Composing Boldly with Light

with Melina Nastazia and Alice Che | Available for Immediate Download


Do you want to learn how to use light more creatively? Do you want to feel confident that you can find beautiful light even outside of golden hour? Join Alice and Melina as they teach you to master many of the most difficult types of light, including dappled light, direct light, and even artificial light. You’ll learn how to incorporate beautiful shadow patterns in your work, how to create flattering light from unusual artificial light sources (including street lights and lanterns), and how to use light boldly to create a striking composition. You’ll also see their unique perspectives on golden hour backlight, you’ll learn how to use haze and flare creatively to enhance the atmosphere and emotional impact of your photographs, and you’ll see the many ways one window can be used to create beautiful images. This breakout will inspire and empower you use light in new and creative ways!


• How to use direct light
• How to find and use pockets of light
• How to master backlight and add haze, flare, sunburts and rays of light for creative effect
• How to use windows to achieve several different types of light
• How to master dappled light of both the organic and geometric kind by finding pockets of light, backlighting, photographing just the shadows, sidelighting and framing
• How to create beautiful images using artificial light both outdoors and indoors
• How to use reflected light to strengthen your composition, especially on cloudy days


Alice Che is a fine art and portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a girly girl with over 50 dresses as well as a lover of fairytales and happily-ever-afters, so it’s no surprise that her passion is photographing couples and weddings. Photography is her creative outlet from a highly technical job. Alice is huge lover of light and is constantly on the lookout for new and creative ways to use light to enhance the emotions in her photos. She loves having the ability to express her emotions and personality through her photography, especially in self portraits. Recently, she has discovered a passion for using light and shadows to bring her clients’ love for each other into their photographs, telling their love story one picture at a time.

Melina Nastazia is a natural light photographer and her style is creative fine art. She is based in Brooklyn, NY, where she lives with her husband and three children. Before she fell in love with photography, she was an actor, and her theater background greatly informs her work. Through her images she seeks to tell stories and communicate ideas. She is fascinated by light and the many ways it can set the mood, create drama and complement emotion in an image. She is particularly interested in capturing human connection and soul: what drives us, what moves us, what brings us together, what makes us uniquely individual, what destroys us, what lifts us up, and most of all, what sets us free.


  • Melina and Alice did such an incredible job with this breakout, the information contained within the PDF and the videos covers everything you need to know if you are interested in starting to play with light in dramatic and bold ways. This is wonderful if you are looking to add variety to the types of photos that you have. While this breakout was meticulously organized and contained detailed information that would be helpful to photographers at any level, I want to share what made it most helpful to me. First of all I loved that I got to see two different photographer’s approaches to varied lighting, and how they edit these types of light. What this provided was the opportunity to experience, and not just hear, that there are multiple ways to approach any photo. It was refreshing to see two different styles, both amazingly beautiful, but crafted in different ways, each following the basic concepts that makes these specific types of lighting work. I was also impressed with how carefully questions were answered and processes were explained, both in the videos and in the threads (it was such a treat to read the CC on everyone’s images, it is wonderful to get an idea on how others perceive photos). And of course the greatest thing for me is pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is extra easy with the exercises in the bonus PDF, and trying new things. I felt like I finally have the information I needed to actually try and photograph in dappled light, and how to properly edit a hazy image for example. Beautiful work all around!

  • Wendi Heaton says:

    This was my first breakout….and although I signed up late and had little time to post my photos for critique, the amount of information that is in the pdf’s and videos is amazing!! And being new to photography I really appreciate the ease of use along with the beautiful examples. I now am noticing light everywhere and really exploring using it boldly but with more purpose. This breakout was well worth it and a great first breakout for me.

  • Katharine Saunders says:

    This breakout was my first to try on ClickinMoms and I’m so glad that I did. As somebody who is still in the early stages of learning photography, I can see how important it is to know about the different types of light and how to pose subjects in them. Several different types of light are described in the pdf with beautiful examples and the videos include great suggestions of how to edit for them. I did not feel like any of the information was presented in a way that was over my head and I know I will be coming back to reference the pdf and videos as I continue to learn. This is a great resource for both somebody new to photography or someone who is looking for new inspiration when it comes to composing boldly with light.

  • Trista Vandevenne says:

    This breakout is definitely inspiring. Great photos are all about the light and this breakout helps you to recognize how to work with the light you are given (or how to find the light for a vision you have). It will have you hunting everywhere for light, identifying the type and inspiring your creativity and vision. I thought I had found all the types of light in my house but was able to find a pocket of gold after going through this and seeing their pullbacks and really thinking about how I could find similar light in my house. Great breakout!

  • J'aime Davis says:

    This is the breakout you HAVE to take. What makes this breakout so special is that they teach you the how to, including steps on how to position your subject exactly. I really appreciated that and the different types of light they have you photograph in. I was able to try things that I never would have been able to achieve without their guidance. I now feel confident photographing in different types of light, and not just in my comfort zone. We all know that the golden hour is an awesome light source, but you don’t have to feel limited to that time frame. Don’t wonder if you should take this breakout- take this breakout!

  • Meg Loeks says:

    This breakout is a must! Alice and Melina will push you to use light creatively. From full sun to dappled light they cover it all. There’s so much wonderful and detailed information not to mention all the gorgeous images that will fill you with inspiration and drive.

  • I am so impressed with this Breakout! Light can be a very tricky subject to understand. This breakout is so wonderful as it provides guidelines for the new photographer but also has a lot of information and creative inspiration for the seasoned photographer. What I particularly love is that Melina and Alice not only show you how to do it right but they also show you, in their own photographs, how they could make changes to make a stronger image. I often learn better by seeing what is wrong or what can be shifted. They excel at doing this. Even for those who have been shooting for years may not be confident in tackling full sun or dappled light or artificial light. They break this down into very easy steps, with plenty of visuals. Their editing videos are the cherry on top and you don’t want to miss Melina’s edit of her amazing Strawberry shot, her ability to bring out the light and color and turn that image into a work of art is quite noteworthy.

  • Annick Paradis says:

    What I like the most, is that the pdf and videos show the “to do” and the “not to do” by a variety of examples. So you can easily understand the thinking behind an image and also see the attemps to achieve the vision. I also LOVE that Melina takes time to CC all my images, so I can grow and fully learn with this breakout. To me, is was a 5 star breakout! Thank you :)

  • Katy says:


    When I first learned that Melina and Alice were combining their talents to bring us a breakout about light, I just knew that it would be something special. MELINA + ALICE and light =

    I adore both of these ladies, and not just for their amazing talent. It is no secret that I am one of Melina’s biggest cheerleaders, having been with her here at CM since her very first class, and watching her grow, rather quickly, into the incredible artist that she is today. ❤️ Alice has been a wonderfully, supportive TA in a number of classes too, and I so appreciate her time and guidance. That said, I’m not one to jump up and down about something, or sing it’s praises, unless I am truly excited about it myself, and this breakout truly delivers!

    Already taken a class about light? Me too. I have Lisa’s fabulous Intro To Natural Light, Megan’s much loved MNLI, and Summer’s amazing Magic Of Light all under my belt, but still picked up new tips and ideas for using light creatively.

    What you get.

    A 106 page PDF that gives two perspectives on shooting with light in a creative manner, covering fun stuff like flare, haze, light rays, dappled light, pockets of light, shadows, as well as backlight (both indoor and outdoor), window light, full sun, silhouettes, starbursts and artificial light. Beautifully written and filled with jaw-dropping, gorgeous imagery, they don’t just show you what they do, they show you how and why. Included are images that don’t work as well as others, which is so helpful to see, as well as a progression of images, showing small changes in position and subject placement to get the best results. There is also an additional 12 page booklet with ideas for experimentation.

    Alice includes three videos with multiple edits and another walkthrough video, demonstrating her thought process from vision to final image, showing us image by image exactly how she got there. Super helpful! I also picked up extra LR tips from watching her edit too. Melina includes two video edits (it was so fun to hear her speak!) and shows us how she adds some extra magic to her images with Alien Skin. I shall be emptying my pockets for that now. :giggle

    I described Summer’s class as ‘the sugar on top’ of what I already knew about lighting, adding all the fun stuff to my foundational knowledge, so I would have to describe this breakout, Composing Boldly With Light, as some extra sparkle … ‘adding an extra sprinkling of creativity and excitement’.

    Mind buzzing, I’m all set to tackle several new-to-me photographic options, like car lights and street lights … and I might even go and burn some toast … ya’ know, just to see how the smoke plays with the light. ;)

    Two incredible artists, to whom creativity knows no bounds. Jump in, ladies. Three days in, Composing Boldly With Light is live until May 18. Hope to see you there!

  • Jan Tyler says:

    Composing Boldly with light is the perfect name for this Breakout! I loved following along with Melina and Alice as they walked me through the variety of light they use in their imagery, and detailed how to use it most effectively. I loved hearing about light use from two different perspectives, that not only supported each other, but also provided completely unique insight. “Bold’ is a word I would use to describe both Alice and Melina. Their ability to push creative boundaries and strive for artistry in their work is simply amazing…and to see how they seamlessly incorporate light in to these beautiful images is so inspiring. I have been looking forward to this Breakout for months, and it certainly did not disappoint. I am looking forward to exploring the creative light exercises in the bonus PDF and refreshing my own creative spirit.

  • Foteini Vouloni says:

    What a wonderful presentation for this inspirational breakout!! Have a wonderful start!

  • Titika mcgrew says:

    Have a wonderful start!!! Your pictures are fantastic!!! Full of light!!! Striking!! It will be an inspirational breakout!!!

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