vendor information, forms, and basic business plans…as well as including how she shoots at home and keeps her own creativity alive. Stephanie is such a brilliant photographer/ artist, it is truly such an honor to learn from her…and this Breakout has sparked my inner creativity and direction in an entirely new way.

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