Since we were children, we believed in nursery Rhymes, fairy tales, legends. We whispered about monsters and dragons in the shadows, played super hero, donned our costumes, stocked our play kitchens, held secret clubs in the woods, and exercised our imaginations to the fullest extent. As we grew up, we put some of our childhood fantasies away as reality set in, but in our heads, there is still that little voice that reminds us to continue believing. We transcend reality and we grasp, even if only in our heads, the ideal. As photographers, we have the unique opportunity to take a real moment and infuse it with magic. We get to make a picture of the ideal, the idea of that perfect moment. Throughout this course, Sally will guide you through her steps toward creating that magical, idyllic session, by choosing just the right light, location, wardrobe, props and processing, and by coaxing out those magical expressions and connection with her subjects. Sally will share her favorite processing secrets which help create that final polish, and plenty of tips and tricks for escaping the inevitable “creative rut,” including daily introspective journal questions and exercises.